Labor, how do I loathe thee?

by JOHN MIKKELSEN – I’M NOT alone in my surprise that Anthony Albanese’s Labor Party continues to scrape together 30 to 32 per cent primary support in recent opinion polls. 

To borrow the latest trending legal term – which perfectly fits Labor’s political own-goals and stuff-ups – this government is an “omnishambles” from Albanese down. 

I’m reminded of a quote by legendary British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are – you aren’t!”
John Mikkelsen
Newspaper Editor & Author

Yes, Prime Minister, I blame you!

Along with your Immigration Minister Andrew Giles, Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil, Attorney General Mark Dreyfus, Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong, Education Minister Jason Clare, Climate & Energy Minister Chris Bowen and the rest of your hapless acolytes.


You brought this into the spotlight when you reduced a young woman, Sarah Williams, to tears at a domestic violence rally in Canberra last week.

You’d claimed to those assembled that you’d not been invited to speak.

Ms Williams, who organised the event, stood beside you weeping and repeating “that’s a lie”.

But you turned a tin ear and continued speaking against hecklers in the crowd – who apparently didn’t want to hear your platitudes.

The 1980’s hit What About Me might remain high on your Spotify playlist but, really, this is not at all about you.

The next day you side-stepped Ms Williams’ claims – but audio emerged of you telling her “I’m the Prime Minister”.

She claimed you had added: “I run this country”.

I’m reminded of a quote by legendary British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are – you aren’t!”

If you need to tell people that you’re the Prime Minister, Mr Albanese, you’ve already failed.

Even your cheering national broadcaster, the ABC, found your performance wanting.

ABC presenter Annabel Crabb wrote: “The world is full of imponderables at the moment. And for Australian women, you can add a new one to the list: ‘How long is it going to take for us to get a prime minister whose response to reasonable female anger isn’t to trip spectacularly over his own tackle?’

“The footage of Anthony Albanese attempting to cope with the febrile environment outside Parliament House at Sunday’s domestic violence rally is nearly unwatchable…

Many of us despair at how badly you and your ministers run things.

Take the ever-increasing cost-of-living and housing debacles largely due to your unachievable and costly green energy policies and an immigration Ponzi scheme to shore up an economy slipping towards recession.

You’ve said you will cut record immigration levels which, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, saw arrivals increase by 73 per cent to 737,000 last year.

But a new monthly record of 105,460 arrivals in February this year tells us otherwise.

No doubt the growing number of frustrated home buyers and renters who can’t afford the limited supply – along with the homeless sleeping in cars or camped in tents – will be anxiously awaiting any change in circumstances.

My advice to them is: “don’t hold your breath.”


Then there’s our worsening personal security – particularly for the elderly, women, girls (especially those in outback communities) and our Jewish brothers and sisters.

We’ve even seen young children encouraged to call for an “intifada” (violent uprising) and chant “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”.

Meanwhile, authorities – including university chancellors and vice chancellors – turn a blind eye. Is this because it’s “hate speech” they (and presumably you) agree with?

Your highly paid eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, ignores the racist rants by Islamic hate preachers, but then bans a video of an alleged terrorist knife attack by a teenager on a Christian Bishop in Sydney. Because it’s “too violent”?

Even the victim, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, believes the video should be available for anyone to see.

The head of X, Elon Musk, has resisted your moves to ban it internationally, despite a tirade of personal abuse from you and your ministers.

Again, your usual ally – the ABC’s left-wing Media Watch – has turned against you.

Presenter Paul Barry actually agrees with Musk, the Bishop and even Right-wing commentator Andrew Bolt (shock horror!).

More recently, we had the brutal attack and robbery of an elderly WA woman, Ninette Simons, allegedly by one of the 151 immigrant detainees released into the community – by you, no less.

Those who you released included 37 sex offenders and 72 violent offenders – oh, and at least one or more murderers!

Your ministers’ original claim that your government had opposed this release was subsequently found to be a lie.

The alleged attacker had been arrested and released back into the community no less than three times, including a few days before the alleged attack.

He had also not been required to wear an ankle bracelet. Yet you blamed your so-called independent Community Protection Board for the decision – even though your minister had ultimate say and responsibility.

For days after the attack on Ninette Simons, ministers Giles and O’Neil ducked for cover, prompting a quip from National Party Senator Bridget McKenzie: “It’s easier to find ex-detainees than the responsible ministers.”

As if all this isn’t enough to turn most of us off, we have the spectacle of you splashing taxpayer funds in support of highly questionable, virtue-signalling private business start-ups.

These include a billion dollars for a quantum computer facility in Brisbane proposed by a company based in the US (PsiQuantum) and pushed by Labor-mate lobbyists.

Queensland Labor Premier Steven Miles is also on board.


This follows another billion dollars for solar panel manufacturing in the NSW Hunter Valley that billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes and multi-millionaire ex-PM Malcolm Turnbull apparently couldn’t risk with their own funds.

Not to mention the green hydrogen pipe dreams in Gladstone, Townsville and elsewhere – you name it.

If it’s claimed in the name of “net-zero”, you and Chris ‘Blackout’ Bowen will back anything – except reliable power.

Nuclear remains on your government’s banned list despite growing support in Australia, and its proliferation in other nations, which recognise that “renewables” don’t align with reality nor reliability.

Yet, it’s okay to purchase three nuclear submarines under AUKUS, which will be berthed and serviced in Australian ports. Go figure.

Finally, to plagiarise Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s famous poem: How do I Love Thee.

To sum up your government’s performance, just change one crucial word.

How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.

I loathe you, Labor, to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach, when feeling out of sight.PC

John Mikkelsen

John Mikkelsen is a former editor of three Queensland regional newspapers, columnist, freelance writer and author of the Amazon Books memoir, Don’t Call Me Nev

Albanese now ‘nearly unwatchable’

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Parliament lawn rally. (courtesy ABC News, enhanced)

23 thoughts on “Labor, how do I loathe thee?

  1. For decades now, ‘each-way’ Albo and Adam Bandt have been lingering around hardcore communist organisations even after the unspeakable horrors of Stalinist Russia, Maoist China and Pol Pot’s Cambodia were revealed in full colour to the world.”
    It’s very clear from everything Bandt and the Greens have done in recent years that their primary objective is to foster anger and division within society.
    That’s why they support practically anyone who organises protest marches and disruptive activities such as the recent Port of Newcastle blockade that even put the lives of young children at risk.
    Albanese hides his inner beliefs far more effectively, although it’s becoming harder for him to do so as issues arise that require some form of official government response.
    But, rest assured, nothing has changed as far as his political views are concerned. He hasn’t changed – he just covers up and hopes to get away with it.
    We’ve all seen the rolling out of the usual far-left socialist policies. Examples include the planned Misinformation Bill that’s aimed at controlling free speech; IR legislation that has increased the power of the unions; typical soft attitude towards illegal immigration and border security; and a total lack of urgency in relation to defence and national security.
    The latter, of course, plays right into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party the leader of which he gladly sucks up to despite being ridiculed by them as a “handsome boy”.
    To stop Albanese, Bandt and their comrades we all need to work hard to turf them out at the next election – both Labor and the Greens.

  2. I concede that the list of Albanese’s failings is almost inexhaustable, and Mikkelsen just hasn’t got the time, but omitted in his contribution was “transparency” and “integrity”. The latter two featured large in Albanese’s rhetoric in the ’22 federal campaign.

    Since winning office they have been replaced by “obfuscation” and “lying”. I’m sure Politicom readers can think of additions.

    Plus in ’23 Jim Chalmers was recorded on camera pronouncing ‘that Katy Gallagher had more integrity than the whole of the Liberal Party/Coalition’.

    If any readers of Politicom can come up with a better or more hilarious joke, let’s hear it.

    1. References in the article are to the more recent ones – it’s a long list just in the past few weeks!

  3. At long last PM Albo has dared to mention university demonstrations supporting Hamas terrorists, he says the Trotskyites are to blame, which is interesting coming from a former student Trotskyite who is today a follower of the late Russian revolutionary Marxist Leon Trotsky.

    I guess that for Albo it is electorally safer to blame only the Trots and ignore the Islamists.

    1. Yes, just another example of how shallow and incompetent he is. Meanwhile, another site has used this article and some of the vile anti-semitic/ Pro Palestine comments are unbelievable – like Oct 7 massacres were carried out by the IDF not Hamas, It’s all Israel’s fault etc etc. A few sensible people have commented too, trying to counteract that, but they seem to be in the minority. Check it out

      1. You just don’t get it do you? There are 2.3m palestinians in Gaza that are being denied food, water, medical care, bombed and having their houses demolished. Last time I looked it was a war crime to target civilian populations, and Israel have gone way too far to claim the excuse of “self defence”. Procedures are underway at the ICC to have Netanyahu charged with war crimes.

        1. Straight out of the Hamas playbook. They knew exactly what they were doing when they massacred over 1200 women, girls, babies, the elderly, teenagers who were raped, beheaded, set on fire and killed in the most cruel and sadistic ways. They not only expected reprisals, they welcomed it so they could brainwash the gullible here and overseas about an exaggerated number of civilian deaths. If they released all the hostages and met reasonable terms for a ceasefire, that would be something – but they won’t.

    1. Sure is, I saw Peter Dutton make that quip the other day adding “Everything he touches turns to disaster!”

  4. Surely the absolute incompetence of this so called Prime Minister is enough that there should be a vote of no confidence in this light weight embarrassment to get rid of him?
    He has been in power for TWO YEARS and has not taken responsibility for ONE THING in that time. I await the day when he will do so.
    Isn’t the mark of a man shown when he can apologise for his mistakes?
    He has obviously told all of his Ministers that they are not responsible for anything either because they have the same chant that
    Fair dinkum, Nino Cullotta (of “they’re a weird mob”) must be wondering just what country this has turned into since this mob got into power.
    It is unfathomable how Australia has slipped so far in the past two years since this excuse for a leader started his weasel words. We have never been in a more vulnerable situation and he just goes about his day with gay abandon.
    I look forward to the day when Anthony Albanese actually does something to pull his two recalcitrant Ministers viz. Giles and O’Neil into line for the danger that they have put Australia into while he blames some group THAT HE ORGANISED for the stuff up.
    The Buck stops with the PRIME MINISTER.

    1. Too right Farnortherner, he and his hopeless ministers (a long list indeed) are making us a laughing stock on the international stage but that doesn’t matter to Albo while he can jet off overseas to Davos etc and rub shoulders with his besties in China who call him “handsome boy” and snigger behind his back. Just don’t mention the sonar attack on our Navy divers….

  5. Hey John, good one! It will be interesting to see the next polls and how they reflect these latest in a long line of stuff-ups from Labor and Mr “My Word is My Bond” Albanese. Their only consistent game plan is deny everything, never accept blame and keep repeating “It’s all Peter Dutton’s fault!”

    1. Albolieseasy.

      Remember “Liar from the Shire” by Labor smear tacticians?

      Replaced by “Liar from the Lodge”.


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