Feeble, incoherent & unelectable

by DAVID FLINT – ACCORDING to a CNN poll on the US presidential debate, two-thirds of Americans believe Trump won. 

As no rational person could have thought Biden won, were the other one-third drugged, demented or just deceitful? 

While Biden is clearly unelectable, Trump is seen as strong and capable, reminding voters of how successful America was under him and how bad things have been under Biden.

Media outlets that function as little more than Democrat propaganda arms pretended to be surprised that, notwithstanding eight day’s preparation with a platoon of advisers, Biden emerged as feeble, incoherent and unelectable.

After all, they mused, hadn’t a tutored and possibly medicated Biden been lavishly praised for reading, from an autocue, the State of the Union address?


They tried to distract their audiences from the disaster by claiming Trump “brazenly lied” in the debate without, of course, offering a scintilla of evidence to support their charge.

Copycat news broadcasters, the ABC and at least one commercial network here in Australia, as well as various newspapers, obediently parroted the line that Trump “brazenly lied”.

In the 2020 US election, the same American media had notoriously gone along with the proven lie that the Hunter Biden laptop constituted “Russian disinformation”, with polling suggesting this significantly affected the result.

The laptop confirms the Biden family long received vast sums from alien and often hostile sources, including communist Chinese, in return for access and influence into the highest levels of the US administration.

Much of this was known before the 2020 election, particularly from the Government Accountability Institute’s Peter Schweizer.

Little wonder that Osama bin Laden instructed Al Qaeda not to try to kill Joe Biden, no doubt assuming that as president he would be an asset for America’s enemies.

Biden demonstrated how right this was in his disgraceful retreat from Afghanistan. He not only abandoned a vast treasure trove of the latest US weaponry and many supporters but also lost the lives of American soldiers.

Outraged, the former UK Afghanistan Commander, Colonel Richard Kemp, demanded Biden’s court-martial.

As to the debate, The Australian newspaper could not report it without tarnishing this with their obsessive anti-Trump campaign.

While the strategy was to try to drag Trump down to Biden’s level, they overshot this with an extraordinary prejudice about age.

Declaring that neither candidate could guarantee fitness and coherence four years hence, they tried to evade the fundamental issue, Biden’s –and only Biden’s – present fitness and coherence.


In their unseemly rush to destroy Trump, they insulted the memory of not only Mandela, Reagan, Adenauer, Queen Elizabeth II, John Paul II, Churchill and De Gaulle but also those living, including their very own Chairman Emeritus Rupert Murdoch, as well as a significant number of those who use their own money to buy their newspaper – loyal, long-term readers so generous they will forgive such lapses.

Instead of knee-jerk anti-Trumpism, the elites should recall that under Trump, the enemies of democracy were afraid to provoke the US and that under him, America and the West returned to their former greatness.

Predicted to be “uninspiring” by The Australian and, no doubt, other short-sighted Western media, the debate is already a major turning point in the election.

Reluctantly admitting Trump was “articulate and on message”, the newspaper claimed, along with other media, that he “stumbled badly” on the subject of the January 6 riot.

He did not.

Pointing out that Nancy Pelosi and the Washington, DC mayor had refused his early offer of 10,000 troops to maintain order and that Pelosi now admitted she was responsible for what had happened, Trump recalled that he had told the minority who chose to march to the Capitol to do so “peacefully and patriotically” and that the police had curiously invited many marchers into the Capitol.

No one should be surprised by what happened in the debate.

Nine months ago, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas was ridiculed in the media for predicting that Biden would be exposed as unelectable.

Cruz also predicts that Barack Obama, the real power behind the throne, hopes to replace Biden with Michelle Obama.

Anyone doubting Obama’s role as puppet master should note how his treacherous trademark policy for a nuclear understanding with and funding for Iran is now being meticulously applied.

Cruz does not support the common media view that if Biden is replaced, it will be by Gavin Newsom, widely seen as wrecking California.

He says the Democratic Party would implode if a white man pushed aside a black woman, even the unelectable Kamala Harris.

Only a black woman could do that.

A point most media ignore is that rather than wanting the debate, as some in the media suggest, Donald Trump concluded this was the last thing the Biden campaign hoped for.


As he told Washington journalist Byron White, Trump realised the terms were deliberately designed to be rejected so that Trump could be blamed for the absence of a debate.

First, the Biden camp insisted on using media that campaigned heavily against Trump, CNN and, in September, the US ABC.

Second, the moderators were those whom Trump knew hated him, Dana Bash and Jake Tapper.

Third, there would be no studio audience, and fourth, the microphones would be muted to stop interjections and limit answers.

When Trump immediately accepted these terms without challenging them, Republicans were surprised, but Biden’s camp was seriously disappointed.

As with the politicisation of the judicial process against Trump, the Democrats were too clever by half in planning to blame Trump for there being no debates.

The result is that while Biden is clearly unelectable, Trump is seen as strong and capable, reminding voters of how successful America was under him and how bad things have been under Biden.

Trump is now the preferred candidate.

His significant accomplishments from his first term will undoubtedly be surpassed in the second term, as he utilises his knowledge to liberate the US economy from the restrictive influences of the discredited climate catastrophism ideology.

President Trump will provide strong, democratic leadership in line with our traditions and values, filling a long-standing gap in the United States and the free world.PC

David Flint

Five disastrous moments

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Joe Biden. (courtesy Sky News)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Spectator Australia on July 6, 2024. Re-used with permission.

7 thoughts on “Feeble, incoherent & unelectable

  1. It’s never been about biden, a disgusting, corrupt, perverted traitor, but the people behind him. He is just a puppet for the swamp/vested interests.

    Anyway, it’s a great day: Trump is recovering and will be POTUS; JD is a great VP pick and Trump still has many people to fill other important positions. I hope he find’s roles for Tulsi and Vivek.

    Judge Cannon has dismissed the corrupt Jack Smith and the other bogus charges against Trump are in flames:
    1 Engoron has committed a crime by seeking outside guidance during the trial
    2 Merchan has been trounced by the SCOTUS immunity judgment
    3 Fanny will be disbarred

    Trump is a courageous, strong man who is utterly committed to Western values. People who oppose him, are grifters, commies or idiots.

  2. Obama is a mere figurehead, plucked from obscurity by the Demonrats. He’s a puppet, not a puppeteer. Look elsewhere for who is in charge. Start with Dr Jill.
    However I suspect even she is being closely monitored and will be reined in when necessary.

  3. Australia’s head of state is also feeble, incoherent & unelectable.
    So let’s remove King Charles Windsor.

  4. Australia’s head of state is medically unfit, has never been to Australia as head of state, has never been in a debate, and is not accountable to Australia in any way.
    You disgusting monarchist grovellers think that’s ok?

    1. The Australian Constitution does not contain the words “Head of State”, nor was the term discussed during the constitutional debates which resulted in the drafting of the Constitution and its subsequent approval by the Australian people. In the absence of a specific provision in the Constitution, we need to see who actually performs the duties of Head of State in order to determine who is the Head of State.

      As discussed in this paper, these duties are performed by the Governor-General, and the Sovereign’s only constitutional duty is to approve the Prime Minister’s recommendation of the person to be appointed Governor-General, or, if the need should ever arise, to approve the Prime Minister’s recommendation to terminate the appointment of a Governor-General.

      Although the Governor-General is the King’s representative for the purposes of exercising the prerogatives of the Crown in Australia, when he exercises his constitutional duties as head of the executive Government of Australia he does so in his own right and not as a delegate of the King.

      1. The GG is the monarch’s representative.
        Subject the monarch’s pleasure, the GG acts in the name of and on behalf of the monarch.
        If you think THAT is a head of state you are a fool.

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