‘Stop filling our heads with absolute rubbish!’

LIBERAL governments have been so overrun by activist MPs they’re incapable of protecting Australian children from “abusive” indoctrination. 

Critical race theory, gender fluidity, climate alarmism and renewables propaganda is now awash through Australian education, government departments and corporations while current-crop Liberal parliamentarians either cheer – or stay fearfully silent. 

The public thinks they’re voting for a conservative Party that has certain principles and objectives – well they don’t…
Pauline Hanson
Federal One Nation Leader

The conservative side of politics has been taken over by the Left, according to One Nation federal leader Pauline Hanson.

Ms Hanson spoke out this week after being forced by Liberal MPs to make amendments to her bill banning critical race theory from Australian schools.


Critical race theory teaches children that all white people should be ashamed and apologise for themselves and their culture.

The Senate on Monday narrowly passed Ms Hanson’s amended motion 30-28.

Despite the win, Ms Hanson was seething at the weakness displayed by Liberal Party MPs.

“I put this motion on the floor of parliament and the Libs were so embarrassed by it,” she said.

“I originally had the word ‘ban’, but they said they couldn’t support the word. That it should be changed to ‘reject’ because it was upsetting the Lefties.”


Ms Hanson said Liberal MPs were attempting to bury motions that could show them up for what they now stand for.

“What has happened is the Libs, which were conservatives, have been taken over by the Left,” she said.

“The public thinks they’re voting for a conservative Party that has certain principles and objectives – well they don’t.

“That’s why they are shutting us down and stopping me from showing them up for what they are.”

Ms Hanson said the purpose of her original motion was to call out the blatant ideology within the draft national education curriculum.

“We are all Australians, there should be equality but they are undermining the whole lot and filling our kids’ heads with absolute rubbish,” she said.

NSW Upper House MP Mark Latham agrees.

In a paint-peeling appraisal of NSW’s Liberal government, Mr Latham said its ministers were afraid to protect children from “abusive” indoctrination.

“They seem to be scared of the Teachers’ Federation, maybe some of these ministers are scared of their own shadow,” Mr Latham said.

“But they have a duty of care as ministers to protect our students from something that’s just so appalling,” he said.

Mr Latham said the NSW government urgently needed to clean up the State’s classrooms.

“They’ve had plenty of reviews, counselling and cautions for the teachers but nobody sacked,” he said.

“You need to send a message that teachers who engage in political indoctrination, gender fluidity and Safe Schools programs will lose their positions.”PC

They’re filling our kids’ heads with absolute rubbish…

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4 thoughts on “‘Stop filling our heads with absolute rubbish!’

  1. It’s been in schools for at least 10 years. When I look at Bachelors and Masters degrees ‘Critical Theory’ or ‘Modern Literary Theory’ finds it way into everywhere, even King Arthur and Shakespeare.
    Even if it wasn’t specifically part of the curriculum, it was being taught. It’s entirely possible that the teachers at the time didn’t know better. I didn’t when I first went to Uni.

  2. It’s easy to imagine a good criminal lawyer having a field day with this indoctrination of the young. Doesn’t so much of this rate as grooming? Isn’t grooming of minors for sexual purpose a criminal offence? Many parents think so, which is why there is mass resistance to what appears to be state sponsored paedophilia by another name. Of course, the proponents of these outrages generally don’t have children of their own. A class action or two against the state Departments of Education could see a sudden shift, especially if the minister and/or department head are made personally liable. Can’t come soon enough.

    I’m pretty sure I speak for the majority of conservative parents and grandparents:

    IMAGINE IF YOU CAN: – Our non-judgemental children are happily learning in a calm, friendly environment, where their fellow-pupils are regarded as similar and all very much friends.

    Then one day their horribly misguided/misdirected teacher inserts his/her ‘critical race theories’ into their peaceful and unsuspecting existence. Suddenly they’re made to see differences that previously, they’ve blissfully hardly registered; they’re told that some of them are privileged ‘oppressors’ and that others are downtrodden, ‘oppressed victims’, – all this because of their skin colour and ‘race’. So then, the seeds of unhappiness, conflict and eventual hate are sewn!

    NOW CONSIDER: So many active, young girls enjoy being ‘tomboys’ as they are growing and likewise young boys can be sensitive and have a soft, quite feminine side; however they travel on quite comfortably through their school days, their interests taken up with productive learning, sport, artistic pursuits and friendships.

    Then their peaceful progress is torn apart by teachers bent on insisting that they recognise that their perceived female or male gender is importantly based on a seething sea of fluidity, that they’re awake to the world of cross-dressing and of gender transitioning. Insecurity, confusion and unhappiness are assured!

    CHILDREN SHOULD NOT HAVE THEIR LIVES BLIGHTED. So many young lives are already blighted with fear because of the rampant alarmism surrounding the ‘climate change’ hoax, the absolute rubbish which they are incessantly fed in every subject and at every opportunity. However, it will be a dire, terrible scenario if these other insidious, overtly disruptive and dangerous ‘theories’ are allowed by this Government to infiltrate and infect our schools.

    YOU WILL ALL BE HELD CULPABLE, found completely guilty of forging a very twisted, fragmented and hate-filled society by the judgements of the sane and of history itself!

  4. “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”

    Another saying from the days when wind power was difficult to manage but there was no alternative fossil fuelled superior technology:

    “A ship without a good captain will forever be sailing into the wind”.

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