Liberal ‘imposter’ Kean pleads for factional mates

EXTREMIST NSW Treasurer Matt Kean has begged Leftist voters to back his Liberal factional mates, warning the Party risks becoming a conservative stronghold. 

In an impassioned plea, Mr Kean warned people not to vote for Teal independents over hard-Left “moderate” Liberals. 

The Liberal Party’s centre-Right conservatives are refusing to support or campaign for Morrison’s radical Left candidates.

The NSW Treasurer, who is also puppet master of NSW’s weakest male premier in two generations, said the Party risked a “Trump-like” shift to the Right.

“We’ve seen the impact of what happens when centre-Right Parties lose moderate voices,” Mr Kean said this week.


“Look at the Republican Party. The Party of Lincoln, the Party that has abolished slavery, has now become the Party of Trump, the Party of Putin sympathisers and anti-vaxxers.”

Mr Kean, with his smooth-tongued propaganda, personally aligned with Democratic President Joe Biden and the Left’s “Build Back Better” 2020 campaign.

“We need strong voices like [federal NSW MPs] Dave Sharma, Trent Zimmerman and Jason Falinski in the Liberal Party to make sure the Liberal Party remains reflective of the communities that we’re hoping to serve,” Mr Kean said.

MPs Sharma, Zimmerman and Falinski are members of Mr Kean’s radical Left faction in NSW.

Unsurprisingly, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has backed Mr Kean, despite claiming to be from the conservative side of the Liberal Party.

Mr Perrottet said voters would regret stepping away from the Party if independents won seats over moderate Liberals.

Meanwhile, Liberal Party centre-Right conservatives are refusing to support or campaign for the Party’s radical Left candidates.

Warringah volunteers are reported to have abandoned “captain’s pick” candidate Katherine Deves and will help out in other seats.

Dubbed the “Warringah refugees”, Liberal Party volunteers have fled to offer assistance in other seats, including Bennelong, because they’re morally unable to support anti-Liberal candidates such as Katherine Deves.


They are refusing to volunteer in their local seats as a result of the Prime Minister’s unconstitutional candidate selection process.

Across the Party, scores of Liberals have abandoned Mr Morrison’s Left-leaning “picks” and are travelling long distances to support constitutionally-selected candidates.PC


3 thoughts on “Liberal ‘imposter’ Kean pleads for factional mates

  1. David Flint was correct when he said it was time for Tony Abbott again, Peter Dutton needs him and those who would support them both and Kean is a reject so when election time he needs removing altogether 🙂

  2. I agree with Stephen Kuhl, Matt Kean has to go. sooner the better. We don’t need somebody like him in the Liberal Party he does not stand up to what the Liberal Party is.
    Yes he can start his own party, sooner he goes the better.
    Just SACK HIM Dominic Perrott.

  3. I will find it incredibly difficult to vote Liberal next March if the party doesn’t rid itsellf of the loasthsome Matt Kean. He is in the wrong party and his ilk will, and are doing irrepairable damage to the party.
    I left after 46 good active years at end of 2011, because of the actions of that ghastly plotting lobbyist trying to take full control of a once great democratic decent party.


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