Turnbull quits Libs? Rumours fly

by SEAN BURKE – UNCONFIRMED reports are circulating on social media that former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has failed to renew his annual Liberal Party membership. 

The posts, shared among some of the most senior members of the NSW Division – and yet to be refuted – appeared earlier this week on a social chat forum. 

Malcolm Turnbull is one of the most despised Liberal leaders among grass-roots members, many of who believe he joined their Party only after being rejected by his first-preference ALP.

The source of Mr Turnbull’s Party status has been attributed to one of NSW’s most influential Party executives – with the announcement being greeted by members with both relief and guarded celebration.

Politicom has reached out for confirmation of the rumours, however, is still waiting a response.


Mr Turnbull is one of the most despised Liberal leaders among grass-roots members, many of who believe he joined their Party only after being rejected by his first-preference ALP.

According to senior ALP figures, Mr Turnbull begged for entry into Labor. He aspired to be a member, he had pleaded to be parachuted into Parliament and he offered himself for the Finance Ministry. This was in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

It was reported at the time that he had approached former Labor PM Bob Hawke, ALP staffer David Briton, NSW’s Labor State Secretary John Della Bosca, ACTU Secretary Bill Kelty, ALP Leader Kim Beazley, factional power-broker Graham Richardson and many others.

It turned out neither Mr Beazley nor the factional heavies wanted a thing to do with Turnbull. Mr Richardson describing him as having “hopeless political instincts”.

In response, Mr Turnbull entered the Liberal Party by knifing sitting Wentworth MP Peter King with a branch stack of truly industrial proportions.

He then snatched the Party leadership for the first time with a campaign of verbal intimidation (some insiders allege screaming abuse) and unforgivable disloyalty against then Liberal leader Brendan Nelson.

He then backed-up and stole the Prime Ministership in 2015 by relentlessly leaking against and undermining then PM Tony Abbott. 

This leaking and undermining managed to turn opinion polls against Mr Abbott – which spooked the Party into a spill.


The problem with the opinion polls, however, was that almost every respondent who indicated they preferred Turnbull as PM didn’t bother to vote for him when he became PM. They instead voted Greens or Labor as they always had.

A bloodbath 2016 election followed with Mr Turnbull losing his predecessor’s thumping majority and clinging to government by a single seat.

By 2018, when he was sacked by his own colleagues, he had taken the Liberal Party from Abbott’s huge parliamentary majority won in 2013 to a rabble minority.

After knifing Mr Abbott, Mr Turnbull changed policy direction. He binned the Liberal’s winning 2013 manifesto and adopted Labor’s policy positions instead.

He revived Julia Gillard’s Gonski education reforms, which helped see Australian kids plummet behind Kazakhstan in maths, science and English.

He revived the climate wars under the advice of his hand-chosen global warming mentor, Chief Government Scientist Alan Finkel.

He campaigned for and delivered gay marriage but then immediately reneged on the religious freedom protections he promised would follow.

He took Labor’s jaw-dropping national debt left after its 2013 election loss – and almost doubled it. 

Now he is defying Federal Liberal Leader Peter Dutton and is campaigning with his Labor mates in support of the Voice constitutional changes.

This is despite him arguing in 2017 – during his prime ministership – that he couldn’t support such a “radical” proposal.

“As to the prospects at a referendum, let me tell you honestly … it would have no prospect of success whatsoever,” he told ABC TV at the time.

He now defends the divisive, race-based change backed by PM Anthony Albanese, saying “a lot has changed in six years”.

By lurching the Liberal Party hard to the Left he helped revive One Nation and other Right-wing political Parties. Lifelong members fled the Liberals and its support base completely tanked.

The political arm of the Party has all but been wiped out on mainland Australia.

After his removal as leader, Mr Turnbull simply walked away leaving a smoking ruin for others to repair.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  (from left) Malcolm Turnbull, ALP’s Tanya Plibersek, Teal MP Allegra Spender and wife Lucy.(courtesy Daily Mail)

19 thoughts on “Turnbull quits Libs? Rumours fly

  1. I wish he would quit. He is a hypocrite and only in politics for himself. What about Snowy 2? We are stuck with that ill conceived plan.

  2. GOOD – LET HIM GO. Tell him to slam the door as he leaves also.

    Put him together with the RED BANDANNER MAN, Two traitors together – they would make a lovely couple.

  3. Well done your firm report of the rise and fall of the liberal party by TURNBULL –Shows the liberal mindset is too nice, Was outsmarted by Marxist university salespeople and far too accommodating of all things sounding as a social contract and again been too liberally nice and the WHOLE PARTY FAITHFUL has been easily persuaded by suited Marxist university people of political persuasion with a few too many quids——- and a big lie –

  4. It requires so few words really?! Just GO! He never contributed anything worthwhile except self-aggrandizement and trouble making.

  5. The rise through the ranks of Malcolm wrecking ball Turnbull, through the ranks of The Liberal Party speaks volumes of this utterly contemptible and flawed individual, but far more revealing is the complete failure of the sycophants along the way, who didn’t have the intellect to see him for what he is. Instead they carried him in aboard a palanquin, with so much hope that they believed all the lofty rhetoric their newly crowned leader espoused – the same bs many Labor leaders had the foresight to reject.
    So here we are, rudderless and adrift.
    We can only hope that one day soon, someone will have the backbone to lead us in a more palatable and responsible direction, instead of going down the path of policies they think will win them elections.

  6. PLEASE MAKE IT TRUE – getting rid of that bastard would make my year!

  7. All those staunch Liberals of discipline and of a fair mindset of a equitable social contract between those that work within the free business sector who run small and medium businesses and are self-sufficient as working citizens- as- those that are dependent on government issue, or who are corporatised unionised or Soley dependent on government contractual political substance from any or other forms of government issue. Liberals believe in big political persuasion to family their business their welfare and their balanced social contracted freedoms —TURNBULL wanted big government political control of big corporations and forever legislated environmental penalties for all citizens from birth to the grave. TURNBULL wanted a Citizens social contract and citizens welfare to be all of Government control, governments concern and all a bureaucratic aspired single-minded order. Good riddance to TURNBULL a Marxists and a political con artist.

  8. Anyone who knew/knows Trumbull [ as I do ] will tell you that he is as Liberal as Albo or St Gough.
    He doesn’t even qualify as a LINO.
    How & why the Parliamentary Liberals made him leader & therefore PM still staggers me.
    Falinski & Leeser are just as bad.
    If the Liberals want to survive they need to take a page out of the SA Libs book & start dumping the leftys.
    The LINOs are poisoning the Liberal party.

  9. Even the most ardent arsonist will leave the fire ground, once there is nothing left to burn.
    Turnbull has milked all he could from Libs, he’s taken his naff brown jacket and scarpered.

    Liberal is cooked, it lacks a spine, and it stands for nothing other than the careers of the over ambitious. Uneconomical to repair!
    The sooner conservatives, libertarians and those with an IQ above room temperature come to terms with this and put their efforts towards growing the alternatives, the soon we can get Australia back on track. Those few good Liberal senators will be more than welcome among the ranks of emerging parties.

    1. No. Your analysis of the problem is fine, but your remedy is a recipe for failure. Time and again we see proposals to get behind One Nation/Australian Liberty Alliance/ The Liberal Democrats/ the Corey Bernardi party etc. Time and again these entities fail to live up to the promises of their oh-so-articulate urgers. The reality is that the Liberal Party of Australia is one of the great political brands in Australia. The other is the ALP. Thanks to Turnbull and Others the Liberal brand is tarnished, but still has legacy appeal. By far the most sensible option is to follow the Turnbull precedent and branch stack. If enough genuine conservatives were to do this, the likes of Falinski, Leeser, Bragg and now Speakman would no longer rule. Look at it this way. These Leftists were pragmatic when they swallowed their pride and joined the Libs. It can’t be too hard to join/rejoin the Libs and restore the party to what it was.

    2. yes but have a go yourself? The Libs are n dire need of honest followers and supporters.

  10. POS Trojan horse for the Left, a Leftie PM of a right wing party…. despised by so many

  11. If so this says more about the pathetic libs who did not have the guts to expel this vile piece of ego, arguably Australia’s worst PM. Says it all that they let the grub pick his own time to leave.

  12. Far too late,damage inflicted on the party will probably never be rectified,big call to get back the millions of genuine conservative voters,left the party with his labour/lines.

    1. Not too late for Abbot to come back. But God knows why he would want to.

    1. As the record reveals, mission accomplished.

      Liberal Party of Australia on life support.

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