Queer Jews turn on Israel

by PAUL COLLITS – IT’S unlikely any Australian has heard of Shatzi Weisberger – a self-described “Jewish dyke” fervently pursuing the Palestinian cause. 

She died last December aged 92 in New York City – where else? Ms Weisberger regularly proclaimed “love is organising”. 

Israeli infants didn’t even have the chance to grow up before experiencing the brutality of the Left’s latest definition of “love”.

Following Australia’s 2017 admission of homosexuals into a bourgeois, heteronormative institution we used to call “marriage”, we were led to believe “love is love”.

But no, love is organising. Organising for other people’s “freedom”.


There wasn’t much love on October 7 in southern Israel. Rape, torture, beheadings, kidnappings and burning of innocent women, children and the elderly.

And babies – notwithstanding the ruminations of the now silenced ABC Middle East correspondent, the appalling Tom Joyner.

These innocents didn’t even have the chance to grow up before experiencing the brutality of the Left’s latest definition of “love”.

No, you can only take “love is love” so far. Love really is organising for the professionally affronted.

“Queer Jews for a free Palestine” is a poster that has also been seen at the odd rally. There hasn’t been a slogan like this since “land rights for gay whales”.

Of course, today’s organising cadres don’t care so much about whales, whatever their sexual “orientation”. They are willing to put up wind farms in the sea that are more or less guaranteed to reduce the whale population.

Laughably, some progressive journalist recently had a go at Peter Dutton for suddenly developing an affection for whales. The real story is the greenies’ equally sudden loss of interest in them.

I always thought the greenies’ affection for animals was merely theoretical. They loved theoretical whales, not real ones. Recent developments confirm this.

The self-identification of the Shatzi Weisberger class along multiple, predictable lines – anti-Zionist, homosexual, green (in theory), anti-colonialist – covers the lot.

Shatzi thought she was being clever by inserting the word “Jew” into her cause. It gave her freedom, she presumed, to spew hate.

“I am gay. It privileges me. I can call Israel colonialist. Indeed, I can oppose Israel’s very existence. I am a Jew!”

An obvious question for Shatzi’s peers – freedom from what?

Might not a two-State solution move the Middle East towards the goal of freedom? Freedom for all concerned.


Like freedom from being murdered. Freedom from rape. Freedom from torture. Freedom from being kidnapped.

That would be the two-State solution rejected by the then Palestinian leadership in 2005.

Arguably, Gaza is far freer now, under Israeli “colonialism” than it ever was under the two previous colonial powers, the Ottoman Empire and then the British Empire.

Are murdered South African farmers in post-colonial South Africa free?

Are the victims of African intra-racial black genocides free?  Are all of these unfortunates freer than the citizens of Gaza?

Benign colonialism can have its rewards. (Am I defending colonialism?  No, I’m merely welcoming benign regimes. They’re not that common.)

Yes indeed, freedom can be a relative thing.

All today’s Palestinian freedom cheer-squadders like the Greens Senators and Tony Burke and dear old Albo and Bob Carr, and the ABC and the rest, revealed a clearly circumscribed love of freedom from 2020 to 2022, as they locked us in our homes, had us sacked from our jobs, ruined our businesses and spent a trillion dollars on managing a meagre virus.

Their “pandemic” spending has created an inflationary crisis that will enslave generations of Australians.

So please don’t lecture us about your love of anyone’s freedom. The ubiquitous Bob Carr’s position seems to have been – freedom for Palestinians; no freedom for Australians when there is a mild flu about.

The only definition of “free” that an anti-Zionist will come at is “free from the existence of Israel”.

At least Hamas and the Iranians say it out loud. They want a one State solution with a difference. They want to create ten million or so Jewish refugees.

After they achieve their aim, will the Woke West be lining up (as they usually do with refugees) to welcome displaced Jews?

No, their attitude would probably resemble the current Jordanian position – we don’t want any refugees from Gaza. Supporting “freedom” has its limits, clearly.

As Will Jones at The Daily Sceptic notes: “We will always be there for our Palestinian brethren,” says Jordanian King – who refuses to take a single Gazan refugee.

Sounds a little like the old line from Yes Minister: “We will give them every assistance short of help.”

Jordan, of course, was created by the same process and at the same time as Israel. Iraq and Syria are also recent Middle Eastern national creations.


The cold war on the streets continues. We were greeted this week by the covering of Sydney’s eastern suburbs with posters showing Netanyahu to be Hitler in disguise. 

The covering of public spaces with hate – which we all thought was a crime under the modern, woke regime – has been enabled by the political class. While Sydney burns with hatred.

Then we have the Greens, who understand neither democracy nor the Middle East.

Led by Senators with good Aussie names like Mehreen Faruqi – the fruits of multiculturalism revealed yet again – they have done their bit for the normalisation of hate speech.

They probably have Palestinian flags tattooed on their arses. (Do Ukrainian flags wash off?)

The ABC itself is without shame in its treatment of the Jewish Question – as on so many other issues.

It is little wonder that the ignorant twenty-somethings simply latch onto the latest opportunity to virtue-signal on a trendy cause of which they have little understanding and even less knowledge.

What study of history? What attainment of skills in critical thinking? What thirst for the truth of things?

In our fact-free age, the dumbest generation get its information from social media.

Love is activism, remember.

Yes, the political class is (at best) doing a full buttock-clench on the Middle East. With honourable exceptions, like the NSW Premier on a good day. But only on a good day.


His still-in-employment Police Minister, the librarian from Lake Macquarie, hasn’t exactly led from the front in getting her officers to hunt down illegal hate speech.

This has simply given permission to the local Muslim small-b brotherhood to strut their stuff. In Sydney and across the Western world. A diabolical concoction of hatred, ignorance and ideology.

Meantime, the now almost daily marches for a free Palestine roll on, in the shadow of Armistice Day and, no doubt, across Remembrance Weekend, and the Jewish Queers for a Free Palestine are out there among them.

Such queers certainly don’t feel the empathy for their fellow Nazi victims.

Homosexuals in Nazi Germany were much more “in the closet” than communists, socialists and trade unionists.

The noisily persistent protesters, queer or not, don’t want an Israeli ceasefire to avoid a bigger war.

They can’t even define peace in a Middle Eastern context, nor figure out what might come next.

Would leaving an existential threat to Israel ever constitute a peace that any half sentient observer would accept?

The Left claim the Palestinians aren’t free, without remotely understanding what freedom is. They haven’t noticed, nor care, that they are waving the flags of murderers.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Queers… (courtesy Queer Majority)

3 thoughts on “Queer Jews turn on Israel

  1. Quote

    An Israeli Sense of Humour at United Nations set the record straight.
    An ingenious example of speech and politics occurred recently in the United Nations Assembly and made the world community smile.
    A representative from Israel began: ‘Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Moses: When he struck the rock and it brought forth water, he thought, “What a good opportunity to have a bath!”
    Moses removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water. When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished.
    A Palestinian had stolen them!
    The Palestinian representative at the UN jumped up furiously and shouted, “What are you talking about? The Palestinians weren’t there then.”

    The Israeli representative smiled and said, “And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speech.”

  2. And ignoring the tolerant society in Israel who unlike their Hamas tormentors respect the rights of “gay” people.

    Also people who are from all religious backgrounds.


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