Proof: Angry Marxists infiltrate Voice

by DANIEL Y TENG – THE underlying communist influence behind a proposal to change Australia’s Constitution continues to come to light. 

The campaign group opposing the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, Advance Australia, has uncovered videos of Teela Reid, a member of the Voice referendum working group, praising the Communist Party of Australia for fighting “with and beside” Aboriginals for land rights. 

Indigenous advocacy has been steadily hijacked by communists and has, by design, become divorced from the needs of the community.

A lawyer by trade, Ms Reid, has also called for Australia Day to be abolished and said changing the Constitution would only be the “first step” for activists.

The discovery comes as Australians prepare to vote in a national referendum that will decide whether to change the preamble of the Constitution to recognise Indigenous people and to embed a near-permanent advisory body to Parliament.


This body would have the power to make “representations” to the executive and legislative arms of government on all matters deemed relevant to Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders.

Advocates see the Voice as the latest advancement in reconciliation and dealing with chronic issues in Indigenous communities, such as unemployment, domestic violence, alcoholism, youth crime, and welfare dependency.

Yet despite its altruistic goals, several members of the referendum working group involved in writing the slated amendments to the Constitution have been revealed to have deep roots in Marxism, which in turn, has shaped their views on Australia’s relationship with Indigenous people.

In fact, Prof Marcia Langton, who co-authored the Calma-Langton Report, which underpins the Voice proposal, was a former member of the National Committee of the Communist League and later the Socialist Workers Party in 1977.

Meanwhile, Ms Reid told the Search Foundation on March 2021 that the idea Australia was peacefully settled by the British needed to be overturned.

“I think the crux of our struggle, in particular, from the First Nations perspective, has been to shift the narrative around that, and we have witnessed that narrative explode every January 26 where there’s a discussion about: ‘Is it Invasion Day or is it Australia Day?’ ”

The online discussion was held to commemorate the 100-year founding of the Communist Party of Australia.

Ms Reid has been vocal in her push for Australia’s national celebration to be abolished, criticising the Labor Indigenous Minister Linda Burney for downplaying the future impact of the Voice on the daily lives of people – a major concern around the proposal.

“It might be the Australian government ‘preference’ to keep things like Australia Day, but trying to limit the scope of what the people can advocate for to change is just stupid,” she wrote on social media.

Ms Reid also said the Voice would be part of a journey to “demolish the systems that continue to oppress us” in an address in Sydney on February 2020.


While on May 2023, she told The Ethics Centre that Australians should expect a more “difficult” journey ahead, beyond reconciliation, which she says was all “cupcakes and teas”.

“There does need to be reparations here, there does need to be compensation, there does need to be these tough, I think, decisions and reparations for what First Nations people have lost. That’s undeniable,” she said.

Her comments were mirrored by a fellow member of the referendum working group, Thomas Mayo, the national Indigenous officer of the Maritime Union of Australia and author of the Voice to Parliament handbook.

“The Voice doesn’t say ‘this is the answer,’ it says ‘this is how we can get there’,” he told the Search Foundation in February 2020.

“Pay the rent, for example. How do we do that in a way that is transparent and that actually sees reparations and compensation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people beyond what we say and do at a rally?”

The videos also highlight the rarely discussed links between the Communist Party of Australia and Indigenous activism.

Former Party member Geoff McDonald exposed how the Aboriginal “land rights” movement was a target of Marxists.


“I do not disagree with the concept of special areas of land being kept for Aboriginals. But the issue is not really about land rights, as I learned first during my training with the Communist Party,” he wrote in his book Red Over Black.

Mr McDonald, now deceased, said he heard communist leaders and politicians Jack Miles and Lance Sharkey talk about how this was the “first step towards making Australia a communist country”.

“Communists describe the Aborigines as victims of ‘colonial imperialism’ and claim that they must be ‘liberated.’ But only to enable the eventual establishment of communist internationalism to triumph,” Mr McDonald said, also revealing that communist regimes had a history of singling out Indigenous people “for specialised training”.

In Australia, Indigenous advocacy was steadily hijacked and became divorced from the needs of the community.

“Trained Marxists not only understand organisation but how to use the media,” Mr. McDonald wrote.

“Fictitious organisations with names but no members permit a spokesman to readily reach the press, radio and television,” he said, saying this tactic would lead to the suppression of genuine Aboriginal voices.

One example in the 1970s was the omission of “Western-style” medical care from Aboriginal areas in favour of “centuries-old Traditional Aboriginal Medicines” at the behest of lobbyists in Canberra.


Some of these supposed treatments included rubbing rabbit urine into cuts and sores or mixing raw fox liver onto a sick person’s body – both animals are actually invasive species introduced within the past 100 years.

“There has been an obvious increase of disease and illness, which is not discussed by those who know what is happening because of the fear of being labelled ‘racist’,” Mr McDonald wrote.

His concerns about a disconnect between lobbyists and reality have been echoed by critics of the Voice.

“No national body can speak for the circa 300 traditional owner groups, Australia’s ‘First Nations’, it would be a huge bureaucratic structure drowning out Aboriginal voices, not enabling them to be heard,” wrote Indigenous leader Warren Mundine in The Epoch Times.

Other individuals from former communist countries have criticised the Voice as a tool of division to weaken Australian society.

“As soon as we heard from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese about the Voice, we got flashbacks of our lives under socialism in our country of origin Albania,” said Dr Zekri Palushi in an interview with The Epoch Times.

“A class system was implemented in order to incite Albanian citizens to hate and fight against each other and, I must admit, that the strategy worked very well for the Albanian Communist Party.

“Because in this way, they managed to keep the people divided while the Party worked together further pushing their agenda,” he said.PC

Daniel Y Teng

The REAL Aboriginal activist agenda…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Teela Reid. (courtesy Magabala Books)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Epoch Times on July 12, 2023. Re-used with permission.

9 thoughts on “Proof: Angry Marxists infiltrate Voice

  1. “‘Not about us’: Burney refuses to debate Price
    Indigenous Australians minister Linda Burney has denied a request from the Liberal party’s spokeswoman on Indigenous affairs Jacinta Nampijinpa Price for the pair to debate the Indigenous voice to parliament.”

    Not about the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and the Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

    If you don’t know, vote no.

  2. The Voice is all about power and money. Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the Constitution is fine – of course they should be recognised as the first immigrants to this continent – but that’s as far as it should go. Anything beyond that in terms of special rights and privileges based on race is clearly racist.
    The irony is, the ‘Yes’ activists call ‘No’ voters racist when in fact they are the ones who are supporting a racist and divisive proposal.
    Albanese should be ashamed of himself proposing such a ridiculous concept without any pre-discussion with elected representatives of 96.2% of the affected community choosing instead to follow the whims of a small carefully selected but wholly unelected bunch of activists who supposedly represented the 3.8% minority. It’s a clear sign of his incompetence as a leader and he will pay for it dearly in the very near future. He’s Whitlam #2 – and we all know what happened to him!”

  3. The concept of our fellow Australians who identify as having indigenous ancestry, and noting for most today they also have non-indigenous ancestry, all being disadvantaged is misleading, deliberately deceptive. Around eighty (80) per cent of them are mainstream Australians living normal lives, educated, professionals and other occupations, business owners, other positions.

    Of the remainder most who are disadvantaged live in country locations far from services and they choose that way of life.

    On the other side the States being responsible for Aboriginal Affairs provide finance and assistance, Departments of Aboriginal Affairs, public health services targeted at Indigenous Australians, etc. There is a Federal Department of Aboriginal Affairs and more funding provided.

    As the NT crisis revealed there are problems in communities but for Alice Springs, Darwin and other places the crisis was created by the NT Labor Government dumping the interventions since Howard Government period like alcohol restricted sales and others. They failed to renew the NT-Federal Agreement and later with Albanese Labor Government support created a new plan that failed.

    The credit side is that eighty per cent are now living normal mainstream lives but twenty per cent to varying degrees need more assistance. The best way is Direct Action in communities, as experienced real voices keep saying, Senator Jacinta Price one of many. Alice Springs local community minded citizens have asked for after hours secure school premises for children at risk to use at night, even elderly people need protection.

    As this excellent article points out “The Voice” is not what Albo and Comrades want voters to understand, he is now claiming it would be nation building? No Prime Minister, your extreme Voice proposal would wreck our multinational nation.

    I never thought that I would experience any political party of fellow Australians steering the nation into the hands of Communists.

    How dare you.

  4. Soon after forming government after the May 2022 election the Albanese Labor Government appointed their Ambassador for First Nations People to the United Nations. Ask why so fast to make that appointment by Minister Burney obviously with Cabinet support.

    The position has been described a Ambassador for Repatriations.

  5. Aboriginal & Torres Straits Islanders Commission was legislated by Labor based on the 1967 Referendum based changes to the Commonwealth Constitution bringing it into line with State Constitutions from 1901, the former British Colonial Governments here. States have primary responsibility for Aboriginal Affairs. The Voice could also be legislated, ATSIC becomes ATSIV. But this time locking in “a hook” to catch unwary voters and once caught and trapped a burden for future generations to suffer and pay.

  6. To begin with, Native Title legislation (Mabo decision) has granted traditional lands to Aboriginals who can prove entitlement already, now 55 per cent of Australia is controlled by over 30 Aboriginal Land Councils, and with tax-free status on income, entry fees, pastoral leases, mining royalties, revenue.

    So if the remaining land is not claimed or claim rejected already there can be no traditional owner’s land left to claim?

    Which leads to the question based on what has been legislated in WA by the Labor State Government requiring all land holders to seek assessment of their land before even planting trees, constructing fences, whatever disturbs what the legislation suggests might be sacred land or sacred sites.

    There are today 300-plus “First Nations countries” and each “mob” has different cultural beliefs and languages, they say “My mob can’t speak for you mob. Your mob can’t speak for my mob”. So how would a highly fee paid assessor be capable of identifying sacred sites?

    The “Voice+Treaty+Truth telling” usually presented as “The Voice”, and noting the truth telling via videos featuring Mr Mayo and Ms Reid containing what the Prime Minister must consider to be inconvenient truths now widely understood since those videos “went viral” around our multicultural nation makes it very clear that The Voice is a trap, a Trojan Horse, or as Labor Senator and indigenous Australian Senator Dodson recently described it to a mob in Broome WA, “a hook”.

    Vote NO

    1. I wonder how many voters can remember the Native Title political campaigning by Aboriginal Activists and the numerous claims about sacred sites and other claims made by them?

      Hindmarsh Bridge Project in South Australia was stopped while investigation into the claim that one side of the bridge would destroy land that was “secret women’s business” land. We do not know what that business was of course because it’s a secret. After much negotiation and failure to prove that the claim had substance the construction works continued. A cheeky Sydney-Hobart yacht race participant was named Secret Men’s Business.

      From what I have learnt there are many stories that are I believe the products of imagineering. There are no written history records only song lines and other teaching methods. Most languages have now disappeared of the possibly 500-plus “countries” and mobs that were here before 1788.

      The British Colony of New South Wales also governed New Zealand and there the Treaty of Waitangi was signed with Maori leaders, but in New South Wales it was mission impossible to communicate with all the “countries”.

      I do not understand how today the Commonwealth of Australia or Federation of States could sign treaties with 300-plus “First Nations countries” remaining, fellow multicultural Australians signing treaties via our democratically elected governments with fellow Australians who identify as having Indigenous ancestry who most often also have non-Indigenous ancestors.

  7. Of course its always been about the commies; the pretty faces of Tommy the commie and little Teela were always there to put the punters off guard. How could such nice young people, who have enjoyed so much benefit from this racist country be commies. Simple: albo is a commie, apprenticed under Tom Uren after spending his Uni days as a Bolshevik and since the BASIC tenet of communism is to remove private ownership of land this is what the Voice is designed to do. Unfortunately for albo and his 2 pretty little pets the liars in WA got ahead of schedule with the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act showing what the Voice will do to all of Australia.

    That’s all the detail you need. Right now Native Title CONTROLS 50% of Australia:'%20rights%20and%20interests%20in,cent%20of%20Australia's%20land%20mass.

    That’s straight from the NIAA, the $4.5 billion bureaucracy set up to advise the government about aboriginal affairs; sounds like the Voice, doesn’t it?

    But the Voice will claim private land as the WA example shows. The end result no one owns land in Australia except albo and the liars and their pretty little commie mates.

    1. “Albanese attended St Joseph’s Primary School in Camperdown and then St Mary’s Cathedral College. After finishing school, he worked for the Commonwealth Bank for two years before studying economics at the University of Sydney. There, he became involved in student politics and was elected to the Students’ Representative Council.

      It was also there where he started his rise as a key player in the ALP’s Labor Left. During his time in student politics, Albanese led a group within Young Labor that was aligned with the left faction’s Hard Left, which maintained “links with broader left-wing groups, such as the Communist Party of Australia, People for Nuclear Disarmament and the African National Congress”.”

      Albo as he is known is a follower of the late Russian Revolutionary Marxist Socialist Leon Trotsky, a Trotskyite.


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