Gutsy Dutton: I’ll make Albo a one-termer

by SEAN BURKE – TRADE Union leaders have warned Anthony Albanese to step up – while Liberal Leader Peter Dutton reveals his plans to remove the stumbling Prime Minister by 2025. 

On top of this, the latest Newspoll has unleashed a world of pain for the Albanese Government. 

With his agenda in flames – the Voice failure, uncontrolled inflation, illegal boat arrivals, renewables uncertainty and an immigration mess – Albanese faces a pincer movement from union bosses and Dutton.

The opinion poll indicated Labor had fallen to a 10-year low, 31 per cent primary vote (seven points behind the Coalition), while the Prime Minister’s job satisfaction rating crashed to its lowest level ever (negative 10).

With his agenda in flames – the Voice failure, uncontrolled inflation, illegal boat arrivals, renewables uncertainty and an immigration mess – Mr Albanese is facing a pincer movement from both union bosses and Mr Dutton.


ACTU Secretary Sally McManus publicly criticised the Prime Minister this week saying his policies were hurting Australians.

“People are all hurting,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday. “This is not just a small issue – it’s large sections of the population.

“Cost of living can’t be overlooked. It’s the number one, two and three issues.”

Meanwhile, Mr Dutton said this week that – due to Mr Albanese’s dangerous and damaging agenda – he had opted for a one-term strategy to return the Liberals to government.

“I notice there’s been some media speculation around what my two-term strategy might be,” he said.

“There is no two-term strategy. Our strategy is one term – and for the sake of the Australian public, for the sake of our economy, to restore integrity to our national security and to make sure we’re the best country we can be.

“From the moment we found ourselves in opposition, we have worked together, supported colleagues and, while no Party could ever be expected to get everything right, we are in a much stronger position because of that strength and the unity of the Party room.”

The Australian newspaper’s National Editor Dennis Shanahan said Mr Dutton had good reason to take this approach.


“The Opposition Leader is on the front foot politically and in parliament, as Anthony Albanese is forced back on the defensive in every aspect of Labor’s political and policy agenda,” Mr Shanahan wrote this week.

“Peter Dutton has thrown caution to the wind. He’s going all in for government, and in one term,” he said.

“After not wasting his time trying to grab voter attention while the Prime Minister was still on a political honeymoon, Dutton has decided to strike now and take advantage of Albanese’s troubles.

“Publicly, the polls are moving against Albanese and, privately, there is rising nervousness among government MPs facing a long, hard summer after going into the end of parliament well behind the Coalition.


“Two weeks ago, Dutton grabbed the legislative agenda in Albanese’s absence and this week he’s moved to control the political agenda with the bold declaration that he only has a ‘one-term election strategy’ aimed at victory at the next election.

“It’s a gamble for Dutton to move now with such a bold declaration but there’s a growing fear in Labor ranks that it could be reduced to a minority government after one term – as Julia Gillard was in 2010.”

Mr Shanahan said while Labor would set a course to denigrate the Liberal Leader, a “determined and confident Mr Dutton can be difficult to pin down if there are too many distractions – including overseas travel – for a government lacking a clear agenda.” PC

A bunch of third-rate amateurs…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Peter Dutton. (courtesy The Mandarin)

13 thoughts on “Gutsy Dutton: I’ll make Albo a one-termer

  1. Peter with all the Labour/lites you have in your party,why would you expect us long term conservatives to return to the fold,you have lost a huge proportion of us following the Turnbull fiasco.

  2. There is no doubt Elma Fudd will be a one term PM ( shoed be stake now by Governor General ) , but he is the PM by default . Dutton is too busy kissing the arses of the JEWS ( Not Australians ) but Jews and that proves how all the western worlds foreign policy is dictated by The Jews .

  3. Meanwhile the left-wing factions within the Liberals, will cheer Dutton on, and will be conspiring to ensure he too lasts only a single term. They did it to Abbott, they’ll do it again!

    It’s the problem with Australian politics, it’s a team sport, played out as if it’s a presidential contest.
    Dutton would be a great choice, but look at who and what lurks behind him in the party room and in the back rooms.

    Australia’s only hope is to get more sensible Libertarian and Conservative representative into the cross benches.

  4. New Labor leader by April 2024 to give the voters time to forget Albo’s disastrous policies.
    Who will it be?
    Tania Plibersnek?
    Bill Shorten?
    Chris Bowen?
    Doesn’t matter. They’re all disasters in their own right!

    1. Don’t forget the fully automated debt collection system (Robodebt) that was introduced to Centrelink by Labor Cabinet Ministers Shorten and Plibersek, media release announcement June 2011.

      And the now in financial trouble and subject to fraudulent claims NDIS, another Labor creation announced by Minister Shorten for the 2013/14 Labor Budget after negotiations with the States were completed in a mad rush to meet the budget announcement timing resulting in Federal control being a far from satisfactory arrangement and in 2023 a problem for Albanese Labor.

      Blackout Bowen was of course the Minister for Welcoming Illegal Immigrants from smuggler vessels to enter Australia ignoring the offshore detention processing Pacific Solution deterrents, 50,000 plus granted temporary protection until after May 2022 when Albanese Labor granted permanent residence.

      Abandoning offshore detention processing and if asylum was not granted no entry into Australia forever more has resulted in the refugee advocate lawyers challenging long term detention in Australia for at least one of those foreigners.

      What choices they are.

    2. Bowen? Muhahaha! Now that would be spectacular. Fun to watch, terrifying to be footing the bill and living through the outcomes.

  5. Quote

    ALP 2022 Campaign Review

    “The significance of Labor’s victory cannot be overstated. Labor has won government from opposition only four times since the second world war and five times in the past 100 years.
    Labor’s campaign secured more than 52.1% of the two-party-preferred vote and a majority in the House of Representatives, and the Albanese Government has demonstrated that it can obtain the support of a majority in the new Senate for important legislation.
    Now, Labor has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to establish a long-term government and change Australia for the better. Taking advantage of that opportunity starts with a candid assessment of the 2022 election result and the lessons it holds for the future.
    Despite the Morrison Government’s unpopularity, Labor’s primary vote did not increase and in fact fell to its lowest level since 1934.”

    Please note the recent media news that Prime Minister Albanese has established a dirt file gathering unit in his office. More of the relentless negativity tactics used against Prime Minister Tony Abbott and later Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

  6. Peter Dutton is a monarchist.
    The pitiful coward wants a foreign king to reign over us as a birthright.
    He is too gutless to back Australia.

    1. Repeat for Noel who never learns ….

      Commonwealth of Australia, Federation of States, is a Constitutional Monarchy, our Constitution lists no Head of State however that function or role is carried out by the government appointed Governor General.

      Constitutional laws rule here.

      Federation of States members are the former British Empire colonies, Colonial Governments and the first was New South Wales and New Zealand joined.

      Your language choice reflects on your state of mindless rubbish.

      1. By whom is the GG appointed?
        For whom does the GG act?
        To whom does the GG answer?

        When contemplating your response, please try not to lie about the constitution. Thanks.

        1. A Governor General is appointed by the democratically elected Federal Government Noel.

          Commonwealth of Australia, Federation of States, is a Constitutional Monarchy, our Constitution lists no Head of State however that function or role is carried out by the government appointed Governor General.

          Governors General are appointed by the Federal Government.

          1. Why are monarchists such filthy liars?
            If the constitution is ‘not broken’ why can’t you be honest about it?
            Why lie?

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