Albanese on track as worst PM – hands down

by PAUL COLLITS – THE Albanese Government is on track to be a one term government. The odds are shortening – considerably. 

If this government is that bad – and it is – perhaps we might have a fresh candidate in the ongoing debate about who our worst ever prime minister has been. 

We have a low flying prime minister supported by occasional gusts of Left-wing ideology and the indifference of an electorate ill-equipped to discern the dangers that he’s posing.

Unfortunately, there have been very few recent candidates for the title of best ever PM. Menzies, Hawke and Howard are pretty safe at or near the top – and that doesn’t look like changing any time soon.

Utterly without foundation, Billy McMahon is often regarded as the worst. There have been far worse national leaders than him.


We could think of “worst ever PM” in a number of ways.

Did he or she do disastrous things for the nation? Dangerous things? Evil things? Did he or she not do things that were absolutely needed?

Being a bit silly on occasions doesn’t really qualify. Even the best make serious errors.

Being in office for a long time suggests high quality, so being in office for a short time might suggest the opposite.

Losing an election massively might be an indicator of low leader standing, but needn’t be. Being replaced early on by your own Party can swing both ways. Rudd deserved it; Abbott didn’t.

Yes, it is still early days, but Albanese’s candidature is already a thing.

Albanese was recently described as a “midwit” in Quadrant.

A midwit is someone just intelligent enough to be dangerous. The description could work in this case. But does it explain the full deal?

Albanese, a minor spear-carrier of the old Left who has transitioned to the new Left without ever really understanding the precepts or implications of either – is that rare breed of politician. Stupid and dangerous.

Let’s face it, he is only there because the repulsive, credibly accused rapist Bill Shorten couldn’t even beat Scotty from Robodebt in 2019. He lost the unlosable election.

Morrison became the least expected miracle man in history.

Albanese had already decided on an impossibly small target strategy for 2022 when COVID came along, and saved him from the effort of doing anything at all.

He rode the scare campaign to the beach, and simply waited for the inevitable, popular exhaustion of the Liberals to take full effect.


Albanese didn’t do a thing to win government. And it shows. All of his ideas are bad.

He picked lunatics like Bowen to lead critical portfolios. He simply doesn’t understand the first thing about economics. And, far more worryingly, he doesn’t think he has to.

He is sending the country down the drain with his net-zero madness. He has no empathy for normal people. Heterosexuals in suburbia.

As many observers have noted, he shows no empathy for those who are struggling with a cost-of-living crisis. If anything, he seems to be going out of his way to worsen it.

He stood by and watched Morrison destroy our country during the pandemic.

His only response during our suicide rush – including the trillion dollar spend to fight a virus that no government could actually ever hope to control – was, go harder!

He has broken his promise to hold a Royal Commission into the COViD response. He ignores the vaccine injured. The excess deaths. The lingering, sinister, totalitarian habits of 2020-22. He hasn’t read his influential political theorists, such as Hannah Arendt. (Has he ever read anything of import?)

Now he is simply finishing the job started by his predecessor.

He is willing to throw the country under the bus with his Voice madness. So that he can claim the mantle of Whitlam and wear a big hat at the same time. It seems that is all he has.

Having endless selfies taken with people more interesting than him is an annoying habit in a prime minister.

The fewer selfies with successful people, the better. You shouldn’t have to need them, mate.

It worked for Bob Hawke because people actually liked him. And Hawke led a first-rate government. A serious government, which did things to improve the nation and avoided doing things that would do us harm.

Dangerous? Just look at the unspeakable ministry of truth legislation. Australia will be turned into a dystopian free speech free zone. On his watch. He either doesn’t understand, or doesn’t care.

He has no centrist instincts. Only neo-Marxist textbooks and the adulation of progressive gnomes and Canberra bureaucrats on the make.

He is boringly woke. I am not sure, but I think he was raised by a single mother in a housing commission estate. He might just have mentioned that, once or twice.

That doesn’t remotely qualify him for our support, as it happens.

Foreign affairs? Well, appointing Penny Wong wasn’t a great start. Now he is lining up with the Palestinian terrorists against Israel.


He is reflexively sucking up to China, which already owns much of the country. He is linking us with the Western suicide mission in Ukraine.

Talk about Howard being America’s deputy sheriff. At least Howard was aligned with a vaguely sane US President.

Immigration? He hasn’t a clue. Let’s import gazillions of foreigners to save our paralytic economy. That is the beginning, middle and end of his “strategy”.

Put them all in our “global cities”, in the gerry-built skyscrapers erected by dodgy building companies now going broke. New urbanism!

Albanese is up for it. It solves an immediate problem. Done and dusted. And if it delivers an even more multi-culti demographic profile, all to the better.

The fictional Sir Humphrey Appleby once wondered whether his underling Bernard Woolley was, as assumed, “a high flying bureaucrat” or merely “a low flying bureaucrat supported by occasional gusts of wind”.

Well, maybe we have a low flying prime minister supported by occasional gusts of Left-wing ideology and the indifference of a low-information electorate ill-equipped to discern the dangers that he is posing.


All in all, Anthony Albanese, the boy apparatchik with nary a modicum of real-world experience, has achieved in even less time than Whitlam a near total destruction of a nation that was already on the big slide as a result of Liberal mayhem.

And back then, we had a Liberal opposition that was able to see the depth and the breadth of the threats that Labor was posing.

Albanese slithered into office with barely a third of the primary vote and no mandate to destroy the place.

He has done very little to convince anyone other than the Marrickville class that he deserves any increase in those numbers.

We live in unserious times. This only increases the importance of having serious governance. We do not have it.

The worst ever? It is too early to tell, but the signs, to date, are clear, and they aren’t reassuring.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Anthony Albanese. (courtesy South Western Times)

21 thoughts on “Albanese on track as worst PM – hands down

  1. I agree with every word.
    Spitting Image would have loved him.
    trouble is, he believes he’s smart

  2. We the Australian people should hold a vote of no confidence in all politicians.
    In my book they are just lining their own pockets while the rest of us struggle to pay our bills and eat.
    The referendum whether to vote yes or no is a waste of taxpayers money. Also why should they get an over the top pension when the pensioners live on $500 or less a week surely they can save while in office.
    Sorry about that but I’m fed up with lies and promises that are not fulfilled

  3. Our illustrious (?) PM doesn’t know what he’s doing. He has already told us, writ large, that he doesn’t do any homework, eg didn’t know the cash rate! Now he says he hasn’t read the Voice To Parliament Referendum!
    This is our Prime Minister? Admitting such diabolical incompetence? Asking the Australian public to vote for the most important changes to our constitution ever – when he hasn’t even read the proposal – is beyond belief!
    He surely must be lamenting that his so called honeymoon period has now turned into a one night stand and a bad dose of “the clap”!

    1. “Now he says he hasn’t read the Voice To Parliament Referendum!”

      At least we now understand why Albanese wouldn’t divulge the details of the voice: it’s because he himself was blissfully unaware of what said details were…

  4. Unfortunately, when a PM can blatantly lie on Nat’TV and there is no one to hold him to account it must be getting close to the end of this once great nation! With so many blind to the lies and corruption rife thoughout our country and Governments there is little left other than a revolution that will be the final nail and make us all fair game for another take over! And where will the few Aborigines be then 🙁

  5. Think about the company he is in and it is not good . Turnbull, Morrison, Rudd, Gillard , Keating ?! Howard was no Saint but he beats the pants off this lot and Abbott was screwed over by his own people .

  6. No comment Paul Collis. You have covered a lot of ground with legitimate and accurate analysis. But outside of the latter it is obvious (to me ) that Albanese and all his government and supporters (including for example the ACTU, and sections of the corporate world) will use absolutely any tactic, no matter how underhand or despicable, to retain power.

    Hence we should be trying to discern and apply accurate analysis to whatever tactics Albanese may use in the future; as all facets of the Australian economy deteriorate. And her sovereign security
    (both physical and social) are further diminished.

    Apart from being underhand, fraudulent, and a blatant liar, Albanese and his entourage should be regarded as domestic Taliban, and pursued and treated as such.

  7. Not just Albanese but every leader, bit player and psyop-ed citizen has wittingly or unwittingly played a part in our runaway destruction ever since Australia , with the rest of the “free world “, was taken prisoner by the totalitarian UN-WHO/WEF agendas.

    ALL implemented and ticked off these past eight decades in time for 2030. ALL covertly, unconstitutionally and largely occulted to this day, effectively to:

    One: Create the illusion of NOT removing God and all knowledge of Western civilisation’s providential history and creative genius.

    Two: Embelish this illusion through their technocratic false Climate and Pandemic gods who just want to keep us “Safe”.

    Three: Covertly corporatise and corrupt all national governments to protect these false deities.

    Four: Laugh all the way to the bank with their ill-gotten power and control because they CAN and already HAVE through blanket censorship by their corporate media.

    Five: “Legitimise” every crime and perversion in the book to shut down not just some, but all human activities they dislike.

    Nobody knowingly voted for their conjured up paper tiger corporations to run all life on earth. No one voted for their genocidal 17 Sustainability Goals. No voters had a say in UNDRIP’s First Nation Peoples narrative prompting Albanese to float The Voice narrative as a “social jusice goal” to steal the Commonwealth of Australia from its mostly jabbed and oblivious citizens — designated years ago for our now obvious replacement by waves of obedient government-dependent immigrants.

    So, is our minority-installed Prime Minister Albanese really supported by “… occasional gusts of Left wing ideology “ or full blast ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) now openly evidenced as orchestrated disease, war, and famine engineered through the insanities of climate policy and pandemic responses.

    It’s where we’re at. An existential choice! Decades of evidence to bust the corporate governance scam and its toothless legalisms are out there for any society willing to reconnect with our Maker to bring it to light. The power of the Holy Spirit was the resurrected Jesus’ saving gift to his children in this life for this civilisational do-or-die moment. Better believe it.

    1. In short, a former student activist who bragged that he was a UK Tory hunter, a follower of the late Russian revolutionary Marxist Leon Trotsky, associate of The Australian Communist Party and globalist far left organisations.

      And not a statesman.

      But don’t focus on Albo’s lightweight performances, look at the Union Labor people who put him there.

      And then look at the other side of misfit LINO MPs and executives who are among Union Labor’s best comrades.

  8. Albo was a commie when he was young and is still a commie now. A commie is a person who thinks he is better than other people and therefore should be able to force other people to do what he wants. Commies use big issues, all confected, to justify their power and pretend to care about the designated ‘victims’. Albo uses the 3rd nations and blackout bowen uses the climate as their designated victims. The purpose of the victims is to be perpetual victims. Commies don’t want the invented problems of the victims to be solved because then they would have no justification for their power.

    And what are the ‘conservatives’ doing? SFA. Look at speakman, that cretin in victoristan, the idiot in WA and her support of live birth abortion and now even Pete the copper has collapsed, opposing the voice while saying he’ll legislate one if he wins.

    In any event Australia is stuffed.

  9. I first got involved in politics soon after I voted for Whitlam at the 1972 federal election and then realised what a terrible mistake I had made. I, and many others who had made the same mistake, then worked hard to get rid of him and his dysfunctional government.

    But Whitlam was nothing compared to PM Albosleezy aka ‘Two-Tongue Tony’ whose constant lies and deceit are beyond belief. It’s said that when he was growing up in social housing – did you know about that? – his bed was curved like a banana and that’s why he’s never been able to lie straight in bed. 😉

    He and his socialist mobsters have to go – especially ‘Blackout’ Bowen and his insane ideas on Net Zero.

  10. You could say that Albanese is to Australia what Biden is to US – they both wrecking their respective countries. BTW Laboar didn’t win government, the Libs lost – thanks to Morrison and his response to covid. It is possible that somebody is trying to wake up the Aussies, to show them what could be – in the hope enough will wake up to turn things around.

    1. Albanese – will go down in history as the PM whose he’ll bent ideologies not united the Nation but divided it. – worse PM ever!

    2. Morrison’s commitment to net zero resulted in more “rusted on” Liberal voters withholding their votes. He buckled when confronted by the limp left – Sharma, Birmingham, Felinski, Archer, Leeser etc
      PS When are they going to cancel Archer’s preselection? She votes with Labor and the Greens more than with her own Party.

  11. Hard to separate the worst from just very bad. Candidates are Gillard, Turnbull, Rudd, Albanese… even Keating and Morrison are in the mix too

  12. In fairness to Albo he was empowered by the Coalition’s resort to conscription during the Vietnam, which drove many of the best and brightest into the arms of Labor and worse with a lagged effect that could have killed the Coalition forever. Then Whitlam planted the seeds of the grievance industry, which also had a lagged effect to become the massive force of destruction that it is today. He also planted the seeds of destruction of the remote and regional Aborigines by passive welfare that is now being played to the favour of the forces that caused the problem in the first place, as the communists have always done.

  13. Albanese is also a massive narcissist. He fits in well with Turnbull and Rudd.


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