Green Kean’s lavish ‘wealth transfer’ to China

THE NSW Government has declared it will spend $750m on its Net Zero Plan as part of an $11.6b investment over the next decade. 

Announcing the plan this week, NSW Minister for Energy & Environment Matt Kean said the program was part of the government’s overall plan, along with his new Net Zero Industry and Innovation Program, to reduce emissions by 35 per cent by 2030 and achieve net-zero by 2050. 

It’s a forced mandate to import more solar panels and, of course, more than 90 per cent come from China…
Craig Kelly
Federal MP

“This program will improve our environment, our economy and the lives of families in NSW,” Mr Kean said.

“As technology advances and industry experience grows, the cost of low emissions technologies will fall,” he added.

The plan also promises to support the state economic growth promising to create over 2400 jobs and save households $40 a year on electricity bills.


However, Federal MP Craig Kelly expressed concern over the plan.

Mr Kelly is concerned the program would support Chinese-backed companies selling solar panels, wind-turbine components and batteries placing Australia at a direct economic disadvantage with China.

“It’s a forced mandate that forces us to buy more solar panels, and of course, more than 90 per cent of imported solar panels come from China,” Mr Kelly told The Epoch Times.

“It forces us to rely upon large batteries which come from China, more wind turbine parts, all of which come from China.

“The net result will be a wealth transfer out of Australia to the Communist Party of China,” Mr Kelly added.

Additionally, Mr Kelly criticised the large $750 million expenditure, of which $195 million will go to research developing technology for sectors that are deemed hard-to-abate – essentially those that have no low-emission alternatives due to specific industrial processes (such as high-temperature heating) that rely on fossil fuels.

“What happens if it doesn’t work?” Mr Kelly said.

Kelly also scrutinised Kean and the plan for not being transparent with their models and analysis, as no data has been released to support their target figures, such as their goal to save households $40 a year.PC

Epoch Times Staff

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  NSW Energy & Environment Minister Matt Kean (courtesy YouTube)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Epoch Times on March 8, 2021. Re-used with permission.
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7 thoughts on “Green Kean’s lavish ‘wealth transfer’ to China

  1. Matt Kean ….. our very own water melon ……. green on the outside and red on the inside!

  2. Kean’s “Mine’s bigger than yours attitude’ – speaking of egos of course- is so typical of this Minister. We all know what is said about such ego’s though don’t we? We’ll await the outcome with interest! Cheers Melanie

  3. Now green looney Kean has appointed turncoat Turnbull Chair of the NSW Climate Advisory Board! What a nightmare!

    I really don’t recognise the NSW Liberal Party any more. Gladys has gone right off her rocker and is bolting down the path to the sure destruction of our economy.

    Turnbull can now advise Kean how grab power by stabbing Berejiklian in the back. It will be 100% green policies with Turnbull and his Son’s Company supplying all the renewables they import from China.

  4. Get rid of Kean Gladys as you are looking like a very weak leader! He will bring you down at the next election & we will look like WA. Craig Kelly will not be the last to lock the door on the way out!!

  5. Many of the NSW libs need to be investigated for corruption – where there is smoke there is fire. Green Kean seems to be a factional puppet to the Photios renewables kabal. These people need to be investigated around milking fees and kickbacks from various renewables interests whilst draining tax payer monies propping up energy that cant survive without Govt subsidies. NSW needs base load power security going forward. Renewables can’t deliver this with technology available to-date. Therefore the Green Kean strategy of choking off coal fired power plants with subsidies to otherwise uneconomic options is economic suicide. Gladys is supporting this green madness. Is she a factional puppet beholden to Photios; or is she just stupid?

  6. Matt Kean, puppet for Turnbull and Photios, does not have a clue on the damage he is causing the people of New South Wales. And anything that comes out of his mouth cannot be trusted. Bit like Bill Shorten and Albo, will say one thing to one audience and the complete opposite to another audience. Obviously Kean doesn’t realise that the general public are much smarter than he is! If Kean wants to generate a gram of credibility, he will release the modelling and costings for his outrageous plans. Doesn’t he realise that he is spending OUR money – not HIS ? His arrogance is breathtaking.

  7. And at the end of it all will Turnbull, Kean and their mates gleefully proclaim “We brought down Australia!! Yay!!”

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