Liberal & Labor equally despised

by PAUL COLLITS – WELL, thank God the bread and circuses are over for another three years of utterly bastardised representative democracy. 

This is an idea whose time has well and truly gone. Now come the recriminations, blame games, useful narratives and the vendettas

What would have been a landslide to Labor is now a narrow majority, down to the inner-city Lefties preferring communism to socialism…

It will keep the political class and the punditocracy busy for weeks, nay months.

Some things were clear before the guillotine fell upon ScoMo’s head. First, election campaigns are no longer a remotely useful mechanism for determining the issues that matter to voters.


The election outcome broadly went to script.

First, Newspoll and some others got it right again. It will be, as close as it needs to be, to a 53-47 two-Party-preferred vote outcome.

And as the old political scientist Malcolm Mackerras used to say, the seats will pan out nationally as if the TPP was perfectly uniform. Despite the modern caveats, it still broadly works.

What would have been, in the old days, a landslide to Labor is now a narrow majority government, down to the inner-city Lefties preferring communism to socialism, and electing 15 or so Left-independents.

Second, a whole bunch of Liberal “wets”, as Senator Gerard Rennick still, delightfully, calls them, have been consigned to their deserved place in the dustbin of history.

That they have been replaced by an equally offensive bunch should not deter us from a quiet celebration of the demise of career homosexual advocates, climateers, globalists, enemies of life causes and energy vandals.

They never, ever belonged in the Party of Menzies, who stopped voting Liberal pretty much as soon as the 1960s version of “moderates” got near the levers of power. (He supported the Democratic Labor Party).

Third, the predictions of voter disillusionment with the Lib-Lab duopoly came true, as predicted in the polls. The Coalition and Labor were both on the nose.

The legacy Parties themselves, like the campaign, were devoid of compelling narratives, arguments and policies that spoke to the core concerns of voters.


Albo isn’t Whitlam. Or Hawke. And Albo’s arrival in office is not especially welcomed. There will not be street parades in his honour.

Some of us (of a certain age) welcomed Gough. Certainly, many of us welcomed Hawke. In the case of the former, our hopes were well and truly dashed.

In the case of the latter, they were largely fulfilled, at least ’til the late-career madness of the suddenly woke Paul Keating dashed them. Not so with the contemporary Labor Party.

Around two thirds of the electorate did not give Albo’s Party their first preference vote. Ouch.

A tired, nearly decade-old, second-rate government which believed in nothing and trashed the country over a minor virus got what it deserved.

But …

Fourth, the political class – the major parties and the corporate media – played a blinder in totally ignoring the FFMPs (freedom friendly minor parties), and so most people had never heard of them.

That the minors failed to learn the basics of electioneering – and they were always up against it, despite Clive Palmer’s money – didn’t help, but they were on a hiding to nothing.


The presence on the ground for the FFMPs on election day bespoke a lack of willingness on the part of the probably 15 per cent of voters disposed to these Parties actually to get their hands dirty.To be boots on the ground at election time.

The corporatised Parties have a massive market advantage here, with their far deeper resources. And Holmes a Court’s money was spent far smarter than Clive’s.

Fifth, the majors had another trump card up their sleeves. The laptop class had a very good COVID.

While many of them disdain the major Parties, they are firmly on the Leftist fringes losing sleep over rising sea levels rather than the threats to freedom from the State.


They disdain deplorables, anti-vaxxers and loopy “sovereign citizens” who actually, you know, value freedom. Like the old Left and the old Right used to.

So, the one third of voters opposing the majors were never going to be a single and, therefore, threatening voting block. The result? Sickeningly low primary votes that would, historically, have doomed the chances of winning elections, didn’t matter in the end for Labor.

Good riddance to an awful government. Now onwards to Sydney and March 2023.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Scott Morrison (L) & Anthony Albanese. (courtesy The Murray Valley Standard)

4 thoughts on “Liberal & Labor equally despised

  1. There should be thousands of Lawyers and Barristers crawling all over Australian Government Political and Medical Tyranny.

    See >

    See Pages 25-26 of Information Paper >

    Also see >

    Concerned Lawyers Network

    We are lawyers interested in human rights.

    We are not a law firm. We are a network of volunteer lawyers and admin assistants 100% volunteering our time without any funding or payment.

    Our main role is providing education resources for lawyers and public.

    The CLN Notice of Liability and other letters sent that are published on this website, can be used in evidence against those that received them and ignored them. We welcome law firms in Australia to use and refer to those documents in any evidence or pleadings they bring about for their clients.

    And >


    Malcolm Roberts One Nation

    How Stupid is Australia !? While many nations are re-opening from ‘lockdown’ and building new coal-fired power stations, Australia, with one of the world’s richest mineral supplies, remains shackled AND shutting down ALL coal plants to ‘save the planet.’

    Who is to blame? Corrupt politicians or the stupid people who vote for them

    Comment > Stop Global Deforestation and keep planting countless amounts of trees globally continually.

  2. Yes and now we have a far worse government!

    It’s the PANDEMIC of TOTALLY FALSE ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ ALARMISM that has the gullible city folks in its grasp. That was the ONE AND ONLY ISSUE on which Holmes a Court’s newbies ran! Towards the end they insanely tagged on ‘integrity’ to make their agenda appear a tad broader.

    Until this terrible ‘climate’ pandemic recedes, the citizens will vote for any man, woman or their dog that claims they will fight to ‘fix’ this NON-EXISTING problem! The Earth’s weather/climate is forever very slowly ‘changing’. It’s totally controlled by our sun and our path on the irregular elipse around it. NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Australia does is able to have even a tiny fraction of effect on the ‘climate’! I would fervently wish that all our Parliaments would never mention this non-issue ever again!

    However, THE WESTMINSTER SYSTEM FUNCTIONS BEST WHEN THERE ARE TWO STRONG PARTIES. Conference and cohesion is what must happen within the two majors. The minors and ghastly ‘independents’ muddy the waters, divide and fracture.

    AND A WORD IN DEFENCE OF MORRISON. — Covid was a new virus and frightened the whole world, — governments being the most alarmed. Our Government followed the many Nations worldwide which imposed lockdowns as a measure of ‘stopping the spread’, the first Covid variant being extremely capable of causing worldwide deaths, — which it did.

    Morrison had, three weeks ago, finally told us there would no more lockdowns under his watch. Too late! We now have a government whose second name is CONTROL.

  3. I’m an ex-Liberal voter currently working abroad and, even though I know the election result, when my postal ballot arrives I’ll be preferencing the Liberals last.

    It’s all about punishing my old party for its betrayal. The second Morrison signed up for net zero, I switched off. He should leave parliament, in my opinion.

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