Climate extremism more harmful than corruption

RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin has allegedly amassed wealth, mistresses and a whole lot of children at the taxpayers’ expense. 

These lurid claims have long been an intense focus of the world’s media outside Russia, whose related investigative endeavours are not confronted with immediate execution, assassination or poisoning. 

President Putin has so far saved Russia from renewables and global warming, so may have already paid for himself multiple times over…

Consequently, President Putin’s machinations retain much more press interest than either Harry or Meghan.

What would be interesting to know is how his alleged wealth compares with that of the world’s richest, in fact is he the world’s wealthiest man?


Robert Mugabe, eat your heart out!

Putin could never spend it, so what happens to the wealth when he eventually dies, or is deposed!

Any new broom sweeping through Russia might embark on a massive worldwide confiscation exercise of what was allegedly amassed by himself, his extended family and cronies.

The resultant boost to Russia’s State coffers would be stupendous, but probably wouldn’t dent his popularity.

The massive payroll largesse allegedly afforded to his mistresses, children and cronies is apparently extraordinary, so little wonder that he is the Russian femme fatale’s top target, especially given the array of palaces on offer.

He’s not for everyone, though, as none of Russia’s gay or transvestite community, or variation of other newly minted derivatives appear likely to get a look in from what we’re told.

Whatever other accumulative type mindset was going to derive from 75 years of Marxism, communism or socialism!


That said, he may still be a less dreadful alternative to what he replaced, his avarice and alleged criminality aside.

No good type like Gorbachev lasts long in a post-communist environment.

Russian virtue signalling is not tolerated.

Certainly no ABC, Greens, Left wing politician or woke liberal mandating a new world order would survive.

They can thrive only in the West thanks to the lucky elites who win life’s lottery and are in on the joke!

The only question that remains if the Glasgow global warming alarmists have sent Mr Putin an invitation. Or do the sponsors accept that he’s decided to stick with his own unique style of income re-distribution!

All that said, President Putin has so far saved Russia from renewables and global warming, so may have already paid for himself multiple times over.PC

Nick Bury

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Vladimir Putin. (courtesy Fox News)
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1 thought on “Climate extremism more harmful than corruption

  1. I know little about Putin’s latest antics. But as a former head of communist Russia’s KGB, he seems mild mannered – even likeable – compared to the rubbish progressives currently ruling/ruining Australia.

    One generation is all it takes to destroy freedom, according to Ronald Reagan.

    Of course, he was wrong. One election cycle has made Australia a living hell hole for those who want to be left alone to get on with it.

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