Wealthy suburbs are nation’s ‘silliest’

by DAVID FLINT – MOST Australian politicians, with notable exceptions, treat as infallible the discredited theory of anthropogenic global boiling. 

Yet few, if any, significantly curb their own enormous CO2 footprints. A good number probably doubt the theory. 

During the past quarter of a century, the most fashion-prone and richest formerly blue-ribbon electorates have become the nation’s silliest.

The situation in the mainstream media is similar, mainly ignoring, for example, the latest powerful exposé, Climate: The Movie, available on demand on ADH TV.

This follows Australia’s best-known geologist, Professor Ian Plimer, who has long pointed out that when all six great ice ages started, there was significantly more CO2 in the air than now. How then could the ice ages have occurred?


Nevertheless, both Labor and the Coalition are committed to unachievable net-zero emissions by 2050, with the ALP committed to a reduction of 43 per cent by 2030 and the Liberal and National parties 26 to 28 per cent.

The Coalition’s reluctance to challenge the theory openly is understandable politically. During the past quarter of a century, the most fashion-prone and richest formerly blue-ribbon electorates have become the nation’s silliest.

(Without my consent, I have been redistributed into one.)

A solid majority in most of those seats endorsed both the worst politicians’ republic ever seriously proposed for an established democracy and putting apartheid into the constitution in the form of the Voice, as well as electing the ultra-climate-catastrophist Teals.

Their only excuse would be if they were targeted for large numbers of fake enrolments in what can sadly be described as the “High Court blunder”.

This is in the week before the closing of the rolls when the Court invalidated John Howard’s legislation closing off the possibility of fraud.

The Coalition’s ambivalence on global boiling will probably change when they finally adopt the One Nation/UAP/Libertarian position.

Opposition leader Peter Dutton has shown himself to be a man of strong principle both over the apartheid Voice and Labor’s tolerance of anti-Semitism.

He cannot of course take on everything. Understandably, he is avoiding the issue of climate change by concentrating on reversing the ridiculous ban on nuclear power.

The problem is, if he is too precise on the places for nuclear power stations and not insistent that location is for decision by State governments and especially by the people concerned, Labor will, with media indulgence, launch the mother of all election scare campaigns.

In the meantime, coal-fired power stations along the east coast are closing without governments ensuring the necessary back-up to so-called “renewables”, whenever the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

Gas is not available at a reasonable and stable price there because the only politician in the nation courageous and wise enough to insist on a reservation of gas for the domestic market, was former Western Australian Labor premier, Alan Carpenter.

Under this, 15 per cent of WA gas is reserved for the domestic market at significantly lower prices.

A relevant question is that, as our politicians force the closure of our cheap, coal-fired power stations, what are other countries doing?

In a recent ADH TV program, I took the liberty of showing a superb map on world coal production from the journal News Weekly. (I was once reported in Crikey after being seen reading this on the shuttle to Canberra.)

The map shows the top twelve countries that use coal to produce electricity. They probably chose twelve to accommodate one very small user, Australia.

In percentages of world electricity, the map shows that 41 per cent comes from coal and peat, 22 from gas, 16 from hydro (not much use to Australia as Labor since Bob Hawke has banned dams), 12 from the government’s bête noire, nuclear, five from oil, and despite the subsidies, two from wind and 0.3 from solar.

Now you would think from the way Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen is carrying on, that coal is on the way out across the world. Not so.

An accompanying graph reveals that while net-coal usage did go down between 2005 and 2016, since then it has been rising and rising significantly.

Accordingly, even if the global boiling theory is true, it would be foolish to burden Australians by closing down our coal-fired power stations.


Worse, it would be stupid to allow them, unlike Germany’s, to be destroyed or decommissioned.

Even worse, it would be unforgivable to seize vast amounts of the best farming land in Australia to place solar panels and bird-destroying wind farms all of a very limited shelf life and impossible to safely dispose of.

Only a government of fools or charlatans, or both, would do that.

The map shows Australia uses coal to produce the lowest amount of the twelve, a mere 22K MW. And notwithstanding EU criticism of Australia, Germany’s production is almost twice ours.

The third-largest, almost ten times ours, is the United States, notwithstanding Mr Biden’s constant references to fighting climate change. With well over 200K MW, and growing, India is second.

Despite the usual protesters’ silence, communist China leads the world at 1.14 million MW, accounting for 53 per cent of the world’s operating coal-fired power stations.

Over the past eight years, the communists have built the equivalent of two coal-fired power stations each week, building six times as many plants as all other countries combined and with more planned.


With the Albanese Government restricting “renewables’ to technologies where communist China dominates, closing coal-fired power stations and not planning to stop the export of our high-quality coal to China, it is clear Labor believes that only coal burnt in Australia causes a problem with the climate.

Little wonder the bolshevik billionaires who run China are laughing all the way to the bank.

On all this, Hans Christian Andersen’s tale about the vain emperor is more than relevant.

Fraudsters successfully tricked him into believing they could make magnificent clothes for him that only fools could not see.

Everyone went along with this until, during a parade, a child asked why the emperor was wearing no clothes.

It won’t be a child who exposes the global boiling fantasy. Provided he returns to the White House, as seems likely, it will be Donald Trump.PC

David Flint

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Anthony Albanese.  (courtesy Reddit)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Spectator Australia on April 27, 2024. Re-used with permission.

5 thoughts on “Wealthy suburbs are nation’s ‘silliest’

  1. Before climate science became politicized, historians called warm periods “climate optima” because Earth’s ecosystems and humanity benefitted from the warmth.
    Conversely, during cold periods human condition declined.
    During most of the warm periods, there were either no, or very few, humans on the planet and there was certainly no industrial activity.
    The question, therefore, is why are so many people – including world leaders, government agencies and scientists – taking us down the path of climate alarmism?
    There are three main reasons.
    Firstly, there is sheer ignorance; most climate alarmists have little or no knowledge of climate science.
    If you need evidence of that, consider the Teals and their emotion-driven hysteria regarding global warming.
    Of course, in their case it was all for the purpose of being elected. They used fear of climate Armageddon to scare their communities into voting for them. And they were funded by vested commercial interests.
    Then there’s Greta Thunberg and her imbecilic behaviour.
    Secondly, many scientists know the truth but are afraid to speak up for fear of being called ‘climate deniers’ and/or having their funding stopped or losing their jobs.
    Once an issue is perceived to be ‘settled science’ it’s very hard to speak up against it.
    Having said that, more and more scientists are at last starting to speak out on this issue and making themselves heard. And many more will doubtless follow their lead.
    The third and probably most important factor is the power of money and greed.
    Many fortunes are being made by companies and individuals jumping onto the renewables bandwagon with futile attempts to totally replace fossil fuels with hugely expensive and unreliable alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and hydrogen.
    Ironically, the biggest winner so far is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who are making huge profits from the sale of solar panels and inverters, wind turbines and associated equipment, EVs and EV batteries, and the rare minerals required to make the renewables dream (or should that be ‘nightmare’) possible.

  2. It’s not silliest; it’s cognitive dissonance. One of the dominant motivations of rich virtue signallers like the climate crowd is that it is only superior people like them who can understand the climate emergency and be able to solve it. Everyone else is incapable of reaching their high moral level. The cognitive dissonance comes in on top of their superior moral sense of self worth. None of these rich fools considers for a moment that they will be affected by their climate and renewables policies; that when the lights go out that they too will be sweating/shivering in the dark. That couldn’t possibly happen to them because they are too good, too virtuous, too smart. The ideology and the stupid renewable solution they have invested in is part of their superiority so nothing bad will happen. Not to them. other less worthy sceptics and deniers may be affected but that is only fair and proper since sceptics and deniers are less worthy people.

    This is is a product of ego; ego so monstrous that it does not care if their society is ruined. Just as long as their sense of moral superiority is not tainted.

    These people are not silly: they are dangerous and should be treated as such.

  3. Professor Flint, you are absolutely correct. Sadly, I live in one of these ‘silly’ suburbs with obviously not as many like-minded people and the majority woke left.

  4. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She becomes vengeful. Similarly, Centre-right/Classical Liberal voters have finally woken up after decades of the Australian Liberal Party abandoning resolute support of liberal values and drifting into a Labor-lite mindset. Failure to stand up to Union thuggery, failure to reform s.18C and D of the Racial Discrimination Act, failure to stand up for Western Judaeo-Christian values in the face of Islamic-inspired violence, etc…..These are fundamental values that have been ditched in the quest of trying to be everything to everyone for imagined electoral advantage. Yet, as seen by Centre-right electoral victories around the world (Brexit election in UK, Italy’s Giorgia Moloni, Javier Milei in Argentina, etc., etc), when you stand up for classical liberal values rather than capitulate to phoney arguments to the contrary, you get public support and electoral victory. It is a quirk of human behaviour that a betrayed Liberal voter then takes vengeance on that party by voting for candidates (Teals, Greens, Independents) who actually have even worse policies than the Labor-lite Liberal Party. Any such Party would do well to re-acquaint themselves with the values that built a prosperous society in the first place and also to employ a party Human Behaviourist to show how good or bad policies resonate with the Average Australian.

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