Albo’s friends reveal horror ahead

WHILE Anthony Albanese has attempted to create a benign image as a Bob Hawke-style centrist, his friends have provided a frightening glimpse into his true anti-Australian agenda. 

From mocking God to opposing the nation’s security alliances to “cancelling” Australia Day and playing down terrorism, the people Mr Albanese chooses as friends are among the most radical in a Labor Party that has embraced dangerous activism.

Mr Albanese’s path to politics wasn’t through the trade union movement. Instead, he arrived via his time served as a communist-sympathising university student.

Unlike many of his ALP colleagues, Mr Albanese’s path to politics wasn’t through the trade union movement.

Instead, he arrived via his time served as a communist-sympathising university student.


Also, unlike his predecessors Bill Shorten and Kevin Rudd, Mr Albanese is a conviction politician.

He clings to a destructive set of economic and social beliefs and – while he attempts to hide his socialist sympathies from unsuspecting voters – they occasionally bubble to the surface.

That his reportedly close friend, and ALP senate candidate, Mich-Elle Myers was forced to delete her odious social media account mid-campaign does nothing to hide what Mr Albanese and his inner circle really think of Australians.

His “mate” was exposed this month as a radical Leftist, according to Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper.

On her social media account, Ms Myers played down Sydney’s deadly 2014 Lindt Cafe siege as nothing more than an “act of a mad man with a gun”.


While this might be partly true, she conveniently ignored that Man Monis was flying a black and white Islamic State flag during the siege.

Ms Myers has also criticised Australia’s efforts to counter communist China’s aggression by joining the important AUKUS security alliance.

She has spent most of her adult life demanding an end to Australia Day celebrations and has even attempted to mock religious people by describing Jesus Christ as a gay man.

In her tweets, Mr Albanese’s friend ridiculed the need for tougher anti-terror laws saying “the nutcase in the cafe wasn’t a terrorist he was a nutcase with a gun”, despite an inquest into the attack finding the 16 hour siege was indeed a terrorist attack.


The company a person keeps is often the most accurate reflection of a person’s values – despite their efforts to appear statesman-like and mainstream.

Mr Albanese will most likely be victorious on Saturday. But in doing so he will usher in a group of people and a set of values that are worryingly foreign to the vast majority of freedom-seeking people.

The sad reality is that Mr Morrison should have easily claimed a fourth term if not for his  “unscientific” betrayal of his Party’s support base.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Anthony Albanese. (courtesy The Australian)

10 thoughts on “Albo’s friends reveal horror ahead

  1. Is Albanese an Italian Citizen?

    The question that no one wants to answer is ‘why has Anthony Albanese escaped the rigours of Section 44 of the Australian Constitution, just because his father’s name is supposedly not on his birth certificate?’

    Surely when he sought out and located his father in Italy, that would have negated whatever loophole has been used and confirmed without doubt that he not only has a father but that his father is an Italian citizen and that Anthony Albanese is therefore also an Italian citizen regardless of whether he has a passport or not since Italian nationality is by blood.

    If Albanese has renounced any claim to Italian citizenship that should be made public. He should not be allowed to become prime minister whilst there is any doubt of his eligibility to sit in the parliament.

  2. It appears that Teal Party candidates masquerading as Independents, Climate200 renewable energy investment interests supported, have a very narrow political position, climate and related investments opportunities and they would leave the many other issues to MPs that are interested in those issues if elected as Independent MPs.

    I cannot recall a time in past political history when a group of people with business backers have attempted to get rid of MPs from only one side of political parties, in this election Liberal MPs.

    It’s a worry.

  3. The Labor elites are just actors who will say anything to scam weaker minds into voting for them. Like Gillard, who was a sweetheart when in opposition but turned into a (real title withheld) harsh person as PM, Albo will be a delusional unicorn dispenser when in office, which will surely put AU on the expressway to third world status.

  4. Another Albo campaign story like being an economics adviser to Labor PM Hawke and not having been, how he was raised in public housing by his mother.

    Actually he and his mother did share public housing with her parents, his grandmother and grandfather, both age pensioners.

  5. Regarding Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the undermining, character assassination attempts, smearing and lies directed at him from when he replaced Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull late in 2018 reminded me of the relentless negativity directed at Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and beginning in 2009 when he became Opposition Leader. And, unfortunately, including from within the Liberal Party also damaging the Coalition’s image in the process.

    There are many examples, but the extremely deceptive Labor advertising based on PM Morrison not holding a hose, being in Hawaii on a family holiday and saying not my job is the perfect example of the smearing that has taken place. Relentless negativity directed at the man rather than the Coalition he leads. Of course he doesn’t hold a hose to fight bushfires, he went on leave but the Deputy Prime Minister was Acting Prime Minister and he with other Cabinet Ministers supported the State Governments during the 2019 start of the bushfires including touring bushfire areas with State officials. ADF personnel and assets were deployed to assist following State requests. Everything PM Morrison would have done for the States was done.

    However, natural disasters are primarily State Government responsibility, State Emergency Service (SES) and Rural Fire Service are State based and funded, there is no Federal equivalent. The ADF is not trained to carry our the work the State services are trained to do. And the same applies during floods, cyclones, etc.

    Yet Labor have blatantly attempted to fool voters that PM Morrison let them down. Just as they attempted and succeeded in doing to Prime Minister Abbott.

    Consider how well Australia has survived the pandemic with State Governments responsible for public health, hospitals, vaccine mandate and with support from the Federal Government. During the State lockdowns the Federal Government provided debt funded financial support for employers and employees, and as a result the economy has recovered from the pandemic recession and is growing at 3.5% GDP with the OECD recently estimating 4.1% GDP growth in the near future.

    Did the Morrison Government really betray its base or did they do their best to manoeuvre through the international political minefield of climate change hoax? It’s interesting that some claim betrayal yet the UN IPCC, others including Union Labor and Greens are unhappy and claim Australia is not doing enough to reduce emissions, etc. Net zero emissions, there was no formal commitment made, no agreement signed, the PM said Australia has “an aspirational goal” based on development of new technology and without damaging the economy.

    He also refused to ban coal mining or to increase the Paris Agreement emissions target.

    The renewable energy industry is unhappy and have Climate200 candidates masquerading as Independent campaigning against Liberal MPs and not Labor MPs. Isn’t that all about punishment for not cooperating? The Morrison Government established an end date for Renewable Energy Target set by Labor and the several billion dollars a year in direct subsidies for wind and solar energy businesses, 2030. They strengthened company law to force electricity supply businesses to compete on prices. They have been investigating modular nuclear generators, Rolls Royce UK design, development that the British Government is supporting. And have proposed a new HELE coal fired power station for NTH QLD, and four gas fired generators, one each for QLD and VIC and two in NSW. So far only one for the Hunter Valley NSW has received the required State planning approval.

    Electricity supply (and water supply – dams) are State Government responsibility, they sold or leased coal fired power station and transmission lines public assets and have pushed for RET expansion, SA was the leader and the Labor State Government demolished coal fired power stations. The Federal Government can only propose and encourage, the RET was introduced by Labor but also depended on State cooperation.

    There is a a lot more that I could add.

    But consider vaccine mandates, they are State based and not Federal, lockdowns during the pandemic were State responsibility and based on State Parliament legislation for Emergency Powers, enforced by State Health and Police.

    Unfortunately many voters do not understand the three levels of government, areas of responsibility and powers. Too many expect the Prime Minister to be in charge of Premiers, expecting the National Leaders Cabinet (really should have been named a Forum for discussion to achieve consensus and coordination) to be answerable to the PM. The fact is that Labor Premiers blamed the Prime Minister for many of their own actions and behaviour, with the 2022 Federal Election in mind. And too many voters believed it.

  6. Anthony Albanese proudly referred to himself as a “Trot” or far left Trotskyite and fighter of Tories, being of course UK centre right and not in Australia. Former Labor MP and Opposition Leader Mark Latham is one who has warned that Albo is dangerous politically.

    And can Albo be trusted, he claimed to have been economics adviser to Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke which is not true, at the time he was a staffer in the electorate office of junior Labor Cabinet Minister and left faction member Tom Uren MP. Albo was not located in Canberra.

    Question why Union controlled Labor have Albo as their Opposition Leader and then consider his colleagues and that most are former Rudd, Gillard and Rudd Union Labor Government MPs and Cabinet Ministers. A period media described as chaotic, dysfunctional and incompetent government.

  7. This election has become Australia’s last chance to correct all the treason from Albo, Morrison and their Green cohorts so we have to remain strong amongst all the temptations and stick with One Nation, UAP, LD’s and the true independents left in this country! Not the buy-ins! Do our homework, search out the truth and vote the way we want this country to be 🙂

    1. Do you not remember the 2010 hung parliament, the Prime Minister Gillard minority alliance government?

      There will be no carbon tax: but forced by alliance members including the Greens a carbon tax was introduced and a renewable energy surcharge, both 10% on electricity bills plus 10% GST. And the Renewable Energy Target resulting in several billion dollars a year being paid to renewable energy wind and solar installations from taxpayer’s funds.

      In short a mess.

      Australia needs a strong government and not a patchwork of minor party and independent members uncoordinated. Even if a major party was the dominant alliance partner.

      But think hard before voting for Union controlled Labor with Albo and a majority of like minded far left MPs.


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