Albanese ‘pussyfooting’ around racism

by PAUL COLLITS – MULTICULTURALISM is increasingly being questioned following recent ugly events in Israel – and in Sydney. 

In Australia, multiculturalism was introduced in the 1970s by former Liberal Prime Minister – turned Greens supporter – Malcolm Fraser. 

If Australians are “racist”, then, one has to remember nearly a third of us were born elsewhere. So, to the extent that we might be racist, it is largely imported.

Since then there have been continuing waves of mass immigration driven by both major Parties.

You don’t have to be a xenophobe or a disciple of Enoch Powell – who foresaw “rivers of blood” emanating from Britain’s sudden tilt towards mass immigration in the 1960s – to be alarmed by recent developments.


And you certainly don’t need to be an adherent to “replacement theory” either.

The average person in the street – who one can almost guarantee has never heard of Enoch Powell, Malcolm Fraser nor replacement theory – will be dismayed by the scenes unfolding in Australia, and its sullen, or as I have previously termed it, “cranky”, mood.

Not to mention where Anthony Albanese and his divisive race-baiting referendum has left us.

What we now have, apart from a housing crisis and rampant homelessness, is angry multi-mono-culturalism.

And if Australians are “racist”, well, one has to remember that, as of now, one third of us were born overseas and just about one half of us have at least one parent born elsewhere.

So, to the extent that we are racist, it is largely imported.

Yet, perhaps surprisingly, it is often remarked – including, recently, by Jacinta Price – that we are mostly a peaceful, tolerant place. Not that you would have known it from Monday evening’s showing.

Like so many of the political class who have two faces, Albanese clearly doesn’t get irony.

Here is his response to the beyond-ugly racist scenes at the Sydney Opera House on Monday: “Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has described the pro-Palestine protests outside the Sydney Opera House as horrific, appalling and having no place in Australia’s ‘tolerant multicultural nation’.

“Sydney’s Opera House was lit up on Monday night with the Israeli flag as a show of solidarity with the affected country after Hamas launched a series of attacks which killed more than 900 people.


“Despite the event being created for the mourning of lives lost, around 1000 pro-Palestine protesters showed up to the event with many chants and banners which Mr Albanese has labelled as anti-semitic.

“I understand that people have deep views about issues relating to the Middle East conflict.

“But here in Australia, we have to deal with political discourse in a respectful way and I certainly didn’t see that from the footage.

“We need to lower the temperature – I don’t want to see conflict here in Australia.”

At one level, what the Prime Minister says is true and blindingly obvious. Tolerant nation. Lower the temperature. I don’t want to see conflict. Yada yada.

At another level, having scratched the surface only a tiny amount, one finds not only the absence of leadership noticed by John Howard and others, but an absolute failure to recognise who and what have divided Australia and made many so angry.

And I don’t mean the Lakemba set.

Here is Howard, very much on message, as per the Daily Mail headline: “John Howard slams Anthony Albanese’s ‘lukewarm condemnation’ of Hamas accusing him of ‘pussyfooting’ on terror after pro-Palestinian protests in Sydney celebrating the carnage in Israel: ‘We need leadership’.”

The lack of leadership is patently clear. What we saw was violence and hate speech. A full-throated Albo describes this as “deep views”.


We had Foreign Minister Penny Wong being mealy-mouthed in her small “c” condemnation. Wong has been applauded by Hamas for her policy shifts, by the way, as Sharri Markson has noted.

We had NSW Police, run by Labor, standing idly by as all the carnage occurred on Sydney streets.

We had NSW Police Minister Jasmin Catley – who is also the Counter Terrorism Minister – defending, yes, defending, the police inaction that she oversaw. And she still holds her job.

Meanwhile the gnomic NSW Attorney General (and former Labor leader) Michael Daley told people to stay calm and go home.

As John Howard said: “How can you remain calm when demonstrators are invoking the memory of the Holocaust? People remain calm in that?”

Indeed. Why weren’t Sydney’s violent Palestinians told to “stay home”?

As the Daily Mail notes: “On Sunday night at Lakemba train station, prominent Muslim preacher Sheik Ibrahim Dadoun was filmed riling up the crowd by applauding militant group Hamas for slaughtering at least 1000 Israeli civilians.”

Did anyone tell that Sheik to stay home?

Here is the Sheik, in his own words: “I’m smiling and I’m happy. I’m elated,” Sheik Ibrahim Dadoun shouted.

“It’s a day of courage. It’s a day of pride. It’s a day of victory. This is the day we’ve been waiting for!

“This brings pride to the heart, this brings joy to the heart, my brothers and my sisters … you and I, standing in Australia we support our brothers and sisters in Palestine.”

Just like the Pope, anyone who says “back off now and be peaceful” at this point is, in effect, condoning the terror attacks and the murder of babies. It’s as simple as that.

We had the ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, no doubt a supporter of Queers for Palestine, refusing to condemn his governing partners, the Greens, for their appalling pro-terror sentiments and statements.


Finally, from the Left of politics, we had former NSW Premier (and former Australian Foreign Minister) Bob Carr’s smug, slimy tweets.

No one does smug and slime better than Professor Bob. Now the University of Technology Sydney Industry Professor (Business & Climate Change) and former Deputy Vice Chancellor, Carr was appropriately condemned.

And all Mr Albanese says is, we should all step back.

There is another cognitive dissonance in play. Doesn’t the Left claim to be against hate speech? They never shut up about it.

We are about to get a Misinformation & Disinformation Bill to put an end to it. The so-called Ministry of Truth Bill.

Does “gas the Jews” qualify. Perhaps you have to say it online to get hauled over the coals. To get de-platformed. To be silenced. Saying it on the steps of the Sydney Opera House must be okay.

Anthony Albanese’s appalling vanity project, which mercifully will come to an end – hopefully an ignominious and embarrassing end – this weekend, has massively divided the nation based on nothing but race.

His Voice crusade (apologies to Islamist readers) has ditched Martin Luther King Jr and the unity engendered by the 1967 referendum, and has opted, instead, for dog whistling to the race-baiting, progressive Left. All utterly unnecessary.

Which leaves the inescapable conclusion that it was deliberate. Calculated to within an inch of its life.

As I say, Albanese doesn’t get irony. What transpired in Sydney on Monday was more or less unique in the world. And uniquely ugly.


I say almost unique. The Brits share our shame to an extent. London Lord Mayor Sadiq Khan’s melting pot, London, had similar scenes, proving the British Home Secretary right following her recent reality check on the fruits of multiculturalism.

Speaking of British reactions: “The world’s oldest hatred has made a grotesque comeback,” says Tom Slater in Spiked. “If we look the other way now, we surrender the right to call ourselves a civilised nation.”

We might heed that lesson down under. And the racists here weren’t native Australians. (By native Australians, I mean those born here).

Well, except for the fellow travellers like the Leftie Greens and, indeed, the odd Labor plant, who were happy to join in the racist mayhem.

Finally, the Daily Mail notes: “During Monday night’s protest, a handful of people with Israeli flags were arrested on sight in a move police said was for their own protection.”

Perhaps Australia’s Jewish people need a Voice.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Anthony Albanese. (courtesy The Mandarin, enhanced)

5 thoughts on “Albanese ‘pussyfooting’ around racism

  1. My Grandparents arrived here in 1898, One from Germany and the other from England! Neither came expecting anything more than a fair go and because of it developed a Pride in their new country! With a Christian Background and will to work and grow founded a Family who also followed in their footsteps along with two other Brothers who moved to Queensland and did the same! It was a civilization they came to love! Till two world wars knocked on our doors! Then as from German ancestry, it was assumed they couldn’t be trusted and they were punished for it, but survived and kept going! Peacefully! Not so from Islamic backgrounds and teaching! Anyone not from this ilk was an Infidel and a sworn enemy! And our politicians have imported this people and culture to our country! And this stupid government saw fit to spend outrageously on a useless referendum about people whom we are already sharing with! And invited a warlike horde from a culture of evil! That have no right here claiming from our welfare and labors Tony Burke to belong! But not here back from whence they came!

  2. I predicted the failure of the Voice from the day Albanese announced it. Now that the Voice has failed, what will Albanese dredge up now to camouflage his agenda? He has backed out of all his promises so far and blames everyone else for Labor’s shortcomings. 60% of Australians can’t all be wrong and should have their opinions acted upon, not the MPs who have never been in the common workplace, let alone run their own businesses.

  3. Albo in parliament yesterday said:

    “regardless of what white people voted”

    This guy hates Australia.

  4. So according to the AEC we can vote more than once.

    Of course our name is crossed off the Electoral Roll.

    Does the AEC later cross reference marked off names from all polling booths in each electorate?

    Now that we have a public admission by the AEC I trust that an audit will be conducted after the referendum.

  5. Who else noted the Aboriginal Flags being waved by Hamas supporters at the gatherings here? And the Palestine supporters wearing a lapel badge with the Aboriginal and Palestine flags incorporated?

    And please consider this;

    Just read the first yes side pamphlet delivered to my mail box and it claims 80% of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community (there are many communities not one) requested the referendum.

    Misleading, to begin with there has been no attempt to gain consent from the 300-plus communities or mobs, as required by UNDRIP, as acknowledged in the Uluru Statement, before proceeding to a referendum legislated in Parliament. And no Constitutional Convention for discussion and assessment of what has been proposed, the complete details version.

    The convention that signed off on the Uluru Statement held at a Yulara resort NT was attended by 250 delegates, hand-picked from about one dozen community Dialogues (at which attendance was capped at 100, with 60 reserved for “First Nations groups – and invitations – only aimed to ensure consensus. And, still, a minority of convention delegates rejected it and walked out.

    So was the 80% from that small minority of 250 delegates from about 12 community Dialogues. And therefore misleading to claim 80% of all Aborigine & Torres Strait Islanders support?

    I believe it is misleading.

    And so is not obtaining consent first.


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