Cops ‘tenderly stroke’ pro-Hamas mob

by PAUL COLLITS – DURING Australia’s lockdown madness, innocent citizens were set-upon by politically-controlled police forces with tasers, pepper spray, rubber bullets, physical violence and wrongful arrest. 

Shouldn’t these same police now man-up to marauding hordes of terror supporters who dominate our cities? 

Law enforcement and elected representatives are either in the tank for Hamas, a terrorist organisation, or they are spineless in the face of relentless intimidation.

At Melbourne’s (where else?) Docklands Crowne Plaza Hotel, we have this latest sickening confrontation engineered by the peaceniks of Palestine.

More than a dozen pro-Hamas protesters confronted family members of Israeli hostages at about 10pm.


A number of them had flown to Australia to speak to dignitaries about their ordeal. Some of them have family members who are hostages.

It is understood they had just arrived back at the Melbourne hotel after a speaking event when they were confronted by the protesters.

Police were called and said the protesters were quickly moved on.

Moved on? Trespass, at least, surely? They got Al Capone on tax evasion, after all. This time, Peter Dutton has it right.

The hotel protesters should have been arrested!

The Prime Minister, while condemning the actions of the “protesters”, seemed to be mainly concerned about the impact of the events on the image of Palestinians and their cause. No talk of arrest or deportation from the losing-the-plot Prime Minister.

Moved on? Trespass, at least, surely? They got Al Capone on tax evasion, after all. This time, Peter Dutton has it right.

The hotel protesters should have been arrested!

The Prime Minister, while condemning the actions of the “protesters”, seemed to be mainly concerned about the impact of the events on the image of Palestinians and their cause. No talk of arrest or deportation from the losing-the-plot Prime Minister.

What are we to make of the gentle stroking of these non-Australian infiltrators by our law enforcement and elected representatives?

They are either in the tank for Hamas, a terrorist organisation, or they are spineless in the face of a relentless campaign of intimidation against Jewish (and other) Australian citizens as well as our guests from Israel.


(Channel Seven might also have mentioned that the “protesters” were waving “fake babies covered in blood” in the faces of anyone trying to get through the Crowne Plaza foyer. Just as a reminder of what the Hamas terrorists did to Israeli babies on October 7, 2023).

It is apparent Australian police have called a halt to its “vigorous” pandemic modes of policing. World famous, as it was.

Now, our police force has discovered its inner Ghandi. What it once did to the innocent, it now refuses to do to the guilty.

They appear happy to turn our streets into no-go zones for anyone not waving a black, white and green flag.

I wonder what Monica Smit – who went to prison for COVID crimes – thinks of this change of heart by Australia’s militarised police.

Which brings us to the right of “free speech”.

Peter O’Brien writes at Quadrant: “Free speech is now a very amorphous object. Like ‘racism’ it can now mean whatever you want it to mean. 

“But, essentially it means that, except in extreme circumstances, one cannot suffer adverse personal consequences for expressing one’s genuinely held beliefs.


“Generally, this would mean you cannot be prosecuted for expressing an opinion that the government does not like.

“But free speech does have consequences. It can cost you friends or family members. It can cost your business, if potential customers choose to stay away. It can limit your opportunities for employment. You cannot be protected against these consequences.

“It also has another price, as we are discovering. It is now commonly accepted that the right to protest is an extension of free speech. But protests come with a financial cost.

“NSW Premier Chris Minns has revealed that policing a major protest can cost up to a million dollars. What is the current bill for the many pro-Palestinian protests that have already occurred?

“And how much more will we rack up before State governments say, ‘enough is enough’?

I have previously written about the scamming of taxpayers. Now we can add the cost of “policing” the Palestinian peaceniks to the already-long list of government scams.

We are paying for these warrior-impostors to take up almost permanent residence on our once peaceful streets, and on private property.

Perhaps, as citizens who are endlessly reminded of the foundational status of free speech in a liberal democracy, we need to pause for a moment, step back, and have a second look at just how free speech is panning out for the innocent people who are getting caught up in all the melees.


It is beyond ironic that just as hate speech laws that will crush all sorts of (online) free speech in this country are hurtling through parliament, our State police forces seem to have decided that real hate speech perpetrated by evil and vile people is given a pass and a “move on”.

Jason Thomas of Frontier Assessments is right. “The terrorism unleashed by Hamas in collaboration with Iran, on October 7, 2023, is one of these revolutionary moments. Its aim is to advance the insurgency as the West looks weak.

“Its means is to use Western enablers to mainstream their cause. Terrorism is the tactic used by the insurgent to push forth their strategy. The strategy is co-opting as many nodes of power and influence as possible within our civil society, using our principles against us.

“The success of this strategy is now evident as the October 7 attack was as much a psychological operation as it was a physical act of terrorism. And it worked.

“The sight of Western women celebrating or offering excuses for a movement that rapes, mutilates and kills women is an example.

While Israel is using rockets to defend civilians and Hamas is using civilians to defend its rockets, many university lecturers, media commentators and democratically elected politicians have become willing participants to the insurgency.

“The very people we looked to for guidance, turned the terrorists into the victims and the victims into the terrorists.”

After years of inaction, the Islamists have decided to go big. I maintain – it isn’t rocket surgery – that 7/10 was a deliberate and strategic play to ignite a new war-by-terror.

A local, regional and global intifada. “Shake off” the Jews, and then take on the rest of the infidel. That would be us.

And the streets (and hotels) of our cities are, clearly, a front in this war. We watch, and we twiddle our thumbs. We say, gosh, that was nasty.

The sons and daughters of Osama Bin Laden are winning the soft terror war 2.0, despite all our in-vain efforts to wipe them out in Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other seed-beds of Islamism.

Terrorism 2.0 involves insurgency – but also propaganda, marketing, public relations, psychology, manipulation of history, the use of words to change meaning and all sorts of dark arts.

And now there is social media to help things along.

We have seen all this before.

It is as if the Islamist terrorists have all taken courses in the history of the cold war. Perhaps they have all read Martin Sixsmith’s 2022 book The War of Nerves: Inside the Cold War Mind, about the war of ideas and infiltration that took place alongside the build-up of missiles and bomb shelters. And all seen The Manchurian Candidate.

The “soft” Cold War was core to the efforts of the Soviet Union to win the battle of ideas, and involved Western useful idiots like the Australian historian, Manning Clark.

And Clark wasn’t alone. There was a whole generation of Leftist academics and journalists who defended the Soviet Union even once we all knew what they were doing to their people.


Now, pro-Islamist forces infiltrating the academy, the political Parties, the bureaucracy, the media and other Western institutions is routine practice.

It is already a job done, carried out over a generation. With the same clever tactics as the communists used.

The latter infiltrated the Vatican, after all. And MI6. As well as any new infiltration, there was already a whole generation of Marxist academics in place.

They haven’t needed much encouragement to slide seamlessly into a new, pro-Palestinian project.

Many have been embedded into the pro-Aboriginal Voice movement, for example, with their obsessions over real and assumed colonialism.

When the Hamas-sympathising mob can take up (temporary) residence in the foyers of hotels in our major cities and thrust dolls covered in blood in the faces of those they oppose, it is beyond time to strategise a vigorous response.

And to come up with something that involves more than taxpayer funded soft policing.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Soft Australian policing. (courtesy The Times of India)

9 thoughts on “Cops ‘tenderly stroke’ pro-Hamas mob

  1. Kid Glove Treatment for the Muslems – but three years ago the police were body slamming Australians To The Ground for not wearing a MASK ??? Who owns WHO ?

    1. Worse in Victoria, remember the rubber bullets fired into crowds of people.

      Australians need a Royal Commission into the pandemic period including the State Governments and no restrictions on areas to be investigated.

  2. There’s not the slightest doubt. The police, the judiciary and the politicians are frightened silly by the prospect of a Muslim insurgency. Look at the criminal history of the recently released detainees. The amount of money spent on internal security and the institutionalisation of specific measures, eg. at airports, is a huge drag on the economy. A lot of the measures are changing the way we live. For example, the campaign to eliminate cash means the banking sector becomes a tracking device for all economic activity. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to the elites that if AUD cash is not available, other currencies will fill the vacuum. The debate on immigration is just getting started here. What’s being written in the mainstream press in Europe after the pro-Palestinian marches is starting to push the boundaries. What once might have been hate-speech is becoming conventional wisdom. The term ‘Mass-migration’ needs no explanation.

    1. See the book published late 1990s – Confessions Of A Failed Finance Minister written by former Labor Cabinet Minister Peter Walsh. Read about the Keating Labor Government using Immigration to recruit new Labor Party Branches members, the media referred to as “ethnic branch stacking”.

      Look at the Egyptian not then an Australian citizen Taj El-Din Hilaly who headed the Lakemba Mosque in Sydney who was subject to deportation order by ASIO and Immigration, overturned by Prime Minister Keating.

      And the group of his Cabinet Ministers who asked him to stop using Immigration recruitment, pointing out the potential for future social problems from certain ethnic groups. His reply was that he understood their concerns but for the future of the Labor Party the new recruits were needed.

      And now consider the present Labor Government’s obvious reluctance to upset their supporters.

      I heard comments recently on current affairs television that the multicultural mix has been badly managed and today, as compared to post-war WW2 immigration, there are too many groups who can’t assimilate, who even consider themselves as belonging to foreign countries, even when born here in Australia. Dual passport and nationality is for their own security and securing access to this safe haven when needed. Many continue to live and/or do business overseas.

      The balance must be restored and the problems are not confined to Australia, everywhere in the world when the balance is ignored there is trouble.

  3. Every poll taken since 7/10 shows the vast majority of pallis support what hamas did, support hamas and want Israel destroyed. They also hate the West. Yet our leaders (sic) bring more of these people (sic) brought in to Australia. The West and Australia is destroying itself.

    1. I cannot accept the Albanese Labor Government decision to bring 860 women from Palestine to Australia, claimed to be a temporary arrangement. But Temporary Protection Visa was what Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Labor issued to the 50,000 plus illegal immigrant asylum seekers they let into Australia 2007-2013 ignoring the Howard Colaition Pacific Solution offshore detention and processing deterrents against people smugglers and clients. Albanese Labor after May 2022 granted permanent residence.

      How many of the “Palestinians” are Hamas Terrorist Organisation supporters? How many are wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers? And is the long term plan to gain citizenship and family reunion?

      Also, how could background checking have been carried out with the war underway and Hamas Terrorist Organisation the Government of Palestine?


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