Teachers & blacks neck deep in race hate

by SEAN BURKE – AUSTRALIAN organisations who have endlessly lectured fairness and equality have been revealed as being among the most entrenched anti-Israel hate groups. 

Black Peoples Union, Mums for Palestine and Teachers & School Staff for Palestine are among 30 Australian activist groups identified as being united with the pro-Hamas terrorist cause – sharing pro-activist handbooks with each other. 

These radicalised groups are circulating and sharing guides for activists, unionists and educators to help sabotage and vandalise property – and how to evade police.

Other aligned groups include public servants, trade unions, communist organisations and student bodies.

According to The Australian newspaper, 30 activist bodies are associated with either the Australian Palestinian Advocacy Network (APAN) or Block the Dock movement, which aims to disrupt trade relations with the Jewish State.


The newspaper’s December 29 reports says “these radicalised groups are circulating and sharing guides for activists, unionists and educators” to sabotage and vandalise property – as well as instructions for evading police.

Titled The Direct Action Planning Guide, the handbook provides instructions on organising blockades, barricades, sabotage, animal liberation, sabotaging construction equipment, graffiti and squatting.

CEO of the Australian Council for Jewry Alex Ryvchin said Australia was witnessing a 20-year evolution in Palestinian campaigning.

“Since October 7, it has reached unprecedented levels,” Mr Ryvchin.

“The resourcing, in terms of the support they are receiving from mainstream political Parties and trade unions is unprecedented,” he said.

“It has always been centrally co-ordinated but usually confined to university campuses and fringe groups.

“But now you are seeing the Australian Greens becoming agents of this movement and sizeable trade unions as well.

“They feel like this is their moment. Hamas has elevated their movement.

“It has given them a feeling of ascendancy that Israel’s downfall is just a matter of time – and they’re all now pushing with maximum force and intent to precipitate that.

APAN president Nasser Mashni said, according to The Australian, that pro-Palestinian Australians were “filled with despair”.

“The Palestinian struggle is one that brings groups, movements and people of all backgrounds together because it speaks to a struggle for the values we all share,” Mr Mashni said.

“Community members are fuelled by a palpable sense of disgust that governments like ours have barely uttered a word of objection to the Israel government’s killing of people in Gaza.”PC

Australia’s pro-Hamas groups

Courtesy: The Australian newspaper.
MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Nasser Mashni. (courtesy 3AW)

4 thoughts on “Teachers & blacks neck deep in race hate

  1. I think that we should send a representative group to Gaza to show our intense support. The “Queers for Palestine” organisation who were recently shown on TV marching under their banner would be a good choice – perhaps they would get free flying lessons!

    1. The travelling activists while in Palestine could provide respite for the uncaring “civilian” Palestinians who welcomed the Hamas Terrorist hostages by harassing them and then taking them into their homes as prisoners to guard for their Hamas Brotherhood.

      Protesting women could ask female hostages about pack rape when captured, friends raped and murdered, beheaded, shot through their vagina ….

  2. There’s a lot going on in the Israel / Hamas war we’re not being told. We’re not being told who is Hamas and who they really are working for, and why Hamas is seemingly working against the interests of Palestinians. We’re not being told about the huge oil reserves under Gaza – https://unctad.org › news › unrealized-potential-palestinian-oil-and-gas-reserves .
    Generally its accepted that Israelis are the seed of Abraham. However, there is some question about that also. There is a book written by Arthur Koestler called ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’ where he describes how most Israelis are descended from ancient Khazaria tribe around 9th century and in fact have no genetic lineage to Abraham. The Khazarians were not nice people and used to terrorise their region until Russia moved them on. It could be theorised that these Khazarians are dominating Israel to this day. Until all the facts are out in the open its pointless taking sides. I think its possible Hamas was created as a foil. While they appear to be working for Palestine, they are in fact giving Israel an excuse to wipe out the Palestinians.

  3. Thanks Sean. Decent commonsense and loyal Australians owe you. I suggest that list should be filed by all the latter, regrettably there may come a time when it is logistically very useful.

    PS. Happy New Year !


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