Confused climate politicians rely on trickery

DEPUTY NSW Premier John Barilaro says he backs coal to the hilt while his energy minister Matt Kean has announced he wants to be completely rid of it. 

Mr Barilaro has promised, on the one hand, that there will never be a moratorium on coal.

Meanwhile, Mr Kean’s failed choice for climate tsar, Malcolm Turnbull, publicly pushes for an immediate end to coal mining licences. 

There is a misperception in the world that Australia is still in climate wars…
David Sharma MP
Federal Member for Wentworth

As this mess unfolds, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian watches on from the sideline as her most senior ministers continue to confuse and trick her State’s voters.

It’s no better at the federal level, where Prime Minister Scott Morrison took a media caning after assuring supporters there’d be no net-zero emissions target set.

Weeks later, however, his very own department appointed former Labor advisor James Larsen to co-ordinate Mr Morrison’s climate strategy.


Mr Larsen had previously worked with former PM Julia Gillard and her foreign affairs minister Bob Carr during Labor’s carbon tax years.

According to reports in The Australian newspaper this week, Mr Larsen’s appointment is expected to see Mr Morrison backflip and endorse net-zero emissions by 2050 after all.

Talk about all pain and no gain! Whatever happened to the Prime Minister’s preference for technology over taxes?

It appears the Liberal Party’s most radical MPs have been on the march again – and the Party’s so-called conservatives have again crumbled.

“Modern” Liberal MP Dave Sharma, who replaced Malcolm Turnbull in Wentworth in 2019, said Mr Larsen’s appointment was a positive move.

His appointment shows the government is “going to step up our international advocacy efforts on clime change”, Mr Sharma told The Australian.


“Part of the role will be helping the world understand just how much Australia has achieved on this front and how much we are committed to achieving,” he said.

“There is a misperception in the world that Australia is still in climate wars. Having a diplomat in charge of our climate change advocacy will address some of that.”

Fellow “modern” Liberal Jason Falinski – the green-leaning MP in the conservative blue ribbon seat of Mackellar – said the appointment “continues our journey towards net-zero by 2050”.

“It’s a positive sign and shows we are committed to taking action.”

Political commentators have noted that PM Morrison’s language on climate had changed markedly since US President Joe Biden was elected.

His revised stance is increasingly out of step with the public mood – who often and repeatedly rate climate concerns as a 10th order issue – as well as with a growing majority of businesses.

A recent Deloitte survey found 54 per cent of Australian companies were downgrading their environmental initiatives.

The survey also reported that 65 per cent of global companies were doing the same.

Climate activists are reportedly grieved by the survey result, however, are hopeful this trend away from climate extremism may reverse after a recovery from COVID. PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  David Sharma (l), Jason Falinksi (courtesy SMH/The Australian, enhanced)
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4 thoughts on “Confused climate politicians rely on trickery

    1. “Why does Mr Falinski always look so trashed?”

      Those on the left of politics are so intellectually and morally warped that they live in a continual state of cognitive dissonance. This is psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting, and the constant synergistic drip, drip, drip of these enervating stresses eventually takes a physical toll, which begins with niggling aches and pains, proceeds through a gradual compromising of the immune system (leading to serious illnesses such as heart disease and cancer), and ends with an early death.

      So, ironically enough, the trajectory of socialists’ individual lives is an exact parallel of the fate of those societies where they hold sway and take control.

  1. “Party colleagues frequently and simultaneously say the exact opposite.”

    Straight out of George Orwell’s dystopian classic “1984”.

    It is clear that not only are the lunatics running the asylum, but that they are not going to relinquish control. Q.E.D.

  2. So true, when will ministers and PMs stop dancing to the rhythm of the ABC and start listening to the voters. The constant “double speak” by the PM and “fake” conservatives will be detrimental for all.

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