Australia self-harms as coal surges

AS THE world speaks green platitudes but carries on building their economies, Australia repeatedly trips over green ideology and pivots down a path of self-harm. 

With international coal usage surging to world record levels and prices rising to 10-year highs, Australia has mindlessly moved to ban its staple energy source. 

Australia’s politicians have fallen hard for junk science spoon fed by grant-savvy scientists using faulty computer modelling…

Worldwide demand has coal trading a tad under US$150 per tonne. The last time it enjoyed a sustained run above US$120 was a decade ago. [see chart below]

Yet, Australia’s gullible politicians have fallen hard for junk science spoon fed by grant-savvy scientists using faulty computer modelling.


And big business appears to be listening to – and acting upon – the rubbish today’s politicians spout.

Australian banks are now refusing to underwrite production of the nation’s staple energy source – coal.

And they’re being cheered on by inner-city Greens who piously lecture Australians to feel good about their businesses closing, families losing their main source of income and shops shutting in regional cities and towns.

Australian banks and insurers last month announced they were withdrawing support from Australia’s second-most valuable export in the name of greenwashing their Environment, Social & Governance performance.

Unless this is quickly reversed, Australia will struggle to develop any new mines and coal supply will quickly diminish as existing pits are exhausted.

Australia could, as absurd as it sounds, become a coal importer.

This is because the nation’s political leadership has been so completely blinded by Green ideology that they’re incapable of stopping this mess. And that’s assuming they’d even want to – which is questionable.


Australian banks do not operate in a free market. They largely owe their multi-billion dollar profits to the protections gifted by government policy.

If any one of the Prime Minister, Treasurer, Industry Minister, Energy Minister or Resources Minister was of a mind to stop the banks’ destructive virtue signalling, they could.

But, they don’t.

Australians have been lumbered with two major political Parties whose only policy differences can be measured in single-digit percentages.

As far as policy direction is concerned, they are both in lockstep with the crazy Greens.

Whether it’s carbon emissions, Christian persecution or the homosexual indoctrination of school kids, the major Parties are in full alignment.

Their only differentiating factor is their promised timeline for delivering Australia’s economic and social disintegration.

Campbell Newman, John Ruddick, Craig Kelly, Cory Bernardi, Nicolle Flint, Jack Snelling, Tom Kenyon and George Christensen may be onto something.PC

10-year coal price…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Craig Kelly, Nicolle Flint, Cory Bernardi & Campbell Newman. (courtesy The Armidale Express,, ABC, Sunshine Coast News)
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7 thoughts on “Australia self-harms as coal surges

  1. Australia is mad for demonising it’s second biggest export earner. The crazies have taken over the asylum.

  2. If Campbell Newman, John Ruddick, Craig Kelly, Cory Bernardi, Nicolle Flint, Jack Snelling, Tom Kenyon and George Christensen and, I have no doubt many others came together as a united voice and formed a new party pushing the values we are losing, telling the truth about the scamdemic and the climate alarm nonsense they could have some great success at the next election.

  3. “The Not so Clean Green Future: Germany uses 20% less wind, and (wow) 38% more coal

    Coal is dead, an old relic, but Germany is burning a lot more coal

    If the world cools and gets cloudier will renewables stall as margins become even less appealing? Will wandering jet streams interrupt reliable trade winds as the intersection of hot and cold air generates more clouds over solar panels?

    German Wind Power Consumption Plummets 20% In First Half 2021… Coal Power Consumption Jumps 38%!
    Pierre Gosselin

    What would we do without coal?

    The first half of 2021 saw a massive 20% drop in wind power consumption in Germany…while “coal power saw a renaissance.”

    The reason for the steep drop, according to the findings, was due to unfavorable weather conditions.

    The Germans ran out of wind both on and off shore. People stopped investing because the subsidies ran out and the populace insisted on not having the giant industrial plants in their backyard. Then the winds slowed (why didn’t their climate models see that coming?) Europe talked itself out of building gas plants in order to stop global warming, then got an extra cold winter, and they also run out of gas. So what was left was good old reliable brown lignite coal. The kind The Green really hate.”

    JoNova website of commentators from many countries, and very well qualified commentators.

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