NSW cops side with terror, arrest victims

by PAUL COLLITS – THERE are calls for NSW Police Minister Yasmin Catley to be sacked in the aftermath of last weekend’s ugly pro-Palestinian “celebrations” in downtown Sydney. 

These appalling events saw Australians cheering Hamas’s latest savage attacks on Israel – and is yet another strike for Australia’s multi-cultural society. All living happily together? 

Yasmin Catley isn’t qualified to be Police Minister, having been the librarian at Lake Macquarie Council for many years. She does, though, hold Labor’s primary qualification of having the correct chromosomes.

The Australian newspaper’s Simon Benson writes: “Nothing short of a disgrace: Police Minister must resign.

“It is almost beyond belief that Jewish residents of Sydney were told to stay at home because police couldn’t guarantee their safety. Police Minister Yasmin Catley should lose her job for allowing this to happen.


“There is almost no equivalent for the appalling lack of judgement by the NSW police to allow a pro-Palestinian march on the CBD, knowing members of the Jewish community might want to attend the Opera House [where the Government, to its credit, had created a blue and white light show].

“This has denied the Jewish community the right to join in solidarity over the murder of their people in favour of a protest that seeks to celebrate it. Presumably the protest will have a police escort.”

Yes, these are the streets of Sydney in the 2020s. For a change, there were very few rainbow flags in sight.

No, Sydney’s massive and normally in-your-face (or, “out and proud”) homosexual population would probably have been well advised to keep at a similar distance from the rampaging Hamas supporters as the Jews were.

I would be astonished if more than, say, a tenth of our reader community even knew who the NSW Police Minister was. I certainly didn’t.

The cause of the resignation call was the Minister’s advice to Israelis living in Sydney to “stay home” as Arab Australians and their sympathisers ran through the streets of the city celebrating the latest terrorist atrocities.

Australian Jews who did venture onto public streets holding an Israeli flag – whether unfurled or not – were arrested “for their own well-being”.

Cately said, in as many words, that the “police” under her command couldn’t, well, “police”.

They could not guarantee the safety of Jewish Australians outside their own homes. I wonder if they could guarantee their safety inside their homes.

First, let us take a look at the NSW Ministry.

Ministers have names like Yasmin, Penny, Tara, Joanne, Prue, Sophie, Kate (there is always a Kate), Courtney, Rose and Jodie.


Astonishingly, in the current circumstances, there is a minister called Jihad. He was sworn in on the Quran. (The NSW Chief of Police is, believe it or not, called Karen).

One of these fine, Leftie women, of course (as noted above), is the Minister for Police and – wait for it – “counter terrorism”.

The only problem is, she doesn’t seem to have much stomach for countering terrorism, by the look of it.

Yasmin is not qualified to be Police Minister, having been the librarian at Lake Macquarie Council for many years.

She is, though, highly qualified to be a Labor Party Minister, the primary qualification for which is having the correct set of chromosomes.

Speaking of the NSW Police (and of police forces around the country), what can one say?

  • Police have long ceased even to pretend that they can solve crimes. The statistics for clean-ups, both here and in comparable countries like Britain, are farcical. No, now they do things like support “diversity” and keep citizens locked in their homes to protect them from viruses.
  • In Victoria, they hound innocent Catholic prelates until they are in jail. Falsely imprisoned. They also shoot rubber bullets into the backs of those daring to resist totalitarian regimes, arrest pregnant mothers for social media posts about protests, slam the heads of disabled people into the concrete pavement, and taser the rest. There, they are blatantly political, owned by corrupt politicians, and up to their armpits in corruption themselves. See under Lawyer X, aka Nicola Gobbo.
  • In the Northern Territory, they hunt down targets like Bradley Murdoch for supposedly, without any reason, killing a British backpacker in the middle of nowhere (and accept as gospel the word of the backpacker’s decidedly dodgy girlfriend). And with scant evidence.
  • In the ACT (another Australian jurisdiction that doesn’t deserve self-government), the Australian Federal Police hounded an innocent man (David Eastman) into jail for nineteen years for (not) killing their Police Commissioner, Colin Winchester. And during the COVID mayhem, they used sinister sonic modern crowd control devices (the infamous LRAD) to disperse the freedom fighters of the February 2021 Convoy to Canberra.

Ever since Christine Nixon (sourced from Human Resources in the NSW force) was gifted to Victoria as Police Commissioner – you know, the one who went off to get her hair done while Victoria burned in 2009 – and signed up VicPol to march in pride parades, police in this country have totally lost the plot.

They now routinely threaten and scare the wrong people (priests, the innocent, us) and ignore those they were once paid to control. COVID showed that most of them have lost their moral compass and their sense of mission.

The latest atrocity is the act of a craven police class and a craven political class. But it gets worse.

The NSW Greens, of course, expressed their support for Hamas. The son of a Labor MP (called Buttigieg) was even there to lend support, on the steps of the Opera House.

Chanting abuse, burning Israeli flags. Cheering on, in effect, rape and kidnapping. Of the innocent, including (as reported by The Australian) family members of Australian civilians in Israel.

As the flag burning protesters shouted “f#ck the Jews” and “gas the Jews”, our progressives made their own views known.


In contrast to the peaceful gatherings overseas where monuments were similarly lit up.

The Brandenberg Gate. Ground Zero. The Eiffel Tower. Je suis Charlie Hebdo, you might say.

In contrast, in our fair city, NSW Police (in numbers) have, instead, arrested Israelis peacefully brandishing rolled up flags at Town Hall.

Meanwhile, Rebel News hero Avi Yemeni is off to Israel to help ensure that at least some media reporting of the war is accurate and fair-minded.

As Avi notes: “By now you’ve probably seen the shocking footage. Hamas terrorists sneaking into Israel to attack civilians. Massacring entire families in their homes.

“Murdering and raping young woman at a dance party. And kidnapping women and children, taking them into Gaza as hostages to parade in the streets as trophies after brutally torturing them.”

“Or maybe you haven’t seen that at all. If you rely on the mainstream media, you wouldn’t know about all the atrocities committed by Hamas. In fact, you wouldn’t even know that Hamas is a terrorist group at all.”

Avi is right about the media, of course.

We note, for example, from the mother country: “The BBC is facing pressure to tear up a style guide which advises staff not to call Hamas attackers ‘terrorists’.”

And this: “NHS doctor mocks Israeli festival-goers fleeing Hamas gunmen and calls on UK to forcibly remove entire Israeli population.”

One is tempted to ask the media, why give her air time?

It does show, though, where we are at in the West. She would not be alone, I am certain, in believing that “there are no civilians in Israel”.


As heinous crimes go, these acts of Middle Eastern terrorism are up there.

COVID hero journalist Alex Berenson notes: “This time the mass killers of Jews didn’t need to round them up and run trains across the Polish flatlands.

“This time the Jews came to them. For a rave. The news out of the Israeli desert this weekend was so shocking and repulsive that you can be forgiven for avoiding its details.

“Hamas, the Palestinian terror group that controls the Gaza Strip, breached the fence separating Israel from Gaza – a tiny territory between the Negev desert and the Mediterranean coast. It sent teams to attack the Israeli villages nearby, along with thousands of young people gathering for an all-night dance party a few miles away.

“The terrorists raped and kidnapped and executed unarmed civilians and prisoners. They posted videos of their atrocities online to celebrate. They killed more than 260 people at the rave alone, hundreds more villagers nearby.”

As one survivor wrote of what happened after she and another attendee were captured: “The guy who was with me didn’t stop crying and begging for his life. I tried to explain to him that he needs to stop crying, ‘it annoys them, stop crying and everything will be fine’.

“They had knives and hammers. I realised we were in danger. At first he listened to me but very quickly he returned to his initial and fell on his knees and again screamed and begged for his life.

“And then – he didn’t scream anymore. They murdered him in front of my eyes.”

All with the help of Biden-funded Iran. And we all thought that the good old US of A was on Israel’s side. Berenson also states: “Saturday’s attacks were the ugliest imaginable wakeup call (short of a nuclear attack on Tel Aviv, which, fortunately, is past Hamas’s capability).


“Now Israel must figure out how to answer the alarm – without giving Hamas what it wants, a regional war that destroys the slow rapprochement between Israel and some of its more moderate neighbors.”


And the Pope, not unexpectedly, “calls for peace”. (And for international intervention, for goodness sake).

Calling for peace at this point simply amounts to barracking for the terrorists after they have done their worst. We should have expected nothing less from this Pontiff.

Back to Sydney. At least the Minister named Jihad isn’t responsible for police, and dare I say it, counter terrorism. We should all be grateful for that.

Allahu Akbar!, shouted the Hamas supporters, in Lakemba and in the city. It make one so proud (again) to be an Aussie.

Get a grip, Yasmin.  This (police inaction) was not a “success”, as you claim. Just the opposite.

Mr Premier, when you say that you would have stopped it all if only you had known, well, Simon Benson is right. You should have known.

For a government that has just shone Israeli lights onto the Opera House, the optics aren’t flash.

This is a Labor Government, one of whose recent leaders – now safely ensconced in the academy – is, once again, demonstrating that it is well and truly out of the Hamas-supporting closet.

As The Australian notes: “Bob Carr has been condemned for saying Palestinians had a right to resist an illegal occupation and would suffer a ‘disproportionately huge retaliation’ from Israel.”


This isn’t a new story. As former Labor MP Michael Danby (to whom The Guardian refers as “controversial”) said in The Spectator in 2017: “Bob Carr has no shame.

“Is there nothing he won’t do to defame Israel, or the local Jewish community, to push his obsessions about unilaterally recognising ‘Palestine’?

“He is being given a national platform despite discrediting himself over recent months as an abject mouth piece of Beijing.

“Yes, I am speaking of Bob Carr and his anti-Israel obsessions…”

Vicious but fair. That was 2017.

The terrorist-adjacent Carr still has no shame. But we knew that.

And he hasn’t shed his very old habit of lying: “Israel has a right to defend itself from attacks. Hamas has won a tactical success. Will be very short-lived. [This part is true enough]. It will draw disproportionately huge retaliation directed at civilians and indifferent to children.”

Carr is positioning Israel as the bad guy ahead of time! And an abject apologist for Beijing to boot.

The reposting on the platform formerly known as Twitter of Bob’s bilge suggests, alas, that he is not alone in letting his hatred of Israel get the better of him.

The Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council Chair Mark Leibler suggested: “Bob – just how far does your hatred for Israel and the Jewish people go? You did not even condemn the sickening attack by Hamas against Israel’s civilian population. Shame on you.”

Yes, Labor has form in relation to the Palestinian question and its tacit support for the methods of Hamas.

And Sydney has become an extremely ugly city, and not just in looks.

Let us hope that the current Premier, who has shown some glimpses of engaging occasionally with reality, might shut his non-apologising Police Minister down ASAP and to tell the former premier where he can stick his support of Hamas.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Yasmin Catley. (courtesy Sky News)

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  1. Since when should a State Government Police Minister interfere with on the ground policing? To interfere is to transgress the separation of powers. The Minister for Police is not the Police Commander. The Minister for Police is to manage the way the government handles the police service, not law enforcement, & public safety matters. The police are part of the executive, and not the legislature nor the judiciary. I see a real problem when the chat in the community blames the Minister for Police for on the ground failures, or disputable nuances.

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