Activists invent disasters for politicians to ‘solve’

by PAUL COLLITS – AUSTRALIA’S gullible politicians and their hired bureaucrats now favour “solving” non-problems – all while ignoring the nation’s real issues. 

Think virus-chasing, climate “emergencies”, republicanism and getting more women into politics. Non-problems, all. 

Self-interested ideologues achieve their policy outcomes to transform society by creating, from nothing, a series of non-problems for which they’ve a ready-made “solution”.

One way of looking at this strange behaviour is to go down the rabbit hole and join the conspiracy researchers.

One key to the puzzle lies in the word “industry”. For many years, we have had what members of the Bennelong Society and other smart people have called “the Aboriginal industry”.


This is an interest group dedicated to the prolongation of “Indigenous problems”, especially victimhood.

As always, politicians avoid addressing real problems, like Indigenous health, jobs and education, and focus on non-problems like the alleged lack of an Indigenous “voice”.

Using the word “industry” to describe what is going on is canny.

The methodology of ideologues determined to achieve certain policy outcomes and a particular kind of (transformed) society and polity is to create, from nothing, a series of non-problems for which they have a ready-made solution, and to get the political class on board and primed for action.

It is the oldest trick in the book. The added bonus for those involved is that it makes them important and often, no less, creates employment for them. At bottom, they are saboteurs.

They skew the policy process using nefarious means and build their “solutions” upon lies told to decision-makers and voters.

All this came to mind as a result of the use the term “pandemic industry”, coined by David Bell and Emma McArthur of the Brownstone Institute and given emphasis by Will Jones at The Daily Sceptic.

Like other perceptively introduced phrases like “virtue signalling”, everyone, upon first hearing the term, knows right away exactly what is meant.

Think Bill Gates, above everyone else. But also include public health bureaucrats, unwitting politicians, usually naïve health ministers, supra-national ideologues, the World Health Organisation, a corporate media which adores crises and feeds off the advertising revenue of Big Pharma.


And don’t forget useful idiot academics with their eyes on the funding prize, and, of course, those who make obscene amounts of money from manufactured medicines.

These all have a vested interest in creating expectations of pandemics – even the use of the P word is biased and scary – and then providing solutions.

Will Jones outlines the network’s operation: “The response to the COVID-19 pandemic represented the triumph of a pseudo-scientific biosecurity agenda that emerged in 2005 and has been pushed ever since by a well-organised, well-funded and well-embedded network of ideologues.

“These fanatics promote and perpetuate the ideas underpinning the draconian new approach by publishing them in leading journals, planting them in public policy and law, pushing them in the media and smearing those who dissent, however eminent or well-qualified.”

Their agenda is endless “pandemic preparedness”, to be achieved by what its protagonists euphemistically call “public private partnerships”.

Every time one hears the latter, especially in the context of global public health, extremely loud alarm bells should be sounding.

US political website Politico has also done a pretty good job looking into this cabal of the well-organised. The governments of the world weren’t prepared for the COVID outbreak. But there were others who were. Very prepared.

The report’s headline speaks volumes: How Bill Gates and partners used their clout to control the global COVID response — with little oversight.

With no oversight, to be strictly accurate.

Eugyppius refers to the “global vaccine mafia”, the “Gates Hive” and “… the havoc wrought and money wasted by a cabal of wealthy out-of-touch interconnected vaccinators”.

UK pharmacologist Mike Yeadon and US cardiologist Peter McCullough are also onto this.

McCullough states: “This is planned. Moderna & the US government patented the (technology for the) product years ago. Three days after WHO declared a pandemic, Moderna announced it had a product. You can’t invent a product in three days.”

Here is Yeadon: “Check out the comical Bond villain, Schwab & his sidekick Gates. They intend to maintain a high tempo of pandemics & claim to knock them down before they become a problem.”

This is nothing more than “corporatised public health”. And Politico name names.

Some of these will be familiar to Politicom readers – apart from the Gates Foundation, there are Gavi, CEPI and the Wellcome Trust.


Ironically, Australians chair two of the big four. They are Julia Gillard (Wellcome Trust) and Jane Halton (CEPI), the public health bureaucrat’s public health bureaucrat.

The pandemic industry has been massively successful in conning the world that there was a global catastrophe occurring, and that they had the ready solution. What if the solution actually created the problem, just like with climate change and renewables?

Would anyone now expect them to let go, to admit their malfeasance, to simply give up and go home?

No, they are already hard at work on future pandemics. They even had a go – laughably, as it turned out – with monkeypox.

And the “convergent opportunists” with other, equally sinister agendas have piggybacked on the best-in-show efforts of the Bill Gates-led international pandemicists.

These include the bio-digital State brigade, the cashless society spruikers, the facial recognition cheer squad and all of the other flagbearers of the push for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Great re-setters, all.

And in tow, as always, are the useful idiot politicians (as well as those who really believe in it, like Macron, Trudeau and Adern) who spout the talking points of the puppet-masters of Wall Street, Davos and Beijing.

In the good old days, when interest groups were merely selfish and scheming, they simply focused on capturing politicians and bureaucrats, rigging the political system and using the State for private gain.

They didn’t concern themselves with perceived “global issues” like eradicating pandemics and saving the planet from non-existent climate crises.

(Graham Lloyd at The Australian newspaper notes that “an international study of major weather and extreme events has found no evidence of a ‘climate emergency’ in the record to date”. This is merely the latest of many rigorous studies showing the so-called emergency is an utterly contrived myth).

Old-style interest groups left the rest of us alone. They didn’t destroy our individual rights, jobs, lifestyles and freedom to prosper through their actions.

They didn’t use fear, psy-ops, technology and other weapons in order to achieve their haughty ambitions.

Back then, after all, their ambitions were not all that haughty. They merely wished to line their own pockets.

Yes, it was at our expense – our taxes were used for politicians to garner favour with interest groups.

But they didn’t come for us personally, like they do now, with agendas that they know will make lives miserable. Nor were most interest groups ideological, or led by system-changers.


Bear in mind that the created problems of our times which today’s warrior-policy advocates set out to solve do result in material gain for them and their allies.

Again, think of pharmaceutical companies. But in the case of climate change, the outcomes are material gain as well, for anyone with a commercial stake in renewable energy.

Include in this group bankers, superannuation companies, private equity investment managers like Vanguard, State Street and Black Rock, as well as companies that manufacture wind turbines and solar panels.

Yes, there is a climate industry. Just look at the client lists of the shadowy lobbyists of Canberra and of Macquarie Street, Spring Street and so on.

The venal gains are still part of the interest group gravy train, but now they are driven by ideology and the pursuit of power as well. And they are crushing in their outcomes.

The late Senator Peter Walsh used to call greenies many things, but one descriptor that stood out was “saboteurs”.

Just like the unions who disrupted Australia’s war effort in World War II, those who would destroy economies and jobs in order to solve make-believe problems are out to create mayhem and incur permanent system-damage, nothing less.

They are revolutionaries posing as interest groups. Those who created the fear of a global pandemic when what we had was a middling virus, then got the governments of the world to buy their deceptions, and got those same governments to change all the rules in their favour to boot.


They are also nothing less than saboteurs in service of ideology and the all-powerful, self-perpetuating industries they set out to create.

Perhaps it is time to re-think our conceptions of democracy and how it really works in our time.  Ideology now drives interest groups.

These create false problems in order to wreak havoc both with people’s lives and with our formerly stable and relatively transparent polity.

They have preconceived solutions to the non-problems to which they seek to co-opt popular support.

They are now global in reach as well as local. Their interests are both venal and revolutionary.

And they convince clueless governments that they will be crucified at the polls if they do not get on board with their seemingly benign, planet-saving agendas.

Yes, the political science texts definitely need updating.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Wellcome Trust Chairwoman Julia Gillard. (courtesy Buzzfeed)

5 thoughts on “Activists invent disasters for politicians to ‘solve’

  1. I think many people have been aware of what is going on for a long time, the problem is what can be done to stop it. Many commentators (especially on Sky) mention this problem ad nauseum, but none, to my knowledge, have come up with an answer other than to tell various “leaders” to grow a “pair” and stop being so bloody woke.

  2. This is an excellent, all encompassing article, covering the salient points of our very real troubles. Thank you. The next real two questions are these: How do we get this message out to the man on the street and, secondly , what on earth can he [we] do about it?

  3. James Morrow has exposed the problem that the Liberals have;

    Sky News host James Morrow says there has to be a connection between NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet getting pulled around by the “woke whims of the left” and his government now being “adrift”.

    “He went and he took down the New South Wales flag from the Harbour Bridge, which of course represents all New South Welsh folk, for the Indigenous flag,” Mr Morrow said.

    “You have to wonder if, ever since he started going down this path, this is where all the trouble has really started to begin for Dom Perrottet.

    “He’s languishing in the polls – Chris Minns, the Opposition leader, is absolutely eating his lunch.”

    States and Federal!!!!

  4. I noticed in the Saturday Telegraph that former Labor PM Gillard continues with self praise for her parliamentary under privilege address on misogyny.

    Remember the UK Labor Spin Doctor (PM Blair period) who came to work in Australia with a 457 Visa and started with the Labor SA State Government? He was the architect of a campaign in the UK against the opposition leader claiming that he was a misogynist and re-created that campaign for Labor Australia to use.

    The speech was written by him and rehearsed by PM Gillard with his advice and assistance.

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