Perrottet’s deal with Left threatens early trouble

DOMINIC Perrottet’s deal with the Left to secure his premiership increasingly appears to be dominating his government. 

He’s saying all the right things but it’s his actions that are being watched. Each incremental step to the Right now appears to be followed by a giant bound to the Left. 

Increasingly, it appears that Mr Perrottet’s side of the bargain allows him to say whatever he likes – but he must do whatever the Left tells him.

His recent promotion to NSW premier brought sighs of relief from centre-Right voters – who were then left speechless when hard Left political operative Matt Kean was appointed NSW treasurer – while keeping his climate and energy portfolios.

Mr Perrottet’s sacking of the Berejiklian-appointed former UK communist Jim Betts as head of the NSW Public Service was equally promising. Until he promoted in his place a darling of the Left Michael Coutts-Trotter.


Mr Coutts-Trotter is an original Labor appointment, is married to snarling federal Labor MP Tanya Plibersek and is a convicted heroin trafficker who has spent jail time.

While he doesn’t hide his criminal past, Mr Coutts-Trotter downplays it as the mere actions of a stupid kid. He was sentenced to nine years imprisonment in 1986. He was 21 years old.

In a recent interview with Alan Jones on Sky News, Mr Perrottet positioned himself as a solid centre-Right conservative.

“As a Liberal, the less government intervention the better,” he said this week.

“Over time, in my experience, red tape grows, regulation grows and there’s no one in the government that’s making life easier for families and businesses to flourish.

“Having said that, there will always be times when we will need to provide support for those who are most vulnerable in society and those who are going through difficult times.

“But ultimately most people don’t want to live off the State, they want to have the freedom to succeed and they are fundamental values I believe in”.


Mr Perrottet told Mr Jones that it wan’t the State’s role to control people’s freedom.

“People by the fact that they are born in this nation are born free. [During COVID] people have made enormous sacrifices to keep people safe.

“We’ve had to keep some restrictions in place but I want to get rid of them and open up our society to flourish as quickly as possible.

“This view that the public service make the decisions on behalf of elected officials is completely false.

“You can’t hide behind advice. Ultimately the buck stops with me as premier and the executive who make the decisions.

“It’s the role of the public service to provide fearless and frank advice to elected officials and it’s the role of the elected officials to make the best decisions they believe are in the interest of the people.”

Despite his centre-Right views, Mr Perrottet has remained tight friends with “Australia’s most dangerous politician” – and political deal-maker – Matt Kean, who leads the NSW Left faction of the Liberal Party.

Mr Perrottet, a practising Christian married with six children is the polar opposite of Mr Kean, an unmarried father with a string of illicit affairs in his trail.

Mr Kean has used his political position to drive his pet renewable energy projects and is pro big government and pro State intervention. There’s hardly a farmer, miner or energy provider in NSW who hasn’t had Mr Kean breathing down their neck.

The big question remains what deal has Mr Perrottet done with Mr Kean’s dominant Left faction.

Increasingly, the answer appears that Mr Perrottet’s side of the bargain allows him to say whatever he likes – but must do whatever the Left tells him.PC

A mismatch of words & actions…

5 thoughts on “Perrottet’s deal with Left threatens early trouble

  1. Premier Perrottet,
    You should take SERIOUS NOTE and learn from the experience of TONY ABBOTT!

    Abbott TRUSTED Turnbull and hoisted him into his Cabinet as Communications Minister. From this position of trust, Turnbull insidiously orchestrated the political ‘murder’ of Abbott himself!

    Beware of the potent, overweening ambitions of the two who should NEVER BE TRUSTED AND WHO SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN GIVEN ANY POWER:


    WATCH YOUR BACK DOMINIC! You communicate the RIGHT ideas but at least two sharks circle!

  2. Very worryingly, he’s tipping a few billion of taxpayer’s funds into green hydrogen. Despite all the espousers claims to the contrary, the energy required to convert water into hydrogen is much greater than what wind and solar can competitively generate within a given land area. When you factor in Morrison’s Glasgow capitulation, our future energy costs and lack of supply will mean that life as we know it is going to finish, as we become a poor society. We will both become very vulnerable to China, and sustaining the massive red ink being inputted into future budgets is simply not possible.

  3. I told you so.

    Unfortunately, many people won’t understand the truth even when it’s staring them in the face. As the apropos saw states, “It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they’ve been fooled”.

  4. ALP, L/NP and Greens need to go at the next elections. Even council elections = no major parties & Hazzard must go NOW via vulantary early retirement!!!

  5. Only when the whole rotten lot are cleared out will we return to governance that does things for the people, not for political factions and ideology.

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