White school kids ‘not to blame’ for past sins

WHITE school children have nothing to apologise for and Australia’s appalling new curriculum should be junked according to indigenous leaders and NSW politicians. 

High-profile businessman Warren Mundine said the proposed curriculum was “starting down the path of critical race theory”. 

We shouldn’t remove what our Western civilisation was built on – something that we have all benefited from…
Jacinta Price
Deputy Mayor, Alice Springs

Alice Springs Deputy Mayor Cr Jacinta Price said schools were no longer about education but, instead, were about “ongoing indoctrination”.

NSW Prisons & Counter Terrorism Minister Anthony Roberts described the proposal as “neo-Marxist rubbish” while his colleague, Education Minister Sarah Mitchell, said NSW would set its own curriculum.

The proposed changes – released last week by the Kevin Rudd-inspired Australian Curriculum Assessment & Reporting Authority – incorporates all the trendy catch-cries from fringe activist groups.


Western cultural studies are again set to take a back seat to “inter-culture inquiry”. Addressing so-called “rape culture” is on the agenda and will see lessons on “sexual consent”.

Following the lead of Australian and US universities, the school curriculum authority is recommending increased focus on sustainability, race-based history and “direct action” – which is code for student activism.

Ancient history lessons will now focus on 60,000 years of Australia’s past (called “Deep Time History”) – and largely ignore world history. Historical dates will no longer be required learning in Year 7.

These proposed changes amount to an incremental continuation by public educators to race shame white culture and to demonise boys and men.

The increased incidence of white school boys being singled out and forced to offer group apologies because of their skin colour, gender or faith is a direct result.

Just last month, Christian white male students at Victoria’s Parkdale Secondary College were publicly singled out for being “privileged and oppressors”.


In a separate incident in March, another Victorian high school allegedly forced all its male students to stand in assembly and to apologise “on behalf of their sex” to their seated female classmates.

“I have major concerns about what’s going on here,” Mr Mundine said. “The curriculum is indoctrination, and it’s the dumbing down of our education system.

“We’re heading into really dangerous territory when you start down the path of critical race theory,” he said.

“It’s reasonable to teach that, from the perspective of indigenous people, European settlement amounted to colonisation – but they’ve gotten the balance wrong.”

Minister Roberts said the draft curriculum should be dumped.

“History is history. To continue pushing this is the standard neo-Marxist rubbish that we see float up to the surface on a regular basis,” he said.

“It’s something that belongs in the old Soviet Union and not in a strong Western democracy such as Australia.”

Cr Price, who is also Indigenous Research Director at the Centre for Independent Studies, said there was a “total rewriting of history going on which romanticised Aboriginal culture” at the expense of Australia’s true heritage.

“I don’t believe in teaching ideology and further indoctrinating our children to think that if you’re a white Australian kid that somehow you’re responsible [for the past] and you have to repent for the colour of your skin,” Cr Price said.

“I see this [curriculum] as a way for this indoctrination to be further applied and it’s extremely dangerous,” she said.

“We shouldn’t be removing what our Western civilisation was built on  – something that we have all benefited from.

“For people like myself of mixed Aboriginal and white Australian heritage, this is part of who we are – and we can’t ignore it. This is the truth.” PC

Never repent for the colour of your skin…

4 thoughts on “White school kids ‘not to blame’ for past sins

  1. What is going on with the revised education curriculum in Australian schools? I am appalled with the way my own children were brainwashed while at school in the 70s and 80s and I was hopeful when I heard that the current curriculum was to be overhauled but they have just replaced woke with more woke. NSW education needs to step in NOW to ensure that we are not raising future leftie activists.

  2. So, while scared white conservatives hide or remain silent, indigenous warriors like Mundine & Price go into battle on their behalf.
    Australia owes them a great debt in my book.


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