Portland, Oregon has a serious homeless problem and now it’s about to get worse. Much worse.

The disease of Shigella is spreading in the city, mostly through the homeless population, and to make matters worse, it spreads in a disgusting way, through fecal matter.

Aside from the ethical matter of allowing people to live on the street, one of the biggest issues is the threat to public health. This is why you don’t want a large population of people living in tents and using streets as a bathroom.

FOX News reports:

Portland health officials report waste-borne illness rampant among city’s homeless

Portland, Oregon, is grappling with a cluster of a highly infectious illness that spreads through fecal matter and puts the city’s large homeless population at high risk, according to health officials.

“While we are currently seeing an increase in Shigella cases in the Portland metro area, the risk to the broader public remains low at this time and there are no measures for most folks to take at this time. The best thing we can all do to prevent both respiratory viral illness and diarrheal illness is to keep practicing good hand hygiene,” Multnomah County Deputy Health Officer Teresa Everson said in a comment to Fox News Digital.

Portland and surrounding areas closed out 2023 with 227 documented Shigella cases, health officials in Multnomah County told Fox News Digital on Thursday, 45 of which occurred in December alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes Shigella as bacteria found in fecal matter that can infect someone if ingested. The illness can cause people to experience bloody and prolonged diarrhea, fever, stomach pain, and “feeling the need to pass stool (poop) even when the bowels are empty.”

Shigella can be spread through sex, drinking contaminated water, changing diapers or caring for someone sick with the illness.

Truly disgusting.

Portland Residents Suffering From Deadly Disease Caused by Human Poop. Health official have warned of a massive surge in shigella cases in Portland due to the widespread contamination of human excrement in the city.‍ Shigella is a deadly bacteria that spreads via fecal matter,… pic.twitter.com/oCUiuBUiuo

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Leftists in Portland were crazy for masks and vaccines during COVID. Where are they now? Who wants to live like this?

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