Libs ruined by talentless factions

by PAUL COLLITS – THE NSW Liberal Party is a basket case utterly beyond redemption and almost incapable of reform. 

Its upper echelons are swarming with talentless, self-regarding factional lemmings with absolutely no interest in reforming anything, least of all themselves. 

Looking to the untrustworthy Liberals for salvation from the utter madness of local government doesn’t commend itself. Time for One Nation, the Libertarians (aka Liberal Democrats) or Clive’s mob…

John Howard, wise on so many matters these days, has advocated two things recently. Naturally, they both concern the future of his beloved Party.

This first, a no-brainer, is that the NSW Liberals have to get rid of their factions. As if that will ever happen.


There is no potential source of a cure on the horizon. No meteor-level extinction event for the factions. No Elon Musk.

Howard’s second offering was to suggest the Liberal Party get out of local government, and focus all its attention on winning higher-level elections.

On this, I beg to differ, or, at least, would put the matter differently and add important caveats. Such a move might have awful consequences for local communities.

A disclosure here. I have no interest in, nor care for, the welfare of the Liberal Party.

That said, no one should ever believe that local government is not worth fighting over. By the sensible centre, the populists and the centre-Right.

This is because the opponents of all that is good, true and beautiful have never forgotten or ignored the opportunities at the local level for ideological mayhem and the crushing of lives.

Why not start close to home?

In my own backyard, the Northern Rivers region of NSW, The Greens have taken over and ruined local councils for decades.

Let us look a little further at the recent evil works perpetrated by under-the-radar, supposedly “close to the people” local government.

What about fifteen-minute cities, one of the great modern inventions of the progressive, globalist elites?

First, a definition: The “15-minute city” may be defined as an ideal geography where most human needs and many desires are located within a travel distance of 15 minutes.

That is, fifteen minutes on foot.


Despite the obsession of internet search engines owned by controligarch billionaires with promoting the idea that it is only conspiracy theories that drive popular concerns, 15-minute cities are simply ideologic tools to control individual behaviour, coating in benign propaganda that uses word like “thriving”, “livable”, “vibrant” and “sustainable”.

Guess who implements 15-minute cities? Local governments.

The Spectator Australia has noted the experience in the United Kingdom, and the dangers for Australia.

UK neighbourhoods are being used as test cases for the 15 minute city plan, which is the child of UN Sustainability Goals and WEF collaborations.

Others might describe them as open-air prisons where “global citizens” are being confined to small areas to “save the planet” under threat of being fined.

Not everyone is impressed by the experiment, with UK residents in Rochdale destroying the barriers which some are trying to pass off as “traffic control systems” rather than sinister infringements on basic freedom of movement.

Others have found themselves prevented from travelling to work by unofficial and legally powerless self-appointed enforcers who refuse to allow the movement of traffic. Surely that is an offence? It is like being ruled by a mob.

Jordan Peterson has said: “The idea that neighborhoods should be walkable is lovely. The idea that idiot tyrannical bureaucrats can decide by fiat where you’re ‘allowed’ to drive is perhaps the worst imaginable perversion of that idea – and, make no mistake, it’s part of a well-documented plan.”

No doubt, there will be rainbow pedestrian crossings everywhere? Who pays for these? Local ratepayers, generally.

Bill Gates is, naturally, a fan. As are fact checkers. Bureaucrats. Planners. And the AI industrial complex. All of the wrong people love them.

What about “smart cities” the world over? This is where net-zero meets Big Tech.

Fifteen-minute cities with lots of surveillance devices. Naturally, Melbourne is up to its armpits in smart city ideology. But there are many others, many with a Leftist bent.


These are all driven by local councils. Including Lismore, NSW, where (no doubt) my exorbitant rates are being mis-used. Instead of fixing what must be the worst local roads anywhere in the country, or getting cracking on flood mitigation measures.

It isn’t a coincidence that the most glowing forms of smart city propaganda, dripping with sustainability, can be sourced back to renewable energy outfits.

One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson believes 15-minute cities are linked to digital ID. Well, the Canberra class is only now just beginning to think up all the uses of digital ID.

Others believe 15-minute cities will facilitate future lockdowns. Climate lockdowns, for example. Followed by the social credit connection.

In short, it is nothing other than publicly funded green, net-zero and Big Tech propaganda. Building the infrastructure for tyranny.  Strategically, deliberately, with evil intent. Driven by local government.

Then there is the carefully orchestrated Chinese infiltration of Australia, infiltration that includes local government.

Ah yes, city councils and State governments.

Now why would the Chines Communist Party go looking there? No wonder the Federal Government tore up Daniel Andrews’ Belt and Road Initiative in 2021.

Wokeness at the local level?

Farcical welcomes to our own country abound. Local councils and their websites are dripping with first nations ideology.

The self-same Lismore City Council site greets you with: Jingi Walla. How can we help?

Jingi Walla? Councils are up there with the sporting codes.

Then we come to the transgendered community. So widely promoted by progressivist councils.

The Daily Telegraph reported last year: “Controversial drag queen story hour sessions for children will be promoted in NSW councils after a local government conference passed a motion…”

Rebel News also caught on: “The motion urges Local Government NSW to assist councils in facilitating community-driven safety measures for drag story time events, addressing concerns about cancellations and ensuring full payments to performers.”

Anyone walking the streets of downtown Sydney will notice the relentless soft advertising propaganda for multi-cultural and pro-gay themes.


Lord Mayor Clover Moore has turned Sydney into a homosexual mecca for a quarter of every year. Of course, her business ratepayers love the pink dollar, and so do not raise any objections to Sydney’s late Roman Empire-like amoral decadence.

There is, however, some push-back at the local level.

Former federal MP George Christensen, freshly elected in Mackay Queensland, rode to local council on a platform of “no more woke rubbish on council”. George, an ex-Liberal, of course, still sees value in taking on Leftist ideology at the local level.

But the task of taking on radical councils is far from won. It hasn’t even begun, truth to tell. Not a time to be throwing in the towel.

Here is one last story, from my home town, no less. “Australian flag banned from flying in local town square. Central Coast Council under fire after denying requests out of fear it might upset woke locals.

Communists, globalist institutions and progressives never give up, and never leave a political stone unturned.

For the “Right” to simply abandon local government to its enemies would be catastrophic.

John Howard might agree with all this, and simply suggest that the Liberal Party as a formal entity should not waste resources there.

In which case, the Liberal Party should actively support, or at least get out of the way of, those who do not wish to sign away local government, but want to turn this ship around.

In any case, looking to the untrustworthy Liberals for salvation at the local level doesn’t commend itself. Time for One Nation, the Liberal Democrats, Clive’s mob, the other micro Parties of the Right and sundry ultra-conservative independents to step up, to redouble their efforts?

It is said that nature abhors a vacuum.

There’s little doubt that local government is now a primary battleground in the culture wars, and yet another place where individual rights and freedoms go to die. Where traditional values are not just abhorred, but hosed out of the building.

Liberal Party, take note. Vacating local government might save a few dollars for Central HQ, but won’t do much for the future of our local communities and for the values that most ratepayers still cherish. Own-goal territory.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Left factional head Matt Kean. (courtesy Galston Community News)

5 thoughts on “Libs ruined by talentless factions

  1. Kean, Griffin, and all the other lying Photios scumbags need to be punted to the evil Greens where they belong

  2. After gaining his Leaving Certificate, he studied law at the University of Sydney, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1962.

    Howard began working for the firm of Stephen Jaques and Stephen as a junior solicitor. In 1964, he took a trip around the world, visiting Britain, Europe, Israel, India, and Singapore. After returning to Sydney in 1965, he began working for Clayton Utz. He subsequently moved to a smaller firm, which became Truman, Nelson and Howard after he was made a partner.

    John Howard was the Treasurer in the Fraser Government and managed the Whitlam Labor recession, in 1983 the Hawke Labor Government inherited a post-recession growing economy. They adopted the Howard-Stone major economic reforms known as The Campbell Report that was also adopted by Lange Labour NZ. The reforms process commenced from 1985 fully supported by the Coalition in opposition.

    But completed after the Howard Government was elected in 1996 following the worst recession in 60 years by Labor from 1990. The Howard Government introduced APRA – Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority as a banking and finance sector specific government watchdog to avoid future over heating of the economy via excessive lending and borrowing.

    Prime Minister from 1996 to 2007 the Howard Government retired a Labor debt and interest by 2005/06, managed budgets in surplus for all but one financial year after inheriting a budget deficit from Keating Labor, established the Future Fund (and other investment funds) that has paid public service pension liability previously an every financial year budget expense, and more achievements.

    In November 2007 Rudd Labor inherited zero debt, $22 billion budget surplus, strong economy and an OECD rating that predicted Australia would be one of the best positioned member nations to deal with the Global Financial Crisis. Noting that Australia had earlier avoided the Asian Economic Meltdown crisis.

    Read the 2006 Budget Report and there are many other achievements including increasing spending on defence by 37% in real terms compared to the previous Labor years, and a commitment to a real 3% increase every year for the next decade. Rudd Labor cut back spending on defence.

  3. Another dumb idea of John Howard’s along with all the others. The little suburban conveyancer was promoted way past his abilities.


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