Mid-term spill risk for Albanese

by PAUL COLLITS – THE odds against Anthony Albanese making it back to the Lodge for a second term must be lengthening by the day. Ditto the odds of him even being there for the ALP’s next election launch. 

Some time back I suggested that there was a new contender – the incumbent – for the title of Australia’s worst ever prime minister. 

It isn’t often that a government can simultaneously pull off such a disaster. The Albanese Government is that bad.

When nearly half of your own Party voters can’t bring themselves to support your one big idea, well, you know you are peering into the dustbin of history.

The Albanese Government is that peculiar combination of nasty overreach (digital ID, anti-free speech, commitment to pandemic treaties), utterly ignoring people’s real problems, like an inflation tsunami, a housing crisis and an energy malaise.


Not to mention wasting time and resources on pretend problems (climate crises, the Voice, wind farms), damaging the nation’s soul (with mass immigration) and kowtowing to ideology (where to start).

It isn’t often that a government can simultaneously pull off such a disaster. The Albanese Government is that bad.

A recent commenter at The Australian newspaper – as good a barometer of Club Sensible as any – asked where the Prime Minister even was (inevitably not in the country), another commenter replied that he was “twerking in Tuvalu”. He was at a beach party somewhere in the South Pacific. Inevitably in a silly shirt. 

I am not making this up: On Thursday, on the small island of Aitutaki, the PM ditched the diplomatic metaphors and went for an actual jiggle.

Albo is in the South Pacific so often that Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein II would probably have regretted not including him in the musical.

Enough of South Pacific.

The possibly racist and certainly White Australia Policy afficionado, the former Labor Leader, Arthur Calwell, infamously said once, “two wongs don’t make a white”.  Well, I don’t know what this Foreign Minister adds up to.

Wong is barely above contemptible as a Foreign Minister. She is part of a globalist cabal.


Her first, of three recent, ill-considered blunders (or, rather, carefully considered ideological masterstrokes) was hosing a hundred million dollars up the World Health Organisation’s wall in an effort at global pandemic preparedness.

As reported by Sky News: “COVID-19 demonstrated that global challenges require collective action,” Minister Wong said in a statement.”

COVID did no such thing. What it demonstrated was the precise reverse. Global action delivered global panic, global pain and global totalitarianism.

It delivered WHO-inspired fake science that, through “global action”, spread the world over at the speed of social media.

Proposed pandemic treaties would allow WHO both to define “pandemic” and to override national jurisdictions in response to them. It would be signing away what little remains of our sovereignty.

More recently still, Wong has managed – whatever one thinks of the Middle eastern quagmire – to sell out Israel and reveal the shallowness and murky cluelessness of her pro-Hamas views in a statement about “higher standards for Israel”.

Israel is an ally of ours and Hamas is a terrorist organisation. A statement that should have brought instant dismissal. Unsurprisingly, local Jewish leaders were not impressed.

But it isn’t just the bias. It is the club-footedness. She might, rather, have taken a leaf from Hillary Clinton’s book on this occasion.


In a moment of rare clarity, Clinton stated: “You have to remove from the scene terrorists like Hamas who don’t believe in peace. They don’t believe in it for their own people. They are using their own people as shields and they don’t believe that it’s possible to do a deal with Israel. Let’s try to have people who can lead us to peace.”

Unlike Wong, Clinton nailed the core issue for the cease fire callers, both the well- and the ill-intentioned.

They appear to think that de-escalation is the magic formula needed to get things “back on track”. Back on track was where we were just prior to October 7.

Setting aside Wong’s patent and embarrassing foreign policy illiteracy, she has now, in a rare opportunity for policy intersectionality, simultaneously excelled on three of the ALP’s favourite missions – bloated immigration, refugees and climate change.

Following Albo’s South Pacific twerk, Wong sees climate induced immigration as a wider-than-Tuvalu gambit.

Bizarrely, The Australian Financial Review calls all this “creative climate diplomacy”.  An extraordinary phrase for an extraordinary policy. 

But, then, it is the Fin Review, after all.

It must be some sort of record, inviting a whole country to become part of another country. And they said colonialism is dead.

Not even the invading Albanians currently occupying hotels at taxpayer expense across Britain have pulled off a one hundred per cent population transfer.

We are, as The Guardian put it last year, “standing with the Pacific Islands on the climate crisis”. 


Just when the rest of us are getting moderately-to-seriously worried about a major Middle Eastern war between nations with nuclear weapons, Australia’s political class is prioritising re-locating (allegedly) sinking Tuvaluans.

Back in 2018, Craig Kelly – then a Liberal and then in Parliament – noted a peer reviewed study that showed that Tuvalu’s land mass had actually grown over recent decades.

Results highlight a net increase in land area in Tuvalu of 73.5 ha (2.9 per cent), despite a sea-level rise, and land area increase in eight of nine atolls. Island change has lacked uniformity with 74 per cent increasing and 27 per cent decreasing in size.

This is a fact that even the ABC’s RMIT fact checking machine was forced to acknowledge.

The Tuvaluans may not need us after all.

There is no climate crisis. There will be no climate refugees, simply people wanting a better economic life using bogus climate science as an excuse to relocate here.

When rich greenies stop paying tens of millions of dollars for waterfront homes, then we could, perhaps, take them a little more seriously about their climate fantasies.

As least, unlike the geniuses who run the Maldives, the Tuvalu Government has never, as far as I know, held an underwater cabinet meeting to make a point.

Despite the science, however, they claim to be facing an “existential threat”.


And they do undertake climate stunts. Hence the weird headline: Tuvalu says the impacts of climate change have forced it to create a digital copy of itself in the metaverse.

You couldn’t make this up. Anyone still left in the real world might ponder why we are inviting these people to come here.

Perhaps the Tuvaluans should consult the long list of dire yet bogus climate predictions made in the past to see how many of them have actually come true.

They might then allow themselves to relax a bit, and allow Australian governments to get back to more serious, pressing matters.

With Australia lurching from one made-up crisis to the next, and with Wong and Albo – on the increasingly rare occasions that he visits us – at the helm, Tuvalu isn’t the only place with a sinking feeling.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Penny Wong (L) & Anthony Albanese. (courtesy ABC)

6 thoughts on “Mid-term spill risk for Albanese

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  2. ***** BREAKING NEWS *****

    Anthony Albanese Announces Australia Visit for Early 2024

    The Australian Prime Minister will travel to Australia in the first half of next year, it has been confirmed. It will be his first visit since late 2022.

    A spokesperson for Mr Albanese said the PM always enjoyed travelling to Australia. “He has a real affinity with Australia – he grew up there (in a housing commission flat with his single-parent mother), he spent some time working there, he knows a lot of people there. It really is his home away from home,” the spokesperson said.

    Local officials in Australia said the trip would be a chance to hold high level talks with the Australian government on issues of national importance. “Ordinary Australian are also hoping to grab some time with him to discuss housing policy, cost of living, climate change, workplace relations. They’re aware his time is tight, but it’ll be great to get his input on these issues and, most importantly, work towards reducing global CO2 emissions before we all die from extreme heat.”

  3. He has been on holiday since taking office and the waste of dollars and ducking and weaving that he and his Communist Party have done just goes unchecked , Where the hell is The Governor General ????

  4. Do Albo & Penny just accept what their bureaucratic bosses in Canberra tell them what to say? Without acknowledging recorded facts.

  5. Please note that many or most of the Albanese socialist Union controlled Labor Government are former Rudd & Gillard socialist Union controlled Labor Governments 2007-2013, and we all know how that disaster unfolded, explained in part by the media description – chaotic, dysfunctional, incompetent.

    Prime Minister Rudd is hopelessly unsuited for that important government role, but most of his Cabinet Ministers are no better than him. As Peta Credlin observed recently on Sky News television, ministers not across their briefs who rely on notes when speaking and if asked questions outside of their notes they are left floundering and repeat themselves to fill in time.

    Meanwhile defence is being downgraded in priority, cost of living continues to increase, standard of living is declining and real wages are falling behind.

    What have they achieved since May 2022 of benefit to all of us?

    Consider their failed Voice referendum, 61 per cent of voters rejected, but carrying on regardless with a Makarratta Commission established and an Ambassador to the UN for Indigenous Peoples – has been referred to as Ambassador for Reparations. And then the public land grabs by Aboriginal Land Councils that already control over 55 per cent of Australia’s land mass.The Attorney General has defunded the legal aid for defence of claims on public lands by councils and government on our behalf.

    People were right, and now it isn’t easy with Albanese Union Labor.

    1. This afternoon news …


      Overall wages growth is still far below inflation, currently at 5.4 per cent, suggesting most Australians are experiencing a 1.4 per cent pay cut in real terms.

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