PM sides with crazies to force out Christian principal

THE principal of an Australian Christian school mired in controversy over an enrolment contract affirming the school’s stance on gender and sexuality has stood down, saying he is “heartbroken”. 

Brisbane’s Citipointe Christian College has been the target of public criticism and two government-led probes in response to a contract it sent to parents last month. 

I can solve the problem: If you don’t subscribe to traditional Christian beliefs, don’t send your kids to a traditional Christian school.
George Christensen
Federal MP

The agreement, which it subsequently withdrew on February 3, described homosexuality as a sin and stated that the college would only enrol students on the basis of the “gender that corresponds to their biological sex”.

In an email to parents on February 5, principal and pastor Brian Mulheran said he had decided to take extended leave to “reflect on what has transpired and provide the college community time to heal”.


“Citipointe needs to be ready to welcome students on Monday with a positive outlook to start the new school year,” his statement read.

“Our intention was only to offer families a choice about how their children are educated, and to be open and transparent about our religious ethos that guides the way we teach and care for students.

“I am heartbroken that, by doing so, our college, and our community have suffered so much.”

Nr Mulheran revealed he had been “devastated” talking to the students who have “suffered hurtful and hate-filled verbal assaults simply because of their beliefs or for attending the college.”

“I am sorry, sorry that some students felt that they may be being discriminated against at Citipointe. We would never discriminate against any student on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity,” he wrote.

Ruth Gravestien, the school’s head of primary will become acting principal.

The move comes amid heightened pressure on Mulheran to resign.


On February 4, crowds gathered in Brisbane’s King George Square in the CBD to protest the principal’s actions.

On the same day, a group of 23 parents wrote a letter to the school accusing Mr Mulheran of stigmatising a “vulnerable community” and causing “hurt and distress”.

Liberal National Party leader David Crisafulli on February 5, said it was “absolutely the right decision” for the principal to step down as “the contract clearly wasn’t one that was right either in law or in practice”.

“At the heart of it we have to reflect on the impact that these things have on the kids,” he said.

However, fellow Liberal National Party member and federal MP of Dawson, George Christensen, noted that parents and students had “a choice” of whether to go to a Christian school or not.

“I can solve the problem: If you don’t subscribe to traditional Christian beliefs, don’t send your kids to a traditional Christian school,” he wrote on Facebook on February 2.

Rebecca Fishcher, a former student of the college, said she was glad the principal “stood up for Christian values” but was disappointed by the response of some political leaders who identified as Christians.

On February 5, in a letter to Lyle Shelton, member of the Christian Democratic Party, she said the school was isolated and on their own “in the war shooting a pistol surrounded by bazookas”.


“If they waited to have a group of Christian schools to support, it would take years. Not many schools make a stand for their values,” she wrote.

“We get so-called good people into positions of power but when they are there, they cave and don’t stand up for truth.”

The Human Rights Commission in Queensland said they were reviewing complaints, while Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace, and Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman have been critical of Citipointe College’s actions.PC

Nina Nguyen

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Brisbane pro-LGBTQ protesters. (courtesy The Epoch Times)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Epoch Times on February 5, 2021. Re-used with permission.
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  1. Yes as Muslim Schools and Jewish Schools and other ( ethnic ) schools require you be either that race or religion to attend those schools . Same applies here . You know it is a Christian School with Traditional Christian Values .

  2. Morrison’s actions reflect his complete lack of principle. He is as much a ‘true’ Christian – quite whatever that means – as a monkey’s aunt. He is without scruple, he has no courage, he is entirely without political vision and a total intellectual lightweight. Is this really the man we want as Prime Minister?
    I feel deep sympathy for Pastor Mulheran. He is yet another who has been let down by those who should be supporting him – his case yet another example of the Liberals rewarding their enemies and ignoring their friends.


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