Australia-hating Albo not one of us

by KEVIN DONNELLY – LIBERAL Leader Peter Dutton is 100 per cent correct to call on shoppers to boycott Woolworths. 

And Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has once again proved what a tin ear he has when it comes to appreciating the national psyche. 

Aboriginal culture was misogynistic. Women had few, if any, rights and were often treated appallingly. In all respects they faced savage barbarity.
Kevin Donnelly
Senior Research Fellow, ACU

Woolworth cancelling Australia Day merchandise after campaigning for the Voice to parliament last year and printing a Welcome to Country acknowledgement on receipts proves how misguided and out of touch the company is.

More importantly, what the Prime Minister and Woolworths’ boss Brad Banducci fail to understand, proven by what happened to Bud Light in America and the 60/40 No vote to the Voice, is people are fed up with virtue signalling and cancel culture.


Forget trying to out-woke the woke. The primary aim of businesses – whether Qantas, Woolworths, the big banks or BHP – is to make a profit, provide a good service and ensure share-holders receive a fair return on their investments.

Instead of cancelling January 26, history tells us that raising the flag at Sydney Cove and toasting the King signifies the birth of Australia as one of the world’s most successful Western, liberal democracies.

Arriving with the First Fleet was Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England that provided a unique concept about ensuring the rule of law and protecting the right to own property, enter contracts and establish a business.

It’s no accident one of the first court cases in the fledgling colony involved a married convict couple successfully getting recompense from a captain responsible for losing their belongings on the voyage to Botany Bay.

The fact the King James Bible also arrived with the First Fleet also explains why Australia is such a popular and much sought after destination for millions of immigrants from around the world escaping war, violence, poverty and oppression.

The way blacktivists and woke warriors trash January 26 while forcing everyone to celebrate and laud Aboriginal history is a perfect example of what George Orwell describes as Doublethink.

Also known as cognitive dissonance, the process involves holding two conflicting ideas or beliefs at the one time while not realising they contradict one another.

While pro-Voice campaigners like Marcia Langton and Thomas Mayo argue we must acknowledge and respect Aboriginal history – when it comes to the nation’s history our patrimony is trashed.

Blacktivists argue the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 signalled an invasion by white supremacists. They say there is nothing beneficial or worthwhile about European settlement and every citizen not claiming Aboriginal ancestry is guilty of sins of the past.

Local councils cancelling Australia Day citizenship ceremonies and the national curriculum prioritising Aboriginal history to the detriment of Australia’s origins and evolution as a modern, liberal democracy are also guilty of Doublethink.

Instead of romanticising Aboriginal culture and history it’s time to reveal the truth. Using the description First Nations to describe the way pre-European Aborigines lived is a myth perpetuated by those fabricating history.


What Europeans discovered on arrival, instead of nations, were hundreds of diverse tribes with different languages, customs and rituals. Proven by accounts given by early explorers and settlers, inter-tribal warfare was common where no quarter was given and the vanquished often cannibalised.

Aboriginal culture was also misogynistic as women had few, if any, rights and were often appallingly treated.

Watkin Tench, a marine with the First Fleet, writes: “But indeed the women are in all respects treated with savage barbarity.”

“Condemned not only to carry the children but all other burthens, they meet in return for submission only with blows, kicks and every other mark of brutality. When an Indian (Aboriginal) is provoked by a woman, he either spears her or knocks her down on the spot.”

While there’s no doubt establishing a convict settlement and the colony expanding across the Blue Mountains caused significant and on-going distress and harm to Aborigines as their land was taken often by violence, it’s also true European settlement was beneficial.

Senator Jacinta Price, when asked about the impact of colonialism, answered “A positive impact? Absolutely. I mean, now we’ve got running water, we’ve got readily available food. I mean everything my grandfather had when he was growing up, because he first saw whitefellas in his early adolescence, we now have”.

In addition to many Aborigines becoming assimilated into mainstream society, instead of being excluded and treated as outcasts, Indigenous Australians have the same legal rights and protections as non-indigenous Australians including the right to establish businesses.

What companies like Woolworths need to understand is it’s only because of January 26 they can operate free of corruption and unwarranted government interference and have the freedom to make a profit.

To think otherwise is deluded.PC

Dr Kevin Donnelly

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Anthony Albanese. (courtesy New Daily)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Daily Telegraph. Re-used with the author’s permission.

6 thoughts on “Australia-hating Albo not one of us

  1. Aboriginal culture was bestial/natural. They personify why the grotesque idea of man-made climate change should be resisted: because it will turn our great society into a bestial one. The aboriginals came to Australia in 3 waves beginning 47000 years ago. They exterminated the Mega Fauna, burnt the place down and fought continually with each other. That’s it. Not one aspect of their ‘culture’ is used in our modern society.

  2. Moving forward (as Ms Gillard liked to say), over 80 per cent of Australians who identify at census as having Indigenous ancestry, most in part, now live in mainstream society and are valuable contributors.

    Among the about 20 per cent who are identified as being disadvantaged most live in remote or distant country areas, traditional lifestyles and on their “country” that their “mob” claim as their own country. No one mob can speak for any other mob. They have different cultures and languages, for example the Makarratta is an Arnhem Land lore. And being far from government services they are disadvantaged but also because of their chosen lifestyles. But there are also Australians who do not have Indigenous ancestry who are disadvantaged because of isolation.

    All Australians who need assistance should be helped. And direct action within communities is the best way to help them.

    One example being the planned new boarding schools to provide education in a safe environment and also after school hours for the younger people. The boarding schools that Albanese Labor cancelled.

  3. I trust that voters are aware that before the referendum the Albanese Labor Government established and funds an Ambassador to UNDRIP (reparations) and a Makarratta Commission (truth, sovereignty, compensation, etc) and regardless of the 61 per cent No vote continues to fund these Voice+Treaty+Truth Uluru Statement in full agendas.

    Albanese Labor also supports state based treaties between modern day Australians for past history during Colonial Governments 1788 to 1901 period, including most Australians who identify as having Indigenous ancestry who are of mixed ancestries.

    And, the Attorney General during 2023 cancelled Federal legal aid funding used to defend public lands against claims by Aboriginal Land Councils that are not claimed under Native Title legislation. Over 55 per cent of the land mass of Australia is already controlled by those Councils.

    Obviously Labor does what Labor wants to do regardless of what voters decide.

    As the Daily Telegraph headline described last week: LIAR-BILITY.

  4. Quote: While pro-Voice campaigners like Marcia Langton and Thomas Mayo argue we must acknowledge and respect Aboriginal history – when it comes to the nation’s history our patrimony is trashed.

    Professor Marcia Langton is of course one of the original 1960s/1970s university far left activists encouraged by the Communist Party of Australia and who followed USA Black Panther Movement political tactics. Like the Prime Minister a follower of the late Russian revolutionary Marxist Leon Trotsky.

    Thomas Mayo, unionist and committee member for the Uluru Statement, people might remember his video admissions of seeking reparations and thanking the Communist Elders for their advice.

    Many if not most Aboriginal Activists are of mixed ancestry including post 1788 settlers.


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