How Trump will win

WITH recounts ordered in six States, President Donald Trump’s legal team is taking a two-pronged approach to re-winning the White House. 

Firstly, his lawyers have asked the courts to invalidate ballots that allegedly arrived in their hundreds of thousands after polls had closed. 

Secondly, they are seeking to prove that suspect voting machine software switched hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of votes from Trump to Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s election night tally.


While the ongoing hand recounts have bought the Trump campaign some time, they are not enough in themselves to flip the result.

This is because many recounts, particularly those in Georgia, are simply hand recounting the same ballots, regardless of their validity. Trump requires a full ballot audit if there’s to be a meaningful re-count.

To this end, his legal team is awaiting a Supreme Court decision on the validity of hundreds of thousands of ballots allegedly received after Pennsylvania’s polls closed.

While judgement is still pending, it’s notable that the court has already ordered all “late” votes be segregated for now and not included in the official count.

The Trump team claims the Democratic Party orchestrated an industrial scale vote harvesting scheme that saw hundreds of thousands of questionable ballots included in Biden’s tally.

They believe that, despite this scheme, the Democrats had underestimated the magnitude of Trump’s red wave and were forced to scramble for more Biden votes after counting was already underway. Hence, the late arriving ballots and the resulting “trail of evidence”.


Issues surrounding suspicious computer tallies appears to be a back-up plan – in case the courts fail to invalidate late arriving ballots.

Heading Trump’s legal team questioning the legitimacy of computer tallies is high profile US lawyer Sidney Powell.

She told Fox Business this week that “millions” of Trump votes appeared to have been switched to Joe Biden by the suspect Dominion Smartmatic election software.

“If I couldn’t prove it, I wouldn’t say it,” Ms Powell told Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs.

Individual cases of software vote switching have already been publicly admitted – particularly in Michigan, where 6000 Trump votes were given to Biden.

Ms Powell said the software was initially commissioned for Venezuelan elections by that country’s then United Socialist Party leader Hugo Chavez.

“We have evidence from a high-ranking military officer who was present when that software was designed,” Ms Powell said.


“His affidavit reads that the software was designed in a way that could change the vote of each voter without being detected.”

Ms Powell said it was extraordinary that the chairman of Smartmatic Peter Neffenger was also on Joe Biden’s presidential transition team.

The Dominion Smartmatic system is used by up to 30 US States, however, was recently rejected by Texas due to security concerns.

Even with his two-pronged approach, President Trump has a high bar to clear before having the November 3 vote counts reversed or corrected.

One consolation for his 70m+ supporters is that there are few politicians who know how to fight as hard as the former businessman.PC

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  1. I’d like to see Trump take a second term. He’s unconventional but effective. And it’s a joy to see the incompetence of life-long politicians so blatantly exposed by him.

    Just remember that most politicians are lazy, self-serving and inward looking.

    Once these traits are factored into the battle, out-manoeuvring them isn’t rocket surgery.

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