‘No longer Australians’: These savages don’t belong here

by MONICA O’SHEA – PARTS of western Sydney will fly the Palestinian flag until an Israeli ceasefire is declared in Hamas-run Gaza. 

Labor Party controlled Canterbury-Bankstown moved a motion this week to reject an Israeli response to the blood-thirsty terror attacks it endured earlier this month. 

This is not the Australia we know. Muslims in the heart of Sydney have celebrated Hamas’s slaughter of women and infants. Despite Labor’s tears for inclusion, these savages don’t belong here.

Proposed by Councillor Karl Saleh, the council voted to fly Palestinian flags at its Campsie administration building and a local community park in Bankstown – an area with a high proportion of middle-eastern migrants.

In his motion Cr Saleh moved: “That Council raise the Palestinian flag in support of the Palestinian people at both Bankstown’s Paul Keating Park and Campsie Administration building until a cease-fire is declared in the current humanitarian disaster unfolding in Gaza.”


The council also voted to dedicate a space at a local park for the community to lay wreaths and flowers.

In addition, the motion provided support for the community to gather peacefully at council public parks to “demonstrate their views in support of the Palestinian people”.

Responding to the move, the Australian Jewish Association (AJA) said “this is not the Australia we knew”.

“This is an area of Sydney where Muslims celebrated in the streets following the Hamas slaughter of Jewish civilians on October 7,” an AJA spokesman said on X.

Meanwhile, Randwick Council in Sydney’s eastern suburbs has canned plans to fly the Palestinian flag on top of its Town Hall.

In an emergency general meeting last week, Councillor Daniel Rosenfeld from the Liberal Party moved a motion so that local authorities “do not fly the Palestinian flag on 29 November 29, 2023, as it was passed at the June meeting to do so”.

“I consider the business to be of great urgency given the current war in Israel and the escalating rallying within Australia by pro-Palestinian people,” Cr Rosenfeld said.

The latest drama at multiple Sydney councils follows pro-Palestine rallies held in front of the Opera House in early October.


A flag of Israel was stomped on in front of the iconic Opera House and protestors were heard yelling “gas the Jews”.

In response, NSW Police launched Operation Shelter to manage future protests amid the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Meanwhile, the Coalition is calling on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to visit Israel on his return trip from the United States.

Mr Albanese still has not spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, he has spoken to the Israeli Ambassador to Australia on multiple occasions.

When questioned on whether he was “picking sides” the prime minister said, “we pick a side against Hamas”.

“And we did that very clearly and unequivocally. Because the actions of Hamas are against the interests of both the Israeli population, clearly, but also against the interest of Palestinians.

“We support, as President Biden reaffirmed the United States, a two-State solution.” PC

Monica O’Shea

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Anti-Israel protests in Sydney. (courtesy Green Left Weekly)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Epoch Times on October 25, 2023. Re-used with permission.

30 thoughts on “‘No longer Australians’: These savages don’t belong here

  1. Hamas calls for elimination of all Jews. Netanyahoo calls for elimination of all Palestine people – he says there can’t be a 2 state situation, that it wouldn’t work. This is rubbish. Personally I think that Netanyahoo wants Palestine because it has huge deposits of oil and gas. BTW Israel had a big hand in setting up Hamas.

  2. I grew up in the 60’s in Earlwood. A middle-class suburb of Sydney. As I went to School, multicultural families started to move in. Shops were sold to them, signage changed and rather than assimilating they never changed. They started to control the Real Estate and Mum and Dad saw this quickly and we moved to the other side of Sydney. We felt like strangers in our own country where if you were a signwriter, it would matter if half the letters on a sign were upside down! Al Grassby had this weird notion we could all get along okay. I know full well if I were to settle in another country then it is incumbent to learn the language and fit it in, customs and all. This has not happened in Western Sydney with second and third-generation kids not thinking and acting like Aussies but from their parents’ country. I know there are some great immigrants but recent protests would suggest that conflict overseas is bubbling away in many areas of our great country. We need to do much more with immigration not to bring any more ethnic conflict into our country than we already have. If you come here play by our rules, not yours!

  3. Politicians over the last four decades have allowed undiscriminating immigration either for cynical or myopic reasons…the implication, to them, is that if they let in a cohort of (economic) immigrants without proper scrutiny, they and their descendants will forever be voters for that Party that let them in. Orrr,… a myopic Immigation Minister is duped by misplaced compassion to let people into this country who have clear stains on their character (eg, Benbrika, Man Monis and soo many others) well before they settle in Australia. As in so many other policy areas, Labor and Liberal have to toughen up on the rules and not buckle to short term advantage. Long-term, this will fester into the toxic aspects of multi-culturalism that we see on the streets today.

  4. Of course, Jesus was a Jewish man and our Jewish friends, both here and in Israel should be given every support possible.

    The Jewish people have always been such an intelligent —(with intelligence well above average) — and resourceful race. They have survived terrible persecution over the ages, brought on, I think, by jealousy of these attributes. Then, it’s glaringly obvious that the Jewish people have contributed greatly to the intellectual store of any Country in which they have settled.

    Israel is the rightful Jewish homeland and MUST be aided to protect itself from viscous barbarians at all cost.

  5. And I’m not advocating for another white Australia policy here. Just saying that the British and Christian influences have built a great foundation in Australia and people from Countries that have the same, or similar influences seem to become happier, fully assimilated citizens.
    For example: those from Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa or Countries of the Commonwealth seem to assimilate easily by the second generation!

  6. John Howard is a very wise man. A diverse, multi-cultured Society is not everything it’s cracked up to be! Migrants clinging to their homelands’ ways of life in suburban ghettos is not helpful or desirable.

    Australia now has a truly wonderful cultural identity formed by a root, or base structure from Great Britain and nurtured by Christian beliefs. Our first migrants from Europe have proved to be great citizens and usually , come the second generation, have become fully assimilated ‘Aussies’.

    To create a harmonious Nation and preserve our Australian spirit, we MUST ensure those joining us are people who will easily adopt our Australian Culture and whose children will become proud Australians in every way.

  7. We always start from the wrong premise, which is why this social experiment and, ultimtely, this country, is doomed to fail. That premise is: migrants come here wanting to become Australian. No, they don’t. In fact, they *never* have. People arrived looking for economic opportunity, and found a way of life worth assimilating into. They went along to get along and they eventually got along. Now, they arrive looking for economic opportunity, and find that they don’t need to do anything to get along. Eat what you’re used to, dress how you’re used to, practise your own faith, speak your own language.
    Wet “conservatives” – the kind who say “America is an idea” or “[ethnic, cultural aliens] are just as Aussie as you or I” – are the useful idiots for this movement. No, a foreigner who got his passport yesterday is NOT “just as Australian” as I am, nor will he ever be. He doesn’t know the history – and doesn’t care to. ANZAC Day bores him at best, repulses him at worst. He doesn’t eat Vegemite. He barely speaks English, only when forced. He didn’t grow up here, his parents and grandparents didn’t fight for the country. He wants to earn a living, he wants his kids educated, and he may even wish to live in peace, sure; but in what way does that make him Australian? He’s an economic opportunist – he couldn’t give a toss otherwise. If the country was populated entirely by people of Han Chinese descent, it wouldn’t mean a fig to him because, to him, Australia *is* just a destination on the airport departure-lounge board. Whether it’s populated by Aussies or not, he can take or leave. Unless you’re willing to confront that reality and speak about it bluntly, there’s no point talking about immigration at all.

  8. Quote from 1 November 2023

    “Convicted Islamic Terrorist ABDUL NACER BENBRIKA wins High Court Appeal to keep Aust citizenship.”

  9. If you came here from another country and you support Hamas you must be returned to where you came from and you’re banned from returning.

    If our police can use rubber bullets and pepper spray against Covid lockdown demonstrators then these Hamas supporters can be treated at least equally … and then deported.

  10. I warned everyone back in 1985 when I met my first Muslim (Ali) I said then we would have issues later with them and a Civil War . Thank You Paul Keating (ALP).

    1. My entire extended family used to live in the Bankstown area. Now, none do. These days, when I tell people I grew up there, they’re shocked. Shocked that any sane person would ever have voluntarily lived there, and I tell them: “Well, it wasn’t always, uh…. you know.” And they invariably say: “Yeah…I think I know what you mean…”

  11. You have to be careful what you believe about Hamas / Israel conflict. As has been said “The first casualty of war is truth.” There needs to be actual evidence of any atrocities and who committed it. Apparently there are those who benefit from war and their goal is to create propaganda to make each side look like evil heathens who need to wiped out. This gets each side revved up to fight to the death. Remember the Iraqi war and the Iraqis were thought to have taken babies out of incubators and left to die on the ground? Same with the Israel / Palestine conflict. Be careful what you believe.

    1. No offence but BS. In any and all dealings with islam it will always be the muslims who lie. Look up Taqiya. Islam prescribes lying to infidels to defeat them.

      Gullible people in the West, a lot of them women and gays who have NO rights in islam, actually believe hamas. Hamas lies about everything especially caring about their own people. They don’t care about their own people. Islam is an eschatological ideology: it is a death cult where dying for the cause is the ultimate good anyone can do. Islam has no purpose except to spread.

      A final irony. The useful idiots in the West supporting hamas/palestine ( in a recent survey 80% of the palestinians supported hamas) think this is just between hamas and Israel. It is not; every protest not only refers to the destruction of Israel but the West as well.

      Islam is a blight on humanity. Anyone who supports it is either a cult member or a moron.

      1. Absolutely correct. They have no respect for human life in any form and would cut their Granmothers
        throat to advance their cause; ie, to seek and destroy.

    2. I agree. I think we should all be shown the evidence the IDF has on file. Stop sanitising the news.

  12. How very sad that Australia is losing its identity. Unfortunately, many migrants have brought their ‘problems’ and misguided allegiances with them instead of integrating culturally with their adopted country. We should have stringent rules and regulation in determining who is allowed to come to this country.

    1. Back in time, and after WW2, migrants were called New Australians.

      Before politicians decided to create “multiculturalism” and encourage tribalism by providing multi-language government publications, translators for “Australians” who could not speak English or not very well, etc.

      From my experiences the post-WW2 migrant’s children and grand-children are difficult to identify. One religion, or more precisely certain ethnic groups and factions of that religion, refuse to assimilate.

  13. You only need to revoke one or two visors and you will bring many into line.

  14. Quote:

    “Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Arabic Munaẓẓamat al-Taḥrīr Filasṭīniyyah, umbrella political organization claiming to represent the world’s Palestinians—those Arabs, and their descendants, who lived in mandated Palestine before the creation there of the State of Israel in 1948. It was formed in 1964 to centralize the leadership of various Palestinian groups that previously had operated as clandestine resistance movements. It came into prominence only after the Six-Day War of June 1967, however, and engaged in a protracted guerrilla war against Israel during the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s before entering into peace negotiations with that country in the 1990s.”

    The Flag of Palestine, present Government Hamas terrorist organisation, was created by the P.L.O.

  15. Quote:

    “This is not the Australia we know. Muslims in the heart of Sydney have celebrated Hamas’s slaughter of women and infants. Despite Labor’s tears for inclusion, these savages don’t belong here.”

    With exceptions, too many are not loyal to fellow Australians and our nation, and I have worked among them for decades and experienced their cold shoulder approaches to fellow Australians that they do not like.

  16. During the 1990s I met an Australian citizen who came here from Macedonia and is a proud Australian. He told me how annoyed he was that via SBS Radio migrants argue about politics relating to countries they left to seek asylum here. He questioned their loyalty to their host nation Australia.

    It angers me when I see examples of anti-Israeli demonstrations in the streets, waving the Hamas-Palestine Flag (and even with the Aboriginal Flag carried by some) and at the same time Australian Jews and supporters of Israel told to refrain from appearing on the same streets of our nation.

    During the Howard Government terms 1996-2007 Minister for Foreign Affairs Alexander Downer was interviewed about “Australians” being evacuated from Lebanon during civil disobedience and he expressed his frustration about many applicants from aircraft seats arriving with expired Australian passports. In other words residents of Lebanon, dual passport holders, Australia being their safe haven, not their nation.

    1. So true, and it needs to be talked about more. I know many, many ethincally Chinese “Australians” who consider this country merely their port of residence. In a question of loyalties as between China & Australia, they feel NIL obligation to this country.


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