Former defence minister calls for Beijing boycott

FORMER Australian defence minister Kevin Andrews has made the case for a “diplomatic” boycott of Beijing’s Winter Olympics. 

A diplomatic boycott would see Australia refuse to send government representatives and embassy officials to the Beijing games – while athletes and coaches would be free to attend. 

Increasingly, the world is standing up to China’s aggressive, intimidatory behaviour…
Kevin Andrews
Federal MP

The event, which kicks off in February 2022, is being held at a time when the Chinese Communist Party is engaged in aggressive territorial, maritime and trade disputes with as many as 20 regional nations, including Australia.

The UK voted in July to impose a diplomatic boycott against the regime’s holding of the games.


“Currently the PRC is engaged in disputes with 17 surrounding nations,” Mr Andrews wrote in the The Spectator Australia magazine this week.

“The maritime disputes involve Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Brunei and even North Korea,” the federal MP said.

It has land disputes with another seven nations: India, Nepal, Bhutan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar and Tibet.”

China has also triggered a harsh trade war with Australia over comments on the origination of the Wuhan virus.

“President Xi’s assertion to US President Joe Biden that China has never taken one inch of land is preposterous,” Mr Andrews said.

“While these events are occurring, one of China’s most well-known sports stars, Peng Shuai, has disappeared after accusing a senior member of the Chinese Communist Party, Zhang Gaoli, of sexual assault.


“Not only did Peng disappear, her accusation on her social media Weibo account was removed quickly.”

Mr Andrews served as Australia’s defence minister under former PM Tony Abbott. He departed the post in September 2015.

“Increasingly, the world is standing up to China’s aggressive, intimidatory behaviour,” he said.

“Responding to the latest threats, Federal Defence Minister Peter Dutton said ‘we are not going to be bullied’.”

Mr Andrews said such behaviour “will strengthen consideration in the US, the UK, Australia and elsewhere” for a diplomatic boycott.PC

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