Inept one day, deranged the next

AFTER the sad demise of the previous NSW premier, I thought, well, one eastern State’s unspellable spinster-premier is gone, one to go. 

The then State of Origin contest over who could be the more ghastly premier came to an end after ICAC’s timely intervention in NSW – but the vile COVID State continues on apace, north of the Tweed. 

Were it not for daily press conferences and assorted, media-fuelled propaganda, literally no Queenslander would know COVID even existed.

Even after they had also moved on the ubiquitous Chief Health Officer, who is now the Governor of Queensland.

Bella D’Abrera of the Institute of Public Affairs states: “Australians are currently being subjected to hitherto unprecedented control over, and incursions into, our lives by the State.”


We have been subjected to a seemingly inexhaustible and constantly changing supply of confusing, dehumanising and arbitrary edicts which are daily issued by a cabal of unelected health bureaucrats and their politician handlers.

Our police forces have successfully cowed the citizenry into unquestioning obedience.

Even more remarkable has been the willingness of many to become accessories to this political overreach by “ratting out” our friends, families and neighbours.

Across the States, those in charge of crushing our freedoms have been differently immoral.

Daniel Andrews has clearly set out to become the Anton Chigurh of Australian politics. There is nothing he will not do to ensure his State is no country for old men.

Not for him the banality of evil, to borrow from Hannah Arendt.

Then we have the out-of-control hired gun in the west. Using the Jacinda Ardern approach – just keep ’em out! – the premier of Western Australia shuts the borders when someone even whispers the word “COVID”.

NSW was seen as the liberal COVID approach but this lighter touch came to a shuddering halt, then went into serious reverse, when the going got tough.

The previous NSW premier pivoted in a way no one could possibly have anticipated.

City-wide lockdowns, regional lockdowns absent cases, curfews, the Army, helicopters, vaccine apartheid in western Sydney. The works.

The new premier had said the right words (on September 24, to be precise) when he wasn’t in charge: “Once every single person in this State has had the opportunity to be vaccinated then we should open up for everyone.

“I want to see more unity and not a two-tiered society. It’s not the government’s role to provide freedom.”

Sounded good. But, inevitably following Barnaby’s Law, The Dom quickly back-peddled and started breaking promises to the unvaccinated as soon as he got his feet under the desk.

What of the Sunshine State?

Up until now, perhaps Queensland has felt a little left out. Well, not any more. Here is the latest from the Sunshine-for-only-the-vaccinated State: “The premier of Queensland has announced that fully vaccinated Queenslanders will be ‘rewarded’ by December 17 2021, by being allowed to live their lives again, but they will only be able to do this by not mixing with the unvaccinated, because Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is banning them from all social, hospitality and care settings indefinitely.”


I’m not sure what she means here. Queenslanders, apart from a couple of unnecessary lockdowns, largely confined to the south-east of the State, and some general pushing of the Premier’s weight around, have been remarkably free of COVID BS and have been living their lives fine in most parts of the State.

Certainly, the unvaccinated have been able to live their lives free from government diktat. Not any more.

(Yes, the border closures have been insane, just as they are in WA and New Zealand. And there is a nasty, spiteful edge to the Qld premier’s COVID management.

Just try and get into the State to visit a dying relative. And Anna Stasi’s commissioning of a purpose-built quarantine facility west of Brisbane has spooked many of the unvaccinated (and possibly other people too), who plausibly ponder what else the governments of Australia, so apparently sanguine about the abusive discrimination all around them, have in mind for the othered).

The latest developments in Qld are seriously strange.

There is simply no crisis there.

Unlike in NSW, the Government was able to use the “crisis” in Western Sydney and the consequent lockdown to lever people into getting vaccinated.

Have the shot, get your freedoms back. Up north, there is no similar point of leverage.

Most Queenslanders are simply not worried about COVID because there is none.

Apart from the few, massively hyped cases reported, life is ultra-normal. Why the premier’s new move has occurred now, and what it is set to involve, are by no means apparent, and require some explanation.


To date, none has been forthcoming from the government, save for the usual empty cliches about “COVID safe”. Blah, blah, blah.

Even by dimwitted COVID State definitions of logic, this is nuts. Unvaccinated people can freely move around before so-called vaccine-created herd immunity, when things are deemed unsafe, but when the State is nudged (read bullied) up to 80 per cent vaccination, that is, when things are supposedly safe, unvaccinated people are suddenly not allowed to move around freely.

As Senator Pauline Hanson might say – please explain, Annastacia.

The following is per the Qld government website: “This means that from mid-December unvaccinated people will be unable to:

  • Visit vulnerable settings, including hospitals, residential aged care, disability care accommodation and prisons.
  • Attend hospitality venues such as hotels, pubs, clubs, taverns, bars, restaurants or cafes.
  • Attend indoor entertainment venues such as nightclubs, live music venues, karaoke bars, concerts, theatres or cinemas.
  • Attend outdoor entertainment activities such as sporting stadiums or theme parks.
  • Attend festivals – either indoor or outdoor – such as musical festivals, folk festivals or arts festivals.
  • Attend Qld government owned galleries, museums or libraries.

But wait, there is more.

With COVID mismanagement, there is always more. Try crossing the border into Qld fully vaccinated.

They will not let you in, unless you have also had a timely, negative test for COVID.

They themselves do not believe that vaccinations are enough to stop the spread of COVID. Why, then, bother with the vaccination rollout?

Certainly, it is rubbish if you wish to “follow the science”. (Out in the real world, beyond the corridors of politicised bureaucratic power, I suspect that very, very few people actually think the vaccines work.)

One anecdote will suffice. A vaccinated friend recently planned a holiday in a caravan park on the NSW north coast with some other vaccinated friends.


The location of the caravan park has recently had some COVID cases. The caravan park would not take their bookings. “But we are all vaccinated”, they said. It made no difference. The park was closed.

Qld is a State where the following has occurred, or, rather, has not occurred.

In the 24 hours prior to November 9, 2021, the State of Queensland conducted a total of 8121 COVID-19 tests. Of these there were zero local cases and just one case defined as “other”.

What an emergency they are having up there. There isn’t even a flawed PCR test-driven case-demic going on.

In a State which is forever summer and a State that is massively decentralised (by Australian standards).

Yet people in (say Ingham, in the far north of the State) cannot get a job if they are unvaccinated. No, it is not, it cannot possibly be, about “health”.

Between March 1, 2020, and November 9, 2021, a period of one year and eight months, the State of Qld has conducted 4.7m COVID-19 tests.

Of these just 0.04 per cent have resulted in a positive test, with 529 local cases confirmed, and 1,570 “other” cases confirmed over twenty months.

That equates to just 105 positive test results for COVID-19 every single month since the beginning of the alleged pandemic, but remove the 1570 “other” cases and you find that Qld has actually only recorded an average of 26 cases every month since the start of the pandemic.

For context, more than 5.1m people reside in Qld.

Seven deaths since March 2020. Seven!

Following a few deaths, only one person in Qld has died from (with?) COVID since May 2020.

This solitary COVID death occurred in April this year. For context, 31,367 people died in Qld in 2020.

In total, Qld has had just over 2000 reported cases of COVID since the initial outbreak in March 2020.

Again, for context, the UK, largely (so far) without vaccine passports, still has around 30,000 cases a day.

What have been the impacts of the border closures and occasional lockdowns?


A State whose political class cares as little about its tourism industry, clearly, as it does about the rights and freedoms of its citizens. Or retail, for that matter, or agriculture, or hospitality, as towns and farms all the way up and down its massive coastline suffer from the collapse of backpacker-led tourism.

I suppose, like other States in this fine nation, they will simply bring in hundreds of thousands of vaccinated migrants to fill the ever-expanding jobless pool.

But hang on, all of the vaccinated migrants will also need a negative COVID test in order to get into the place. We won’t leave that to vaccine chance.

The senior Palaszczuk, Heinrich by birth, Henry by adoption, having escaped post-war Germany, was a former Qld (Beattie) government minister and now runs a gene data company. The Gene Technology Alliance Foundation.

Here is what The GTAF says of itself: “Look into the future, the massive storage of genetic data and its wide application in the field of wellness are extremely important.

“In particular, the combination of genomics and emerging IT technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and block-chain can create huge power.”

TOTT News notes: “In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, pharmaceutical research and technological advancement are merged as a sophisticated, all-encompassing giant, powering the system of control.

Today, we are witnessing an emerging and indefinite era of virus hysteria, which is allowing for existing medical innovations to subsequently be used as a tool of control.

The resemblance to the fictional system become more of a reality with each passing day, and many companies across the world are involved in bringing this vision to fruition.

At the centre of this push is a market worth trillions of dollars — Gene Data Storage & Sequencing.

The Palasczcuk family is likely to do quite well out of the pandemia and its progeny, the BioDigital State.

As the American physician Dr David Martin has said, if you wish to understand the progress of the corrupt COVID State, simply “follow the patents …”.

TOTT surmises: “This bombshell revelation adds further weight to the notion that PCR coronavirus tests are just a mass DNA harvesting in disguise.”

Perhaps we should just call all this “convergent opportunism”.

For your theory, go to the Nobel prize winning economist, the late James Buchanan, father (with Gordon Tullock) of public choice economics.

Politicians and bureaucrats suffer from self-interest too. The massive overlap of interest and the interconnectedness of actors involved in COVID world has been one of the revelatory developments of these past two years, right from the time of the conveniently prophetic, Bill Gates’ organised October 2019 simulation (scenario-planning-for-a-pandemic) event, Event 201.


And on it continued, through all of the handouts to companies profiting from COVID, to the government contracts, to the vaccine manufacturers, to the testing companies, to the media so invested in “long COVID”.

The London School of Economics scholar Paul Frijters calls this the “game of mates” economy.

And he was writing (his book of the same name) before anyone had heard of COVID.

Queensland does try to keep it all in the family. The academic husband of the now-governor, Professor Graeme Nimmo, has received financial benefits from Pfizer, the company running much of the Oz vaccine rollout and the same company once fined more than $2b for criminally fraudulent marketing of pharmaceutical products in the USA.

As per The Courier Mail, Nimmo received “travel perks and benefits” while “serving as an adviser” to Pfizer.

Nothing unusual, perhaps, in these days of medical fascism and the interconnected corporatist world, when you consider that Brett Sutton is the brother-in-law of Bill Gates’ Event 201 pandemic scenario planner, Jane Halton, and Commonwealth Government advisor Professor Tony Blakely receives research largesse and hence career enhancement (via the University of Washington, Seattle as well as at the University of Melbourne) from Bill Gates, the world’s biggest vaccine marketer.

It is not for nothing that the Qld premier is known widely as Anna Stasi.

She has single-handedly turned her State into a “papers please” society where, as the figures patently (pun intended) demonstrate, there is absolutely no crisis, and no medical emergency – other than that created by the Commonwealth’s ongoing and disgraceful neglect of aged care – for which her ill-considered and spiteful policies might otherwise be justified.


And yet, here she was, in October 2020, returned to power with a thumping majority, no doubt rewarded by lemming-like, low-information voters who have simply outsourced their critical thinking skills to the State, along with everything else they have willingly passed over to the gumment.

Perhaps if the Qld LNP opposition, which only managed to win 34 seats in a 93 seat parliament (alas, Qld has no upper house), and a little over one third of the primary vote, suddenly felt inclined to oppose the COVID State, the result might have been different. Or not.

One Nation, the one almost-mainstream Party to have opposed the COVID State’s trampling of our human rights, suffered a swing against it of over six per cent.

It is an irony of Qld politics that some of the strongest voices defending our freedom – like Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts and George Christensen – are from the northern State, while at the same time, the citizenry as a whole seems quite willing to reward COVID totalitarians in the name of a virus so invisible to residents of that State that, were it not for daily press conferences and assorted, media-fuelled propaganda, literally no one would know it even existed.

We shall have to see whether the latest, truly bizarre, policies stir the once famed ruggedly independent Queenslanders about which we hear so much.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Annastacia Palaszczuk. (courtesy The West Australian)
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7 thoughts on “Inept one day, deranged the next

  1. Pluckaduck has scrambled her eggs! She’s bloody barking mad ! The corruption and conflicts of interest everywhere especially in the vaccination policy are criminal ! These tyrants dictators medical terrorists must be stopped and charged with crimes against innocent populations! Speaking of Queensland premier pluckaduck being barking mad you should have seen her Christmas message on Facebook! She and all the rest of the political and medical tyrants dictators and terrorists need ver tight fitting jackets in rubber roomed jails! Thank you so much for being One of the increasing number of alternative news sites giving truth to the people and not the lying deeply corrupted and conflicted mainstream media empires! Thank you politicom !

  2. Thanks Paul. Readers may also quickly get to the bottom line at The damning truth of what is going on in Australia (November 21).

    In 20 minutes this video answers the question “Cui bono?” objectively based on tabulated facts.

    It’s the Who’s Who of those who’ve condemned us to life under a permanent state of emergency.

    If you think we can vote our way out of this, please read the 19 November post by Editor, cairnsnews, “Voter ID bill before federal parliament”, which references the highly questionable Scytl electronic voting programs now used in Australia, particularly in Queensland … “which were uses covertly to great effect in many states to oust President Donald Trump”.

  3. I’ve watched Ms Palachook’s progress from not bad leadership to being Dan Andrews in a skirt. Or worse really, when you factor in the comparative lack of cases in Qld since this so called pandemic began.

    Is this a case of State Premiers being drunk on the power afforded them by a PM who sits back and does nothing, or is it there is another agenda behind their totalitarian, dictatorial behaviour?

    I am educated about other goings on behind the scenes, and presume this behaviour is a result of pressure from those dark hatted folk who are really pulling the strings. That, and an overdose of power.

    God help Queensland, God help Australia!

  4. Thanks Paul for advising us of what is going on behind the scenes and for the ‘Follow the Patents’ video by Dr David Martin.
    Just this morning someone forwarded this ‘A whistle-blower at Qld Health has revealed they have been forewarned to prepare for the coming ‘new’ plandemic for Qld at the end of Nov/Dec with a major lockdown event. They have already fully booked out the Gold Coast Novotel resort till February 2022 with Army personnel, that’s battalion strength (1000+), many other resorts are booked out with Army personnel for 3 months as well.’ Anyone would think China was going to attack us.

    1. I read of this also, just last week. It’s a real worry! Your leader seems bent on segregation at all costs. Ours (NSW) keeps doing about faces and can’t seem to stick to anything he says.

      I truly hope, for the sake of your state, that a resolution comes before she can put her devious plan into action. Not to mention those of other premiers.

  5. Inept & deranged? Try just plain, God-forsaken evil. The chook wants her cut and she’ll destroy endless lives to make sure she gets it.

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