Albanese a misfit prime minister

by SEAN BURKE – AUSTRALIANS are waking up to the disaster the Anthony Albanese prime ministership is becoming. 

The nation’s socialist-embracing Labor leader has failed almost every test he has faced: from internal race-based politics to his government’s anti-Semitic undertones to his own ignorance of economics and his inability to relate to mainstream Australians. 

Not only has economics befuddled Mr Albanese, but he is also bottom of the class when it comes to history and the social lessons he should have learned (but didn’t) before entering parliament.

If UK political philosopher Roger Scruton was correct in saying that “conservatism is more an instinct than an idea”, then Albanese has gone to great lengths to become the misfit he is today.

It could be because he’s conditioned to think with his heart. It could also be that he’s not too intelligent.


Not only has economics befuddled Mr Albanese, but he is also bottom of the class when it comes to history and the social lessons he should have learned (but didn’t) before entering parliament.

Ideology attributed to failed European dictator States in the past century has been set loose in Australia under Mr Albanese.

In the 1930s, these national socialist States preached feelings above facts, pliability above absolutes and obedience above logic.

Once conditioned into those societies, they expanded to include authority above rights, the group above the individual and sacrifice above happiness.

While Australia is not there yet, the nation is clearly inching closer than it’s ever been to such madness.

But there’s a solution, according to the Executive Director of the Sydney Institute Gerard Henderson. That being Peter Dutton.

In an article in The Weekend Australian, Mr Henderson said the Liberal Leader was in with a chance at defeating Mr Albanese.


“Mr Dutton is disliked immensely by the Left, including a large body of Left-of-centre journalists who prevail at the ABC, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald plus The Guardian Australia, The Saturday Paper and so on,” Mr Henderson wrote.

“But not unpopular enough to fail to carry the No cause at the October 14 referendum on the Voice – with the able assistance of his parliamentary colleagues Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and Senator Kerrynne Liddle, along with some other prominent Indigenous Australians.

“Anthony Albanese’s failure to preside over a Yes victory has been dismissed by some commentators as of little moment with respect to the next election, which is scheduled for mid-2025. This may be true.

“However, it should be remembered that the best and brightest journalists in our midst argued not so long ago that Dutton had made a monumental mistake by committing the Liberal Party to take a No stance.

“Take Nine’s journalists, for example. David Crowe declared that the only option for Dutton was to ‘change course’ and added ‘otherwise the ground awaits’. Meanwhile, Peter FitzSimons asked the rhetorical question as to whether it was ‘too early’ to call Dutton’s position on the voice ‘a disaster’.


“That was in April. Within just over six months, some 60 per cent of Australians had voted No – and of the eight States and territories only the ACT had a Yes majority.”

Mr Henderson said Mr Dutton was clawing his way into contention with support from working middle class Australians.

“Dutton is no certainty to lead the Coalition to victory in 2025,” he wrote.

“But the evidence suggests that he is in with at least a chance – based on winning support among what some have called the working middle class who backed the Coalition in the suburbs and regional areas on October 14.”PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Anthony Albanese. (courtesy Michael West Media)

17 thoughts on “Albanese a misfit prime minister

  1. Peter Dutton is a straight shooter, but he is going to need quite a few more in his team! Ones that will not go woke on him! So he and those loyal to the Nat’s and Lib’s need to sort out very quickly those who will come back to the fold and be able to tell Australia what the “Fold” Will be! And it must be all for Australia’s best, imported second if they aren’t willing to behave like Australians and gone! As to the scam of climate change! He will need to totally disregard any thoughts he may have other than it is a Labor/Green lie and go full speed to Nuclear, while still using what Coal Generators we still have!

  2. The weaponisation of public opinion against Scott Morrison, particularly by the ‘Me Too’ lobby, and the effect it had on public opinion is only now being rcognised by many in the Australian electorate, the holier than thou stance taken by Labor and particularly by Albanese, together with his makeover, slimmed down, new glasses, couple of new suits and his support of the Rabbitoes and the promises to reduce the cost of power, was a classical exercise in political public relations.
    It then fell apart; it fell apart because like many Labor people before him, think Rudd and Gillard he believed the nation was with him.
    Albanese believed that the people would follow wherever he went because they had realised that he could provide where others, the Conservatives, (hallelujah!) had failed.
    So confident was he that his Labor vision was correct on the day of his election he promised what many believed was the impossible, oddly, his colleagues believed in him and followed; they are now reaping what Albanese sowed.
    He failed with the referendum, he strutted and insulted, coaxed and pleaded, denigrated and praised and it all failed. The Australian people decided that they did not want what he proposed.
    The debate also exposed some of the characteristics of the proponents that went against the very nature of what it means to the majority to be Australian.
    We now have a pompous little man running around the world on the business of Australia showing all that he can turn it on and appear ‘statesman like’ and at other times, the majority sadly, as a man with a thin veneer political nous outside of the left of the Australian Labor Party and his lifelong dedication to ‘fighting Tories’.
    A man who has been recorded, not very long ago, supporting Palestine in a close to violent demonstration shows no appreciation of what it is like to be out in the ‘burbs’ suffering from inflation and the cost of living; why would he? He has lived a protected life, his income has compensated him every time the COL has increased and it has done it for him for ALL of his working life.
    He shows little if any interest in what is happening in Australia today; if he did he could send Richard Marles to the APEC conference and stay at home and do what we pay him to do.
    But he won’t because he can’t and that is the truth of the matter. When the Labor rhetoric is gone there is nothing left and that is what we are now seeing.

  3. He is a disgrace and all the abuse they gave Morrison ( granted deserved most) this Muppet and His Clowns have done far worse and are mocking all Australians with their crippling ideology and the waste of Tax Dollars on any whim they come up with and Flying Out Of The nation after his failed race baiting vote failed and all over the world at our expense and watching him dancing with these jungle bunnies is rubbing salt into the wounds of all Australians . Disgrace ???? Where the hell is the Governor General ???

  4. Albanese was only ever blessed with one skill, his ability to not be Scott Morrison. That’s far from sufficient criteria to run a scout troupe, let alone an advanced economy.
    The man lacks judgement, survives on rat cunning and on a manufactured good guy persona.
    Only part way through his first term in office, Albanese now presides over a cost of living crisis and a litany of broken election promises. That’s a level of failure and incompetence, that few with the exception of our current US ambassador, have managed in such a short time frame.
    Albanese’s answer to all this, is to play truant and avoid media scrutiny over his failed referendum and inability to deliver.
    Last time around at the ballot box, the “anyone but Scomo” mood, bagged Labor a 30% vote. That was never a mandate, and no one other than the deluded few waiting for $275 power bills, and the Canberra bubble cheer squad, ever saw our Sad Uncle In Chief as any kind of answer.

    There are a lot of electricity bills to opened, a lot of rental and mortgage increase to be absorbed, a lot of grocery shops to be made and a lot of refills at the bowser, to happen between now and the next election. In an environment where Australian voter focus will be more about voting failures, creeps and liars out than on electing alternatives, Airbus Albo’s new moniker is liable to be One Term Albo.

  5. Given PM Albosleezy’s track record on truth-telling in relation to reducing household power prices by an average of $275 per annum, legislating “sensible” IR reform, providing cheaper renewables to ‘save the planet”, and that inserting the Voice into our Constitution would only be a “modest change” …… why would anyone trust anything proposed by this government?
    The Prime Minister has lied on so many issues and on so many occasions that only a very naïve person would take his utterances seriously.
    He and his government are a threat to Australia’s prosperity and need to be booted out of office at the earliest opportunity!

    1. At what point in time does it take for the Governor General to step in and fire this clown

  6. Sadly believe Dutton has no chance with the overall nos. of labour/lites that have infiltrated the LP with & following MT fiasco, whilst this infestation remains no longer a genuine Conservative party.

  7. The referendum was lost when 61 per cent of voters marked No.

    But now the Makarratta Commission continues, the Ambassador for Indigenous People to the UN remains funded as well, land grabs by Aboriginal Land Councils continue and Albanese Labor recently defunded the legal aid system that was funding public land administrators to fight against the claims.

    Trust Labor?

  8. It was commented many times that “It Wont Be Easy With Albanese” in government, and it isn’t.

    * Cost Of Living Going Up with no end in sight.
    * Standard Of Living Going Down with no end in sight.
    * Wages are going backwards in real terms.

    And very obviously, this was supposed to be led by Anthony Albanese who prefers to travel overseas, apparently using the Gough and Kevin Guide Books on places to see, Albanese socialist Union Labor Government is floundering, back to their Rudd-Gillard terms – chaotic, dysfunctional and incompetent.


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