Unnerved Xi panicked by Australia

CHINA continues to be completely unnerved by Australia despite its economic strength and growing military might. 

After more than 70 years controlling its own citizens – by force if necessary – the Chinese Communist Party is increasingly frustrated at not being able to control Australians. 

In the absence of dialogue there is no ability to know when or how to step back from the military brink…
Peter Jennings
Former Deputy Secretary of Strategy, ADF

While its brutal threats have worked on its own population, it remains befuddled why similar threats have failed on its southern neighbour.

The truth is, apart from a few border skirmishes, the Chinese communists have never fought a significant war – let alone won one.

Xi Jinping’s communist predecessor Mao Zedong pounced in 1949 when the middle kingdom was at its weakest, having been monstered by a rampaging Japan.


Communist forces largely hid from the Japanese enemy during the war and then strolled into power by overthrowing a legitimate, though shell-shocked, Chinese government.

Since then China has maintained a multi-million man army but, without a credible navy, has been unable to project its power.

As a result, the wider world has largely ignored its threats and bluster. China became the national incarnation of “speaking loudly and carrying a small stick” – until now.

Due to its growing stature, China’s neighbours and trading partners are beginning to listen intently. And, with the possible exception of New Zealand, they don’t like what they hear.

By pushing back against and exposing China’s unneighbourly behaviour (corporate spying & theft, cyber attacks, unlawful land grabs, blatant dishonesty and trade trickery) the Communist Party has been publicly humiliated. And it’s not happy.

To “save face” it chose to make an international example of Australia and proceeded with the most undiplomatic name-calling while cranking up a plethora of ruthless trade sanctions.

It even drew up and published a list of demands attempting to justify its punishment of one of its closest friends and trading partners.


Even the US State Department acknowledged last week that Australia was wearing the brunt of China’s wrath.

From wine to barley as well as coal, beef, cotton, lamb, timber and seafood, the hits keep coming almost weekly.

China’s leaders are doubly angered that, although Australia is hurting, the pain they’re inflicting isn’t nearly as devastating as they’d hoped.

Unlike China, Australia has many genuine friends. Trading friends who have picked up much of the exports China has rejected.

Diplomatic friends who, among other support, have backed Australia’s call to investigate the origins of the Wuhan virus.

Military friends who can project incalculable power – and who are helping Australia re-arm its defences.

And most importantly, democratic friends who share similar national values and aspirations. Friends like India, Japan, Britain, the US and Canada.

For good measure, Australia last month cancelled Victoria’s risky Belt & Road Initiative that its premier, Daniel Andrews, cooked up with Beijing.

Combined together, these circumstances have incensed China to irrational heights. While it had already cut all ministerial dialogue with Australia, it has now escalated this by cancelling all economic dialogue as well.

A statement released this week by the Chinese government said: “Based on the current attitude of the Australian Commonwealth Government towards China-Australia cooperation the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China decides to indefinitely suspend all activities under the framework of the China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue”.


This is expected to, effectively, terminate all sub-ministerial communication as well.

Former deputy secretary of strategy within the Australian Defence Department Peter Jennings gave grave warning of this very situation as early as June last year.

“In the absence of trust there is no dialogue and in the absence of dialogue no ability to know when or how to step back from the military brink,” Mr Jennings said.

“This is fertile ground for war.” PC

Australia is in the freezer…

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6 thoughts on “Unnerved Xi panicked by Australia

  1. I agree with the views expressed on this issue in this publication but we need to ensure that we correctly identify the real culprit as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – NOT the Chinese people. Many of those living under the tyranny of communism in China are victims, not supporters of the actions taken by the band of thugs who control China. And that applies even more so to ethnic Chinese living outside of China. While the majority of those are justifiably proud of their motherland’s achievements, they hate the communist dictatorship as much as we do. Remember that many of those families escaped communism many years ago and know just how evil it is.

  2. I am so proud of the Australian Democratic Government for standing their ground with the Republic of Communist China – Chinas’ human rights are disgusting

  3. Covid 19 had one silver lining – to reveal to political leaders what business people have known all along – the Chinese can’t be trusted. Decoupling before other nations do will put Australia in a much better position.
    It is time for radical thinking about new ways to restructure our economy and society to be self reliant and use our resources for our benefit. The politician that shows the vision for the future for a strong and self reliant Australia will become the next Menzies.

  4. The Chinese communist party, having been “Made in China”, is of very low quality. Like a useless plastic toy from that country, it will prove its worthlessness by breaking, after which time it will be good for nothing else than to be thrown out and forgotten.

    Winnie the Pooh and all his corrupt mates know this, and they are worried about losing not only their jobs, but potentially their lives as well.

  5. China knows they have a massive liability for economic compensation, associated with their failed attempt to control the Bioweapon “escape” from Wuhan Lab.

    So rather than “pay up” they have decided to “talk up” with threats.

    Talk is cheap.. and will not get them out of the hole they had dug.

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