Leftists & Libs clueless on Islamic terror

by DAVID FLINT – WHY are demonstrators out in the streets of the West’s great cities, including Australia’s, supporting the evil monsters who meticulously planned and executed the most barbaric, unbearably cruel and ruthless massacre of innocents the world has seen this century? 

Rather than being ashamed by their crimes, they recorded them and they boasted about what they had done, even to parents who should have disowned them. 

Federal Liberal deputy leader Sussan Ley not only claimed Islam is “a religion of peace”, she reinforced her assertion. “It absolutely is,” she insisted.

A shocked US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, no Israeli puppet, described the images of a young mother and father sitting down to dinner with their children, who were aged six and eight, when Hamas burst in: “The father’s eyes gouged out in front of his kids, the mother’s breast cut off, the girl’s foot amputated, the boy’s fingers cut off before they were all executed. And then their executioners sat down and had a meal.”

Western demonstrators either pretend ignorance of these horrors or more often, justify them by claiming the dispute has a long history and then chanting, mindlessly, the slogan, “from the river to the sea”.


Before discussing the genocidal imperative of that slogan, note how even seasoned politicians will accord a moral equivalence to religions.

On one ABC Q&A, Sussan Ley, now the federal Liberal deputy leader, not only claimed Islam is “a religion of peace”, she reinforced her assertion. “It absolutely is,” she insisted.

But then another panelist, one whom the ABC may well have regretted calling, internationally respected Canadian expert on comparative religion, Professor John Stackhouse, waited a while, before calmly stating the facts.

“Islam,” he said, “is not a religion of peace. They’ve tried to trademark that, but it’s just not true.”

That is consistent with what anyone with a minimal understanding of Islam knows.

Noting that while many of his Muslim friends have no interest in the violent prosecution of their faith, he stressed how important it is for all of us to understand that we just cannot make sense of world history, “if we suggest that Islam does not have within it the legitimation of violence”.

Now not only demonstrators, but even ministers, have concluded Israel has no right to fight Hamas if this results in civilian deaths and that a ceasefire is imperative.

They seem unaware of the elementary facts that the Allies in the second world war insisted on unconditional surrender and that no world power has ever been more meticulous than Israel in attempting to avoid civilian deaths, often to their own disadvantage.

As to the slogan chanted in demonstrations, “from the river to the sea”, the number of demonstrators who could explain which river and which sea is, most likely, minuscule.

Worse, this slogan, as used now by terrorists including Hamas, means no less than the annihilation or at least the removal of the Jews from the land they have occupied from well before the Roman conquest.

It was the Romans who named the land Palaestina long before the Muslim conquest in the seventh century which eventually led to its incorporation in the (Turkish) Ottoman Empire from 1517 to 1917.

Forced so often from their homeland, the Jewish diaspora has long been subject to anti-semitism, but with an acceleration and a greater awareness in the nineteenth century, there was an increasing interest in returning to the Jewish homeland.

And when the Ottomans sided with the Central Powers in the first world war, the British, with formidable Australian involvement, occupied Palestine.

They issued, with strong allied support, what became known as the Balfour Declaration stating that, “His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people … it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine…”.


The terms of the Declaration were incorporated into the League of Nations mandate to Britain who added their Transjordanian protectorate, modern Jordan.

All this, including the Jewish homeland, was approved by the victorious allied powers and subsequently confirmed in the UN Charter.

Jewish immigration increased, but as Palestine became economically vibrant, Arab immigration also increased. But with often violent opposition to Jewish immigration, and notwithstanding increasing anti-semitism in Europe, the British introduced restrictions on Jewish immigration.

After the second world war, Britain gave notice she would relinquish the mandate with the UN General Assembly proposing a two-State solution with Jerusalem an international city. While Jewish leaders agreed, the Arab leaders and the Arab States strongly rejected this.

Israel declared her independence. She was then attacked by the neighbouring Arab States, with Arab inhabitants advised by the Arab powers to leave pending Israel’s defeat by their superior forces.

But Israel was not defeated.

In the fighting, Egypt occupied Gaza and Jordan the West Bank ie Judea and Samaria.

The 400,000-odd Arabs who left made up the core of the resulting refugees. They and their descendants have not been assimilated into any Arab country. Worse, they have been indoctrinated into supporting jihadist violence and terrorism.

Meanwhile, the tiny nation of Israel fully absorbed about 500,000 of the 800,000 Jewish refugees expelled from Arab countries with their property confiscated.


The Arab States unwisely attacked again in the 1967 Six Day War and, as a result, Gaza as well as Judea and Samaria fell under Israeli control, something not changed by two more wars.

In 2005, the Israelis unilaterally withdrew from Gaza, while maintaining a sea and land blockade to check for weapons.

Calls for a two-State solution, which would involve creating a small Palestinian State, have proved to be a smokescreen and have surely run their course. Israel’s experience is that it would be run by terrorists.

And in any event, whenever the Jewish leaders have agreed to a two-State solution, their opponents have either backed away or imposed ridiculous conditions.

A real solution would require what is sadly lacking, a strong US president who could provide the rare standard of leadership Donald Trump so successfully did in producing the remarkable Abraham Accords and, in keeping all hostile powers in check while doing what few of his predecessors did, avoiding war.PC

David Flint

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Sussan Ley. (courtesy news.com.au)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Spectator Australia on December 16, 2023. Re-used with permission.

10 thoughts on “Leftists & Libs clueless on Islamic terror

  1. Recommended reading: ‘Enemy of the Disaster’, a collection of essays and other writings by the French author Renaud Camus. His central thesis is that Western societies remain shocked by the Third Reich and its genocidal activities. As a consequence, they are not equipped to manage the attack on liberal democratic values that is inherent in Muslim mass immigration. The writer is deeply concerned by the reverse colonisation of so many European cities by Muslim immigrants.

    It’s worth noting that in London, 60% of all babies are now born to non-British women and what the UK Census describes as ‘white British’ make up just 36% of London’s population. These sociological trends are mirrored in cities such as Amsterdam and Brussels. It must be obvious that this is not multi-culturalism but re-culturalism. It is completely naive and unrealistic to expect such a population mass emerging in such a relatively short time to integrate and adopt the values of the host nation. The migrants become the host nation.

    If the migrants are Muslim, and twelve Sydney constituencies now have Muslim populations of up to 30%, we can expect a rapid change in political orientation. The ALP will almost certainly lose control of these twelve constituencies and find itself replaced by local political leaders more aligned with the constituency demographic. We saw an early out-working of ALP policy confusion in the government refusal to send a warship to the Red Sea to defend against Iranian initiated drone attacks on Israel. More to come…

  2. The western leaders and even main churches have no reality who they dealing with in the mind of Islam. I am a committed Christian who has studied Islam. This is a mind of the dark ages that has had no enlightenment. These attacks are not going away. To allow immigrants that have no intent to integrate or assimilate. They have taken over large number of suburbs and I now believe that governments are frightened of upsetting them and they are also Labor seats in both S6dney and Melbourne. They now have the numbers. The media esp the ABC protects and promotes Islam while denigrating Christianity. Malcolm Fraser was advised against letting large numbers in from Lebanon which he ignored. These are the offspring that has been the base of major crime requiring a Middle Eastern Crime Squad.
    This Federal government is now making dangerous international decisions about where Australia stands based on the fear of these Labor Muslim seats.

  3. The first thing anyone who really wants to know about islam should read is this article by professor Clive Kessler, one of the world’s foremost experts on islam. In this article Kessler considers whether terrorists can be deradicalised and what % of the muslim population actually support terrorism:


    The second thing is this site which lists the terror attacks by islam:


    The reason our Western leaders lie and obfuscate and actually bring in muslims is because they believe islam is a victim. In the West once a group or thing is designated as a victim no criticism or realistic appraisal of it will occur. The left have their victims and islam is near the top. As long as this grotesque misrepresentation of islam continues the West will continue to lose.

    Islam does 2 things: conquer and convert. It is a virus. And it is not being treated. The Israeli/hamas war is not just about them: Israel is a proxy for the West and everything good in humans: hamas is a proxy for all of islam. If you don’t support Israel then you support islam.

  4. I ask the pro-Muslim boosters two questions (I never get the right answer…never):- 1) Have you actually read the Koran? 2) do you know what the word Islam means?….Read on…
    To understand the dogmatic, self-absorbed psychology of Islam, you have to read the Koran to experience the confected self-pity that leads to a crusading, belligerent mindset fostered by Islam. Islam was spread by Mohammed on the basis of “Convert or die”. Religion of peace?? Early Christianity developed more by example and compassion amongst a Roman military dictatorship in the Middle East. (It subsequently blotted its copybook in mediaeval times and in the Catholic Spanish and Portuguese takeover of South America). Any cursory reading of the Koran will show that it actively encourages followers to go out and kill (not persuade, or tolerate, or accommodate) the unbelievers. In Christianity, that judgement is up to God, if u wish to believe in such a vengeful entity..I prefer not to .
    What actually does Islam mean? Simple translation is: submission (ie., to the will of God). So, in human behavioural terms, this produces a supine mentality that Islamists can’t work or strive or take life in our own hands to create a better society, as God is up there somewhere directing the show. The Christian Reformation and subsequent Industrial Revolution proves that attitude is a pathway to misery. These pro-active sentiments (as in Jewish, Christian, Taoist and Buddhist religions) show that the downmarket attitudes of Islam (obeisance, indolence fatalism) conflict with societies and religions that look forward to prosperity, success and taking active steps to improve life here on Earth.

    1. David, I’m sorry, I started to read it but I couldn’t continue. The Koran, from my short attempt, is unreadable. Illogical, hateful and encourages conflict. No wisdom whatsoever. I used to live and work in Malaysia. My hotel rooms always had a Koran in the side drawer and a green arrow stuck to the ceiling – which, I later learned, pointed to Mecca. Yet, the prayer rooms in my office building were known as rape centres. From my experience, Muslim men are the most self-gratifying people I’ve ever come across. They are consumed by pleasure.

    2. Great summary. It should be tattooed on the pointy heads of EVERY Western leader.

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  6. The ignorance of the woke stupid people is worrying.

    Several Keating Labor Cabinet Ministers warned the Prime Minister that “ethnic branch stacking” via manipulation of Immigration would lead to social problems longer term and they have been proven to be right.

    See the book written by former Finance Minister Peter Walsh – Confessions Of A Failed Finance Minister first published late 1990s.

    In my opinion multiculturalism is a failure.

    I have not objection to multi-cultural society but we must all be Austrralians first and foremost, no dual citizenship and passports using Australia has a safe haven and many calling another country their real home.

    1. Imagine grovelling to another country’s monarch, and trying to claim we must all be Australian first and foremost.

      You are a shameful hypocrite.

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