Liberal dogs have no bite

by MARK WHITE – IF YOU keyword search “Mark Speakman John Ruddick maiden speech” in a Google news search you get precisely zero results. Zilch. 

Replace “Mark Speakman” with “Natalie Ward” and you get the same result, zilch. 

Following the ban on John Ruddick’s maiden speech, Speakman and his supposedly Menzian Liberal team said nothing, did nothing, thus accepting the standard.
Mark White
Former Liberal Party Branch President

Which some might find odd since Mark Raymond Speakman SC, MP, joined the Liberal Party in 1978.

The Leader of the Opposition and NSW Liberal Party leader has been a member of the Legislative Assembly since 2011.


Here are a couple of excerpts from his maiden speech: “I arrive here as a Liberal in the tradition of Sir Robert Menzies. Menzian liberalism has two limbs. First, liberalism stands for freedom.

“The second limb of Menzian liberalism is open-mindedness and decision-making based on facts.”

Twelve years plying your wares on Macquarie Street can surely be mind-altering, but it’s time to ask: when did Mark Speakman lose interest in all that Menzian freedom and open-mindedness? The day after his maiden speech?

After all, in the same month a US court supported a First Amendment challenge to the Biden Administration’s contact with social media services, Speakman said literally zero about the censorship of a maiden speech made in the NSW Parliament.

Following the ban on John Ruddick’s maiden speech, Speakman and his supposedly Menzian Liberal team said nothing, did nothing, thus accepting the standard.

Do we have to play politics all the time on every issue? What of principles?

We’re not huge fans of former ADF General, David Morrison, but it’s interesting to think about his statement that the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.

Having walked past the disgrace that was Ruddick’s censorship, just what kind of censorship standard is Speakman and his deputy Natalie Ward and their hard Left (fake) moderate bedfellows prepared to accept?

And what of Tim James for that matter? The Member for Willoughby?

He supported Ruddick by attending his speech to the first and oldest legislative body in Australia and apparently identifies with his Party’s “core values of freedom, enterprise and individual empowerment”.


Having lost all sense and scent for their Party’s purpose, Tim James and his ilk are perfecting the metaphor of that wonderful US phrase implying that something won’t fulfil its intended purpose.

The Liberal dog just don’t hunt.PC

– Mark White

Ruddick’s maiden speech

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Mark Speakman. (courtesy The Sydney Morning Herald)

3 thoughts on “Liberal dogs have no bite

  1. It’s not possible to save the conservative coalition as it stands. After watching the Liberal train wreck happen before our eyes I believe it’s time for a new beginning. Conservatives unite. Reform into a cohesive party and build from there.

  2. LP no longer viable for us Conservative Votors, majority appear to now be labor lites, with no genuine Conservative principles.

  3. If the Liberals were a retail product ASIC would have stopped its sale long ago on grounds of false and misleading advertising.

    Apparently the Party believes in ‘the inalienable rights and freedoms of all peoples’ except when ‘all peoples’ happens to include former Liberals such as the LDP’s John Ruddick.

    And NSW voters must realise, Minns can hardly be worse than Speakman.


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