Islam now Albo’s highest priority

by DAVID FLINT – ELON Musk is performing an outstanding service for all Australians. He reminds us not only of our heritage as free people, but also of our duty to fight to preserve it. 

Not long after Captain Cook meticulously mapped the Australian east coast, American colonists declared their independence. 

Albanese’s far-Left tactics include substituting abuse for debate, hiding details and pursuing an extreme agenda, all the while affecting affability and reasonableness.

Despite living in the world’s freest colonies, they knew that taxation without representation offended their rights and dignity as British subjects.

In their immortal words, they declared that they held “certain truths” to be “self-evident”, that “all men are created equal”, that “they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” and that among these are “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.


An immigrant, Elon Musk understands the sanctity of those words. He believes that he must never renounce the inalienable right of freedom of speech, as expressed constitutionally in the First Amendment.

That is why he stopped X from continuing as part of the propaganda arm of the now far-Left Democratic Party.

But Julie Inman Grant, Malcolm Turnbull’s American e-safety commissioner (or, as Elon Musk says, e-commissar) told the media the First Amendment, a constitutional guarantee about free speech drawn from the Declaration of Independence, has no application in Australia.

Nevertheless, Churchill said that after the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights, the Declaration is the “third great title deed” for liberties across the English-speaking world. Although the precise form of the First Amendment does not apply, its essence is foundational to, and implied in, our constitutional system.

Recognising this, parliament expressly limited the application of the e-safety legislation, the Online Safety Act, 2021, section 233, from infringing our constitutionally implied freedom of political communication.

Ms Grant has already been in the world’s headlines. This began with her take-down order, on pain of an enormous fine, of a Canadian post on X which criticised a World Health Organisation appointment of a colourful Australian female-to-male trans-activist.

The affair attracted international ridicule.

Now Ms Grant has ordered X to take down the video of the stabbing of an Assyrian bishop in Sydney, despite the bishop’s own belief that it is important it stay available online.

Elon Musk has refused a broader take-down, and rightly so.

Despite his assuming a national pastoral role, the Prime Minister comes from Labor’s far-Left faction, a fact crucial to our understanding not only of everything he does but also, how he does it.


Far-Left tactics include substituting abuse for debate, hiding details, and pursuing an extreme agenda, all the while affecting affability and reasonableness.

Much of the mainstream media fails to penetrate this façade, to Labor’s advantage in the polls.

Indeed, after the overwhelming rejection of his almost all-consuming campaign to ram through without detail the Voice, the mainstream revived what was already the longest honeymoon ever awarded an Australian government.

So, unsurprisingly, Mr Albanese opened the take-down campaign by dismissing Elon Musk as a “narcissistic billionaire”.

This tactic of abuse was notably preceded by his denunciation of referendum No voters as “Chicken Littles” and, more recently, the Productivity Commission’s foundation chairman Gary Banks as a “flat earther”.

In John Howard’s words, the latter was both “gratuitous and dishonest”.

Meanwhile, the PM’s initial justification for the ban on the video of the church stabbing is “misinformation”.

Misinformation? The unedited transmission of a live church service can hardly be described as misinformation.

Then it’s argued the video will be used to recruit terrorists.

They already have it, and far worse.

The terrorists themselves filmed the horrific subhuman outrages they committed against the Jewish people on October 7, the worst since the Holocaust, and which started the present war.

Nor will the church video encourage other terrorists to offend. They were doing this long before videos were generally available.

No e-commissar stopped Australians from seeing the terrible events of 9/11 nor the little nine-year-old girl in the Vietnam War covered with burning napalm screaming in agony.

It was crucial that we saw these distressing images because we needed to be informed, to form opinions and to exercise our rights as citizens in this democracy.

It was crucial to exercise our constitutionally protected right of political communication. Just as with the attack on the bishop, there was no justification to pull any of these down.

Similarly, we are entitled to see and hear, for good reason, the Opera House outrage on October 9, as well as what The Australian newspaper called “a raft of hate-speech sermons by Islamic leaders across south-west Sydney”.

This is even more important now that both the Albanese and Minns governments have taken the unprecedented decision not to act against these outrages and to open a disgraceful page in Australian history, their toleration of antisemitism.

The truth is the suppression of the church video is sought for two extremely sinister reasons.

One is the coming election.

The other is the government’s draconian “misinformation” Bill designed specifically to silence opponents of the government.

The federal opposition curiously does not seem to understand this.


In preparation for the election, the video is seen as potentially embarrassing by Labor apparatchiks because it demonstrates that not only Jews, but also Christians, have long been the victims of extreme Islamism.

This pattern has been repeatedly applied in countries under Islamic governments, especially in the Middle East.

It must be stressed that not only have Jews been persecuted appallingly, robbed and forced to flee from many countries, but so too have many Christians, who are today being increasingly victimised.

Since a 2012 cabinet-led revolt against PM Gillard’s attempt to continue a bipartisan Palestinian position, Labor applies an important test across a range of matters.

As famously put to the caucus at the time, this is: “How can we defend this on the steps of the Lakemba Mosque?”

In other words, a key consideration now is Labor’s fear of losing any of the 29 seats where there is a significant Muslim presence.

Policy decisions are now being made on that basis. As so often explained here, not only is the Albanese Government seriously damaging Australia, it plans to limit our democratic rights.

Australia, you have been warned.PC

David Flint

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Anthony Albanese. (courtesy SBS)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Spectator Australia on May 4, 2024. Re-used with permission.

5 thoughts on “Islam now Albo’s highest priority

  1. The Albanese government has sold out Israel to suit its socialist political agenda and its desperate attempt to win a second term at the forthcoming federal election.
    Albanese and Wong and their comrades within the ALP and the Greens have demonstrated their total lack of morality and loyalty towards its allies.
    This incompetent and worthless government has to go!

  2. Here’s the reason:

    This is a site run by muslims; they say:

    “The Muslim community is the largest, and among the fastest growing, minority groups in Australia.
    Our collective voting bloc is the most valuable, yet underutilised, asset we have.
    Muslim Votes Matter unlocks this highly influential tool which requires significant organisation, forward planning, and community mobilisation.
    There are over 20 seats where the Muslim community collectively has the potential deciding vote. ”

    ALL OF THOSE SEATS ARE ALP SEATS; except one held by Adam Bandt.


    The alp is selling out Australia for political gain. As the muslim population grows social mayhem results. This is happening in every Western nation which has a muslim population; look at Sweden and France etc. This was all predicted by Dr Peter Hammond many years ago:

    I repeat: by importing muslims the alp is destroying this nation for short term political gain.

  3. Albanese and Minns have the same choice as anyone else: they can either repent and believe in Christ, or they can burn in the Lake of Fire for all eternity.

    On their performance to date, it seems likely that they’ll be opting for the Lake of Fire, in which case, they will discover too late that eternity is a long, long, time…


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