Greens reveal true toxic colours

by REBECCA ZHU – ALL 11 Greens senators have walked out of the Australian Senate during question time to protest the government’s refusal to call for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict. 

Senator Mehreen Faruqi accused Coalition MPs of being “morally bankrupt” and labelled Labor Party as “heartless, gutless and powerless” in their approach to the war. 

Senator Mehreen Faruqi raised her fist and shouted “Free, free Palestine” before walking out of the chamber, followed by her fellow Greens Party colleagues.

“You are watching the massacre of thousands of Palestinians by Israel and you are not condemning Israel,” she said.

“You refuse to call for an immediate ceasefire. We are not going to sit here and watch you pat yourself on the back for doing nothing.


“Weasel words are not going to stop war crimes.

“Today, we bring the people’s protest into Parliament.”

Ms Faruqi then raised her fist and shouted “Free, free Palestine” before walking out, followed by her fellow Party senators.

Trade Minister Don Farrell, who is currently standing in for Prime Minister Anthony Albanese while he visits China, said Israel needs to observe international rules of law and innocent people should not pay for the horrors perpetrated by Hamas.

But he also rejected the comments put forward by Ms Faruqi and suggested that the Greens were trying to take advantage of the situation.

“I don’t think any particular political Party seeking to make hay out of this terrible situation is going to advance the position in Australia,” he said.

“Whether it’s the Coalition trying to take political advantage of it or the Greens.”

It comes after former Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned the international community against being “suckered” into a ceasefire with Hamas.

“I don’t support a ceasefire,” he told media in Israel.

“A ceasefire would simply advantage Hamas to be able to strengthen their positions and make this awful war go on for even longer … this is the play from Hamas, and we’ve got to be careful not to be suckered into it.”


Australia also abstained from voting in a United Nation’s resolution calling for a humanitarian truce in Gaza.

The representative of Australia to the UN, Ambassador James Larsen, said Australia abstained due to the failure to name Hamas as the perpetrator of the October 7 attack that triggered the war.

Meanwhile, Mr Albanese has reiterated on several occasions that Australia supported Israel’s right to defend itself and that Labor has always believed in a two-State solution.

The Prime Minister, who recently spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said every life mattered, both Israeli and Palestinian.

“We say that Israel has a right to defend itself, but how it defends itself matters and we want to see all innocent lives protected. Every life matters,” he said earlier this month.

Greens leader Adam Bandt led a motion in the lower house to condemn Israel for launching air attacks on the Gaza strip, which was later defeated.

It came after Mr Albanese’s successful motion that condemned Hamas’ terrorist attacks in Israel.

“We must face what has happened and what is now unfolding with complete moral clarity,” he told Parliament on October 16.

“Hamas terrorists committed mass murder on a horrific scale.”PC

Rebecca Zhu

Greens carry flag for terrorists…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Mehreen Faruqi. (courtesy ABC)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Epoch Times on November 6, 2023. Re-used with permission.

14 thoughts on “Greens reveal true toxic colours

  1. I don’t think we’ve got all the facts on the Israel / Gaza conflict. The public is being fed an official narrative that isn’t necessarily correct. For one thing, there is a theory that Israel helped create Hamas, also all Israelis aren’t necessarily the same. People need to read about the Khazarian empire.

  2. The bottom line should be that this walk out be regarded as illegally supporting Hamas and their terrorist activities akin to those of Nazi Germany and worse! As such why weren’t formally charged with treason and locked away! Never to be in our Parliament again! Or deported to Iran where I am sure they would be welcomed as fodder for their terrorists 🙂 We have gotten too soft in this country to the wrong people who aren’t Australians, obviously!

  3. This reminded me of an article in The Australian newspaper years ago when former Howard Government Treasurer Peter Costello was interviewed when he arrived back from a trip to the UK and Europe. He talked about meeting a former German Government Cabinet Minister, a Greens Party member.

    Peter Costello was not prepared to discuss all of the conversation but did say that the German Green described Australian Greens Party as being far to the left of European Greens.


    Beware of the Pale Greens party masquerading as Independent MPs.

  4. Has Sarah Hanson Young inquired about Sea Patrol to find out if it was deployed to assist Israel?

  5. As Public Servants, and elected representatives being paid by the taxpayers, their behaviour is unconscionable, regardless of their own ideology. No contest of ideas? ignorant of other peoples ideas and thoughts. In fact, Greens have no idea or ideas.

    Who the hell in their right educated (?) minds would vote for the Greens and it is the voters who should take a good hard objective look at who they might select for the 2025 Federal election

  6. Make no mistake all the nazi like vitriol against Israel by creatures like the greens is just the beginning. Faruqi is a muslim first and an Australian never. All the muslim protests about Israel include reference to the West. Does anyone really believe that if Israel disappeared tomorrow the muslims would be content. In every Western nation which muslims have gone to they enclave, agitate and call for the introduction of their laws, sharia, to replace Western values. Yet if any criticism of islam is made the words racist and bigot are spat out.

    Faruqi should not be in parliament. No muslim should. Their ultimate loyalty is to islam not Australia.

    The greens collude with islam and any other group or idea which is against the West. They should not be in parliament either. But they will as long as enough sheeple and useful idiots vote for them.

    1. During the Keating Labor terms ended 1993 and 1996 several Cabinet Ministers approached Prime Minister Keating to request a stop to Labor using Immigration to recruit new branch members from various ethnic groups, see the book Confessions Of A Failed Finance Minister written by Peter Walsh.

      The objectors pointed out that there was a future problem being permitted to enter that would cause social problems, and as we know since that time police have cost taxpayers a huge amount of money conducting intelligence gathering, surveillance and maintaining a watch on considered to be potential terrorists. Australia’s self inflicted Middle Eastern and Islamic problem.

      Of course not all Muslims are potential terrorists and most settled in and appreciate their new homeland.

      Greens Senators behaving as they did is not acceptable conduct.

      And Australian Jews should not be targeted and be in fear of their lives.

      Unfortunately the Aboriginal Industry activists have expressed their interest in using Middle East affairs for their own purposes including their continuing demand for Treaty and Makarratta Commission compensation.

      None of this minority troublemaking should be tolerated.

  7. Walking out of Parliament should be an act of contempt. They are not elected to grandstand or empathise with a cause not directly related to the job at hand. It’s about time the speaker got tough on this showboating nonsense. Get on with the job you’re paid for! Enough of low-performance pollies!

  8. More than a few of these Greens senators are up for re-election. We must accommodate their wishes to be outside the chamber on a more permanent basis, by aiming to set their head count at less than eleven.

    If Faruqi’s interests are solely in Pakistan and the middle east, she’d be better suited in some role within that geography and those jurisdictions.

  9. A brilliant editorial in today’s Tele…
    The Greens, Australia’s primary party of moral posing, virtue gestures and dumb arrogance, yesterday staged an underwhelming walkout of parliament’s upper house.
    To any casual observer, it simply looked like a bunch of inner-city types leaving a restaurant because there were no vegan options.
    Most Australians don’t care at all about a Greens walkout.
    But the majority of us do care very much about a much greater threat: the chilling likelihood of Greens senators walking back in”
    Please credit the Daily Telegraph for it’s wit and insightfulness.

  10. The good news is at least the Greens are showing their true color…! People who vote for them because they think they are merely well-meaning environmentalists hopefully will now see them for what they are….Marxists to the core!

    1. The Greens are often referred to as Watermelons – green on the outside, red on the inside.

      Smart voters worked them out decades ago and that environment is their shop front display, inside is where their real political ambitions are worked on.

      For example, no complaints from the Greens about the environmental disaster unfolding as forests are cut down and prime farm land taken over to install unreliable wind turbines and solar panels, plus transmission lines from every installation to the main grid, and a new dedicated main grid for renewables, so called. No mention of offshore installations and foundations.


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