Dutton: ‘Stop acting queer!’

AUSTRALIAN soldiers have been ordered not to engage in cross-gender dress-ups as new Defence Minister Peter Dutton prepares the armed forces for possible conflict. 

After years of governments pandering to a military obsessed with gender fluidity and political correctness, Mr Dutton has finally told the armed services to “get back to business”. 

I'm sorry, gender theory doesn’t have a place in the modern defence force. Our business is to keep Australia safe.
Peter Dutton
Defence Minister

His latest intervention came after defence personnel had been advised to wear rainbow clothing on May 17 in celebration of International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia.

Mr Dutton’s response was swift, ordering Defence Force Chief Angus Campbell and Defence Secretary Greg Moriarty to cancel the dress-up.


Mr Moriarty had formerly served as chief of staff to dumped PM Malcolm Turnbull.

The Defence Minister described his tough stance against military wokeness as “just common sense”.

“Most people want our defence force to be in the best possible shape they can be in,” he told Sky News anchor Alan Jones this week.

“While I won’t tolerate discrimination, our business is to make sure we can keep Australia safe and secure.

“We’re investing money in our people and in the equipment they need to fulfil that task – and that’s the only focus I have and that they should have.

“I’ve said to our troops before that I’ve got their backs and we want to make sure we support them getting back to business.

“I hope we have further reinforced that message through my decision last week.”


Mr Dutton said gender theory had no future in Australia’s defence forces.

“When you’re telling people you can’t use language like husband or wife and you’re asking people for pronouns, I’m sorry, that doesn’t have a place in the modern defence force,” he said.

“We don’t discriminate against people. I don’t care about people’s sexual orientation, their skin colour, their race or their religion. It’s completely irrelevant.

“We treat everyone the same and we don’t have the time nor the capacity to embark on these quasi-political agendas.

“We need to make sure our troops are the best possible fighting machine in the world. That’s why our allies respect us and our enemies fear us.”

Mr Dutton said fighting wars would be the defence force’s only focus moving forward – not the woke debate.

“You’ve got activists on social media who might have a dozen followers who all of a sudden are bullying companies and government departments into positions that do not reflect the majority view,” he said.

“People who are working their guts out in the suburbs and regional towns – they work hard for their money, they pay their taxes and they pay the wages of defence force personnel.

“They expect the defence force to be trained as best as they can and not be off on these frolics.

“I’ve made it very clear that this is not to happen again!”

There is a strong case for Mr Dutton to have education and communications added to his federal portfolio.PC

Dutton: 'This is not to happen again!'

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Defence Force Chief Angus Campbell. (courtesy The Conversation/Rolling Stone, enhanced)
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8 thoughts on “Dutton: ‘Stop acting queer!’

  1. Time Angus Campbell resigned or retired, biggest leftie that turning our AF to a Mardi Gras tip to Army.

  2. Minister Dutton, your policy gives the serving professionals certainty. Too many years with outside influence and interference to the level defence force has become the same as a corporation.

    What an individual does in personal life is their business and has been for centuries, let’s keep it that way and get on with defence business

  3. Minister Dutton is a pragmatic man of action, just what we need in the Defence job. We need him to go further in his war on woke within the ADF. In common with other Western militaries, the ADF brass have bought the equality mantra, and despite scientific evidence to the contrary, have persuaded themselves that women are physical the equal of men in the difficult and dangerous job of soldiering. Combat is the ultimate contact sport, yet the Olympic, the NRL and tennis all recognise the need for separate categories. Real women have started to protest against the entry of biological men who think they are women in women’s sport. Isn’t this a clue? The very dangerous occupation of riding race-horses is starting to produce statistics that offer a further pointer, where the casualty and mortality rate of women is significantly higher than that of men. This writer believes that similar outcomes would be seen in a war with a true peer competitor, rather that a small war against insurgents who lacked air superiority. The nation will be shocked by the slaughter of its girls. We should stop the folly now.

  4. Since when has the defence dept been a political party catering to loud minorities.
    Do what you are paid to do or resign

  5. He needs to sack the “Woke” leadership of defence and get rid of quotas and bring high standards back ahead of all other agendas.


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