Bragg rejects sex change safeguards for kids

RADICAL Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg has publicly rejected safeguards for children accessing irreversible sex change surgery. 

Responding to efforts by One Nation this week to protect children younger than 18 from undergoing genital-mutilation procedures, the NSW senator instead chose to side with Labor and The Greens. 

Supporting minorities is an important part of the liberal tradition … It’s important the trans community knows that it’s supported…
Andrew Bragg
Federal Liberal Senator

As a result, the One Nation motion was ultimately voted down 35 to 23 after other Left-wing Liberal senators, including Marise Payne, Simon Birmingham, Richard Colbeck and Jane Hume, sided with Senator Bragg and his green allies.

While Liberal senators had been allowed a conscience vote, Labor members were bound by their Party whip.

Senator Bragg described the One Nation motion as “rubbish” and hurtful.


“I think we want to protect and look after minorities,” he said after the vote. “We don’t want to bash up on minorities, that’s not the way.

“We want to give people the maximum number of choices when they’re dealing with complicated issues as many trans people are.

“It’s not appropriate for politicians to remove health options for people who are vulnerable.

“It’s important that that community knows that it’s supported.”

Despite the vast majority of Liberal senators voting to support the motion, Senator Bragg said he was happy it had been defeated.


“Supporting minorities is an important part of the liberal tradition,” he said.

The motion, which was moved by One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts, was a call to temper young children from rushing into irreversible surgery.

Senator Roberts called for a “wait-and-see” method for treating children with gender dysphoria and condemned giving children “experimental and unproven medical treatments of irreversible puberty blockers and sex hormone treatments, and irreversible transgender surgery”.

The motion was supported by 21 Coalition senators, including Attorney-General Michaelia Cash and NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds.

Mr Bragg, who has launched two books since entering parliament in 2019, is heavily influenced by the extremist NSW moderate faction.

His election was surrounded in controversy after his Left faction supporters conspired to have him placed ahead of sitting senator Jim Molan on the Liberal ticket. Senator Molan is a centre-right conservative and a friend of Tony Abbott.PC

Child sex-change safeguards rejected…

3 thoughts on “Bragg rejects sex change safeguards for kids

  1. Senator Bragg I am so disappointed that you are not protecting our children. I cannot believe you would allow children to have huge interventions to change sex before they are old enough to know who they are. Counselling, support but not irreversible change – this is not acceptable. What are you thinking? I have raised 4 children, worked as a psychologist & musician so I have some insights into behaviour. Our children are precious yet thrown into childcare with no awareness of how damaging this can be. Now on a whim or without proper consideration children can be assaulted with huge medical interventions far too easily. I am so sad & shocked with what is happening to our children. You are reinforcing the wrong behaviours and should think more about this.

  2. It’s natural that Bragg should be in favour of sex change operations – he is himself is more than a little effete, and, since he’s a moderate, his conscience is not troubled by such inconvenient things as truth or morality.

    This is what the “Liberal” party has become, and it’s pathetic beyond words.

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