Aussies supporting Hamas risk jail

by SEAN BURKE – AUSTRALIANS supporting last weekend’s Hamas attack on Israel face imprisonment for associating with a registered terrorist organisation. 

Supporters were warned after taking to the streets in Sydney to cheer Hamas’s brutal attacks, which saw more than 700 Israeli civilians and soldiers killed and at least 130 mainly women and children taken hostage. 

To have any Australian celebrating these crimes against humanity is an abhorrent thing. Anyone who went along to cheer should be ashamed of themselves.
James Paterson
Shadow Home Affairs Minister

Federal Shadow Home Affairs Minister James Paterson said Australian police would be paying close attention to pro-Hamas supporters.

“Hamas and Hezbollah have both been unanimously prescribed as terrorist organisations by the Australian Government,” Mr Paterson told Sky News today.


“The important thing about that for Australians is that the legal effect means it’s now a crime to associate with a terrorist organisation – and that includes all of Hamas and all of Hezbollah,” he said.

“I think it is very important that Australians, if they want to protest about this issue – and they are entitled to do so peacefully – that they don’t in any away associate themselves with Hamas.”

Mr Paterson said that simply attending a rally would be unlikely to meet the threshold for prosecution.

“Nor would holding a flag, as stupid and offensive as that would be,” he continued.

“But providing material assistance to either of these organisations – particularly in terms of fund raising, recruitment or incitement to violence – would meet that threshold.”

He said such actions would be considered a very serious crime that would attract serious penalties.

Mr Patterson said what had occurred to Israel on the weekend was criminal.

“To see Hamas get into Israel (from Gaza), kidnapping men, women and children – including the elderly – taking them back into Gaza and in many instances executing or abusing them, documenting it and then putting it up on social media – these are crimes against humanity,” he said.

“To have any Australian person celebrating that is an abhorrent thing. Anyone who went along to cheer should be ashamed of themselves.”PC

Should be ashamed of themselves…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Sydney pro-Hamas rally. (courtesy Pilbara News)

15 thoughts on “Aussies supporting Hamas risk jail

  1. The only language a bully-boy responds to is a greater force than he is dishing out to others. Australians lack such firmness of purpose. A tolerant society, to exist at all, must understand that it must not allow the intolerance that we have seen on the steps of the Opera House recently. Such ideas will grow and fester amongst a fanatical minority. Best to stamp them out while the floodwater is at our ankles rather than up to our necks. Deport them and all those who associate with them.

  2. I don’t trust all these stories about who did what and who is to blame. “The first casualty of war is truth.” I don’t think we get told the the real story but they want us to take sides. There is the real story and there is the cover story. A psyop is an operation undertaken to put the blame on another party. Psyops happen all the time where a party commits a heinous act in such a way as to put the blame on another party. I’m not falling for it. Israel is a “democracy” – so what? So is Australia yet we get a PM who wants to inflict laws and rules onto the people when the biggest issue is cost of living, which is ignored. Go figure.

    1. You don’t trust the stories? Of what happened at the Sydney Opera House? I was there. It is all very true. I was amazed.

  3. They risk nothing. For any arrests to occur would require some integrity or courage by the authorities. They have none and in fact support islam. With all the climate BS and the Voice idiocy attention has not been on the muslims. But they have been busy. This ghastly attack by Hamas is just the tip. This site lists all the ongoing muslim attacks:

    This is going to get a lot worse because the only Western leader who stood against islam, Trump, is being attacked by the treasonous swamp. Biden and his handlers, obama, have empowered iran and that is why Israel is now being attacked.

  4. I noted one Palestine supporter with a combined Palestine and Aboriginal flags lapel badge on television news last night.

    The activists again.

  5. Another reminder of the Fraser years intake of refugees from Lebanon, oppressed minority, and we ended up mostly with followers of Islam instead until the programme was cancelled after Christian Lebanese alerted authorities.

    Later Labor’s “ethnic branch stacking” period. Prime Minister Keating overturned a deportation order issued to a Muslim leader by ASIO and Immigration.

    Many other examples.

    And do not forget the brides who left Australia to marry terrorists and expected to be welcomed back.

    And now another demonstration of hatred towards Israel by Australians supporting Hamas/Palestine.

  6. Spot on John Coe and John Faust. In my view Australian authorities have been far too tolerant of previous deviations from civil and acceptable activity.

    Much as the pro Hamas/Palastinian march was despicable, it was useful. As James Patersen intimates one hopes/presumes the Australian police, both state and federal, were taking as many identity photographs as possible. Given the reputation and previous activities of certain elements in Australian society, the possibility of more serious anti-Israel activity in Australia lies ahead.

    If the Australian police did not take this opportunity, their incompetence will possibly cost Australian dearly.

    1. Why are we a part of the Islamic controlled UN and WEF as all they are doing is trying to steal Australia’s sovereignty and freedoms for a One World crooked Governance? Under Labor more likely to happen and our people are blind to losing everything that is loved about this country including being one people! And yet we are not seeing the greed from Politicians to the country’s detriment? Because they have destroyed our families in order to further their lies and deceit! I feel the end of all our freedoms and prosperity is nigh 🙁

  7. In my view, any migrant who brings his confounded politics with him for public display or activism ought to be censured and or have his visa/citizenship revoked.

    1. A migrant explained to me during the 1990s that foreign politics are being discussed and argued daily on SBS radio. He was not happy and said the people who cannot leave the politics of the country they left should not be here.

  8. Should be asked for reasons why they cannot be deported to Palestine and Australian Citizenship cancelled! As it should be called treason against our democracy here and acted upon if found guilty by association and demonstrated Hamas or Hezbollah terrorism! And the new crop of incoming migrants vetted properly for terrorism as well!


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