Puppet Perrottet transitions to Kean’s agenda

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has been accused of transitioning to a Leftist agenda after allegedly raising a white flag to biological men competing in women’s sport. 

In a meeting with transgender activists this week – to secure wavering cross bench support for his minority government – the Premier has been described as approaching the issue with an “open heart and mind”. 

Poor Dominic goes to work each day to implement Matt Kean’s policy agenda, muttering ‘I’m really a conservative, I’m really a conservative…’
Mark Latham
NSW One Nation Leader

Sydney independent MP Alex Greenwich – who in 2019 introduced NSW’s late term abortion bill with the backing of then premier Gladys Berejiklian – threatened to abandon Mr Perrottet over transgender rights.

He said political leaders should not engage in a fear campaign on the issue “when they have such an ignorant approach to it”.


Mr Perrottet met on Friday with Mr Greenwich alongside transgender advocates, including Equality Australia’s Jackie Turner and former Australian women’s cricket captain Alex Blackwell.

“The Premier approached the meeting with an open heart and mind and I indicated to him that I will continue my strong work with his government,” Mr Greenwich said.

He said he would also work with NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard to identify where further funding was required to support transgender people.

Mr Greenwich indicated demand for addition support had arisen against a backdrop of controversy surrounding Liberal federal candidate for Warringah, Katherine Deves, and her “offensive” comments on transgender people.

Sky News political commentator Rita Panahi said Mr Pettottet’s transition to the Left was not surprising.

“That’s a transition we’ve seen elsewhere in the world, UK PM Boris Johnson comes to mind,” she said on today’s Outsiders program.


“We want to know what the terms of this deal were,” Ms Panahi said.

“What has made Mr Greenwich come around and accommodate this Coalition government?”

“What deals have been done?

“Are they going to give up women’s spaces, women’s sport, not fight for those ideals because they need Alex’s support?

“I want to know what their terms of agreement are.”

NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham has also criticised Mr Perrottet’s shift to the Left.

In a social media post today, Mr Latham wrote “how crazy is the Perrottet Government?”

“Poor Dominic goes to work each day to implement Matt Kean’s policy agenda, sitting in the back of his government car muttering to himself ‘I’m really a conservative, I’m really a conservative…’.”

Mr Perrottet played a role in preselecting Ms Deves after a federal takeover of the NSW Liberal division, resulting in the Premier, PM Scott Morrison and former Party president Christine McDiven hand-selecting 12 of the Party’s candidates for the upcoming federal election.PC

Perrottet’s transition to Greenwich’s Left

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Alex Greenwich (main) & Dominic Perrottet. (courtesy PerthNow, The Daily Telegraph)

6 thoughts on “Puppet Perrottet transitions to Kean’s agenda

  1. What we have seen from the NSW State Government recently is way beyond disappointing. Setting aside “climate mania”, issues of concern include:

    • Continual abominable practice of brainwashing kindergarten kids, male guilt, white privilege, CRT, invasion day and other education curriculum craziness, taking away parents’ rights; no action taken to rectify or eliminate this stuff or the perpetrators
    • Atrociously inadequate court sentencing that often slaps a criminal on the wrist for serious crimes including death eg recent 17yo,drunk, drugged, speeding, P plater overloaded with excess passengers – crashes, kills passenger, gets non-custodial sentence because the poor boy has suffered trauma, oh and it might affect his career prospects; DPP fails to get it overturned; obviously the judiciary doesn’t take into consideration the life sentence suffered by the victim’s family and friends; how hard-hearted and callous they must be? This is totally unacceptable to the general public; will the DPP appeal to the next Court?
    • the “Laughing Zoo” therapy session recently held for government employees to “ease their trauma” over the flooding etc, and numerous other examples of woke indoctrination programs and directives.
    • other engagements of so-called “university trained personnel experts” intended to fabricate new rainbow compliance rules for everybody in government.

    And now, to cap it all off, we have these insane idiotic “gender lessons” in Matt Kean’s Treasury Dept. This drivel, and I quote attendees, is “gender ideology” and “language bastardisation”. It is also divisive, discriminatory and an extreme act of bullying. No doubt there will be recriminations and retribution imposed on anyone who refuses to comply! How dare these bureaucratic thugs try to make us toe this line!!!!

    The Premier Mr Perrottet has allowed this and other insidious attacks on the Australian way of life and has completely failed the electorate. He must take immediate and decisive action to eradicate this woke interference in our lives by unelected bureaucratic bigots – it has gone on long enough. Heads should roll, starting at the most senior person who allowed/endorsed or approved these “lessons”, department heads and Ministers included – I wonder who that might be? They are obviously not fit to manage a government department. Public servants are paid by the tax payers to do their job – which does not include being brainwashed and bullied by superiors and woke university-bred “gender trainers”!


    1. Suggest Dominic Perrotett take a look at ricky Gervais’ latest video, “Supernature” to see the stupid side of transgenderism.

  2. Perrottet has been bought and owned by the Left. He is no better than Obeid’s girl Kristina Keneally. Gladys was begrudgingly owned by Photios. Perrottet is nothing more than a girl-hearted turncoat.

  3. Just once, I’d like to see an LNP leader stand up to the woke ratbags. Even Barnaby has pronouns now.

  4. Although the demise of a good type like Perrotet is regretted, he has not discharged his moral responsibility, which was to stand up to the likes of Matt Kean and the Liberal and Green Left in the public interest. We need strong leaders not weak ones. The voters do prefer strong right wing pro business Labor Governments to left wing liberal governments, so are likely to replace the NSW libs with Labor’s Chris Minns and his able Deputy Pru Carr later this year. Labor has moved on from its corruption issues, M/s Carr professed a desire to throw any greenies in the tin who blocked essential infrastructure, and voters understandably would regard these 2 as a better bet to run the state, as they are a lot more conservative. Ditto happened in WA and then SA, and eventually the penny will drop to the libs that voters don’t like the left.

  5. Got the impression Dom only got the gig with Keans support & making him treasurer, guess he hasn’t a choice?


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