Twelve US senators challenge Biden win

US SENATOR Ted Cruz and 11 other Republican senators announced they would challenge the electoral results, joining dozens of House lawmakers in their bid. 

The Texas Republican elaborated on his Electoral College challenge when the Joint Session of Congress convenes on January 6, saying election certification was contingent on whether an emergency audit is performed to determine whether allegations of fraud during the November 3 election are valid. 


Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo) previously announced he would join GOP house representatives, becoming the first senator to make the announcement.

“I think we in Congress have an obligation to do something about that; we have an obligation to protect the integrity of the democratic system,” Senator Hawley told Fox Business on Sunday, referring to numerous allegations of election fraud and irregularities.

The Republican senator noted that numerous Americans do not believe the November 3 presidential election results were valid as Trump and his team have called for courts and state legislatures to overturn key States’ electoral results.

Cruz remarked that the move to object to the certification of the electoral results is designed to “force the appointment of an emergency electoral commission to perform an emergency audit of the election results to assess these claims of fraud … we can do it in 10 days before the inauguration”.

“We have an obligation to the voters,” he said, adding that senators “have an obligation to the Constitution to ensure that this election was lawful”.


A senator and a house representative are needed to challenge States’ electoral votes. Then, a two-hour debate will be held on each State before a simple majority vote is held on whether to keep or overturn the States’ electoral vote, although some legal experts have speculated that Vice President Mike Pence, who is the president of the Senate during the Joint Session, can reject slates of electors.

Rep Mo Brooks (R-Ala) became the first lawmaker in either the House or Senate to announce he would challenge battleground States’ electoral votes. In November, he said the Constitution gives Congress the “ultimate say over whether to accept or reject” electoral votes for a state.

But the move is not supported by all Republican lawmakers. The Senate’s No 2 Republican, Majority Whip John Thune (R-SD), told reporters in December that their effort would most likely fail, while Sen Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said over the past weekend the objection is an “egregious ploy”.

Democratic House members and senators also criticized the bid, with some claiming it’s tantamount to sedition or treason – although the challenge during the joint session is supported by the Constitution. Democratic lawmakers had previously objected to States’ electoral votes in prior elections, including the 2004 contest between John Kerry and former President George W Bush.

Other than Romney, senators Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa) announced on Saturday they would vote against attempts to challenge States’ election results.PC


MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: US Senator Ted Cruz. (courtesy Bloomberg)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Epoch Times on January 3, 2021. Re-used with permission.
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2 thoughts on “Twelve US senators challenge Biden win

  1. Well as of this morning 7/1, – I see that the crooks have now taken over the U.S. Senate!

    Now I really fear for the future of the U.S. – Wise, well-considered, conservative Democracy will die and radical socialism looks set to rear its ugly head.

    There could well have been more fraud, but it seems that many, many leading Republicans decided on cowardly, sluggish and simple silence!

  2. When Zadoc the Priest and Nathan the Prophet anointed Trump the President so triumphantly four years ago, a large chorus of diabolical Democrats embarked on their frighteningly discordant, stridently screeched Foul, Fraud and Impeachment Score, composed in Hell. What a nightmare of sustained, baseless cacophony they created!

    Now they are raucously blaring off-key, nursery-rhyme indignation, trying to suppress the fact that this time, in 2020, actual, wide-spread, proven fraud has overwhelmingly occurred, the well-oiled outcome of their long-planned, unstoppable scheming to oust Trump.

    I hope every Republican will tune up their voices to broadcast the equivalent of a magnificent, amazing Messiah to blow away their lies and deceits.

    The Land of the Free and the Brave has been shamed by this fraudulent election!

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