Dejected Anderson warns of Australia’s demise

AUSTRALIA’s very survival is under threat as its citizens become hopelessly divided by cultural, gender and climate politics. 

Former deputy prime minister John Anderson said this week that Australia’s sovereignty wasn’t guaranteed. 

Many civilisations in the past have collapsed … I think Australia is in grave danger.
John Anderson
Former Deputy Prime Minister

“Many civilisations in the past have collapsed,” Mr Anderson told Sky News anchor Alan Jones on Tuesday. “I think Australia is in grave danger,” he said.

“We are held back from focussing on the important things – security and the economic management that goes with it – because we are now so divided.

“This is a Western-wide thing and I’m really trying to understand, from the best thinkers around the world, why we’re so divided, why it’s holding us back and why we’re putting our culture at risk.”


Mr Anderson, who recently ran for (and lost) a National Party nomination for the Federal Senate, said Western civilisation’s loss of self-belief and willingness to stand up for its cultural foundations made all other issues difficult to address.

“I didn’t want to die wondering whether I could have made a contribution if my old Party wanted me,” Mr Anderson said.

“It was an unusual thing to do, I know that, but I did so because I think Australia is in grave danger.”

The former National Party leader who served under PM John Howard said educational indoctrination had become a “huge” problem.

“Research shows that of all the things [National Party] voters are worried about; number one is access to high quality education and number two is getting ideology out of the classrooms,” he said.

“Nothing drives parents nuts more than thinking that their kids are being told what to think rather than how to think.


“Identity politics – because it focusses on tribalism rather than recognising one another as individuals – may very well topple democracy in America … and across the Western world.

“It focuses on these things that just confuse our children. We know children are recording record levels of anxiety, depression and self-harm.

“You’d think there’d be some hard questions about whether we are doing this the right way?”

Mr Anderson said current energy policy was also a threat to national sovereignty.

“All the energy debate – except from the leaders of the [Morrison] government – is so one dimensional at the moment,” he said.

“We’ve come out of COVID, we’re worried about our supply chains – you’ve got to have reliable, accessible and affordable energy.

“One thing that’s still not being given enough focus, I have to say is that … farmers are three or four days away from running out of diesel.

“We can’t feed people without diesel.

“We do not have sufficient reserves in the vital areas that it ought to be. I find that unbelievable.

“Our oil is coming in through ‘sensitive’ areas via foreign registered ships – many of them Chinese.”PC

Australia is in grave danger…

3 thoughts on “Dejected Anderson warns of Australia’s demise

  1. It’s a shocking fact that two of the most eminent minds to impart political wisdom and leadership have now — ‘left the building’.

    Australia is so much weaker and poorer for their loss!

    The Australian Parliament should have embraced these eminent politicians, Tony Abbott and John Anderson tightly. They are two men of great character, who have garnered infinite political experience and deep wisdom and who, given every chance, could have influenced and contributed massively, would have highlighted the route to excellence for Governance in Australia.

  2. Regardless of the description used in my opinion the political situation is worrying and makes me feel insecure and concerned about the future.

    Who can we trust?

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