Oxymoronic wizard plays on fear & ignorance

VICTORIA Premier Dan has built the foundations for dictatorship and destroyed the economy in one fell swoop. 

Last night, the Victorian Upper House in the narrowest of margins (20-19), voted to extend the Coronavirus state of emergency by six months, thereby empowering Premier Dan to continue with draconian measures to shut down the economy of Victoria and subjugate its citizens to soul destroying incarceration. 

As Victoria accounts for 20 per cent of our economy, the negative repercussions of this continued shut down will reverberate across the whole of Australia, not only Victoria.


Premier Dan cannot bask in the full accolade of the neo-Marxists however, he was ably assisted by the naivety of the three cross-benchers who voted for the extension of the state of emergency.

They failed to comprehend that by its very definition, a state of emergency is ephemeral in duration, expiring automatically after calamitous conditions have peaked.

Did the three really believe that the Premier of the only State or Territory which failed to contain the virus, had suddenly and mysteriously been gifted with managerial competence?

These braindead cross-benchers are no doubt congratulating themselves because the Premier failed to get the 12-month extension he originally sought: an empty boast for an outcome that is based on ideology rather than validated reasoning.

What has occurred in Victoria is a frightening exposition of how fear and ignorance can be exploited to lead a guileless population down the slippery slope to dictatorship.


A diminutive pregnant woman dressed in pyjamas standing in her kitchen, her hands being cuffed behind her by Victoria’s finest. She was about to go to her doctor for an ultra sound.

She had been organising a gathering to protest the heavy handed lockdown in country Victoria.

Equally distressing, was the fact that the video was terminated by the police illegally tearing the mobile phone from the hands of the family member who was recording the incident.

On being questioned by the media, Dictator Dan imperiously proclaimed: “there was no need to protest”.

Oh really?

Presumably if there ever is a need to protest, Dictator Dan will let us know by exercising his emergency powers.

Every restriction of freedom, no matter how slight, tilts society towards dictatorship.

An accumulation of restrictions is more deadly than an open revolution, insidiously sneaking into the body politic, worming it out, to the point where it is too late to resist.PC


At the mercy of Victoria's finest brownshirts?

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews. (courtesy Herald Sun)
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5 thoughts on “Oxymoronic wizard plays on fear & ignorance

  1. I suspect Victoria will re-elect his party irrespective of who leads it…they have short memories down south!

  2. Wuhan Dan has finally delivered the dystopian nightmare he’s always dreamed of. House arrests, curfews, a cowering population…
    The question that repeats on my mind is: How can our police allow themselves to be willing participants? Choke holding girls in the street, cuffing pregnant mothers in their homes…
    It’s sad, but it may be time to buy a gun.

  3. Diabolical, dangerously deranged, despotic Dictator Dan! He will go down in history as the worst Premier ever to grip power in Australia. Andrews and his Police have lost the plot completely!

    Andrew’s Police went into the home of a young, pregnant Mother, handcuffed and arrested her, (in front of her two very young children), just for posting a social media message objecting to the draconian lockdown and suggesting a peaceful demonstration needed to happen.

    This is EXACTLY the sort of policing that happens in Communist China where any of life’s freedoms are at the complete will of the Government and this totalitarian politburo will not tolerate any criticism at all, let alone a peaceful demonstration.

    But here in Australia? It’s a bad dream surely?

    1. Very true Jennifer
      Every restriction of freedom however slight, tilts society towards dictatorship. An accumulation of restrictions is more deadly than a revolution: it sneaks up until it is too late to resist.

      “First they came for the socialists and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist
      Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because i was not a trade unionist
      Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew
      Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me”

      Martin Niemoller

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