Australian’s shamed by anti-Djokovic antics

ELECTIONS are in the air. We have the French president, who faces the people in April this year, telling the unvaccinated that he wants to “p#ss them off”. 

Then there is our own invisible prime minister suddenly popping up all over the place, including the Fox Sports cricket commentary box. 

That so few see that the government’s case for vaccine mandates now lies in tatters says far more about us than is comfortable to contemplate.

But not before he announced that he wanted to p#ss off one particular member of the unvaccinated class. Literally see him off. On a plane to Dubai.

The exclusion from this country of arguably the best tennis player in the world from our marquee event after he had been given a properly issued and justified vaccine exemption is a national disgrace.


Either Tennis Australia lied to Novak Djokovic, and perhaps all the others with exemptions from the jab who have validly come to Australia to compete, or the government lied to Tennis Australia, or no one communicated properly, or no one knows the rules, or the dog ate my homework.

What an appalling mess. If the world thought previously we were a bunch of policy clowns, I wonder what they think now.

Here is the London Telegraph’s report: “The 20-time grand slam champion will be released within the hour and have his passport returned to him following a dramatic conclusion to a bizarre day in federal court.

“However, the fiasco threatens to continue after it was revealed immediately after the verdict that Australia’s immigration minister has retained the right to exercise personal power to revoke Djokovic’s visa again.

“But on Monday a federal judge jumped to Djokovic’s defence and demanded to know what more the tennis star could have done to prove to Australian authorities that he was entitled to enter the country.

“Admitting he was ‘somewhat agitated’, Judge Kelly said the tennis star had provided evidence from ‘a professor and an eminently qualified physician’ about a medical exemption.”

“What more could this man have done?” the judge demanded.

Mark Steyn, being astonishingly polite, calls Australian COVID policy over the past two years a “total failure”.

As I say, this is very polite. Australia, thanks to total lack of leadership from Canberra and maniacal behaviour from our cretin-premiers, now alternates in the eyes of the world between global laughing stock and vile pariah. We are a d’joke, you might say.

Steyn’s take is that, with an election in the offing, and COVID now running rampant – albeit in a very mild form – the government desperately needed a distraction.

This is the result of two years of clearly useless non-medical interventions that have only caused harm and misery, and now the worship by politicians and those who cling to their coat-tails, of an equally useless vaccine that will forever be fighting the last war against a viral enemy that at every turn outsmarts it.


The distraction was the world’s number one tennis player. The gambit, Steyn opines, may well have come from senior levels of government.

I reckon it is a no brainer. Right from the top, I would say. After all, he does little else in terms of governing the country. He must have quite a bit of time up his sleeve to spend on conjuring up fresh electoral miracles.

Unfortunately (for the Canberra cabal), a judge of the Federal Court, Anthony Kelly, begged to differ from the government’s slimy case for locking up a tennis professional in a cell.

Now we have the minister for immigration threatening to just chuck him out of the country anyway.

Judge Anthony Kelly, who ordered Djokovic’s release, said that, while it was not his place to interfere with the minister’s valid use of his powers, he was “very concerned” about the potential removal.

Just look at the quality of the anti-Djokovic team in Canberra.

Can the factionally evolving Alex Hawke even spell “rule of law”? Can his equally distinguished colleagues at Home Affairs, the unfortunate (and credibly accused bully) Karen Andrews, the grants-rorting Bridget McKenzie somehow experiencing a second crack at senior public administration, and someone else called Jason Wood that no one has ever heard of?

What a team we have at Home Affairs! A team of which Scott Morrison and all Australians can be proud.

As Will Jones of The Daily Sceptic notes: “Shocking that even when the government is told it has mistreated a person – who should be an honoured guest in the country – and ordered to pay his legal costs it doubles down by continuing to threaten him with deportation using the minister’s ‘personal power’. That’s tyranny, right there, folks.

“That’s tyranny right there, folks”.


A chilling assessment. It was only a matter of time, of course, that our embarrassment of a deputy prime minister irrelevantly weighed in.

Johnny Depp, Katie Hopkins, “Novaxx” Djokovic …  deporting and bagging guests to Australia seems to be a character trait and a specialisation of this government.

I suppose that when our governments lock us up on a whim, don’t allow its citizens to leave the place, deny us our basic rights (like the right to a job) and terrorise the people at will, why should international visitors assume they will be treated well?

Sadly, such has been the effectiveness of all the lying, the second-rate policymaking, the relentless propaganda and the public gaslighting (censorship, silencing, abusing) of anyone who dares to call out the COVID scam, that perhaps a majority of low-information voters (the “rationally ignorant”, as the late Anthony Downs termed the majority of voters who decide not to invest time in seeking to understand policy) will reflexively support the government and not the tennis star.

After all, he is, you know, “one of them”. And no, I don’t mean that. You aren’t allowed to say those things any more.

I mean the last allowable form of discrimination, against those for whom rational decision-making includes prudence when faced with an experimental, unapproved, unsafe, unnecessary, useless jab.

These are the depths to which our once proud nation has fallen.

That so few see that the government’s case for vaccine mandates now lies in tatters, and so will rush to judge the apparently jab-abstaining sports star more harshly than our own bullying, capricious, bereft ruling class says far more about us than is comfortable to contemplate.


Our governments have impoverished the nation, ruined an already teetering federation, led then encouraged others to discriminate against the unvaccinated, such that now the unjabbed are routinely regarded as pariahs, locked people in their homes with absolutely no justification, crashed small business from one end of the country to the other while lining the pockets of globalist corporate mates [google “Accenture” and “Australian Taxation Office”, just for starters] and shown themselves to be tinpot dictators with holes where both their hearts and minds should be.

So, let’s pick on a tennis champion!

Even if you are, as Steyn puts it, “hot for vaccines”, as many Australians seem unaccountably to be, you might, nonetheless, wish to pause and to consider the sudden precariousness of the once sacred rule of law? Yeah, nah.

Emily Hill stated in The Spectator, “I stand with Novak Djokovic”. Me too. As she notes: “If Djokovic had been detained in China, one suspects the international community would be in uproar.”

Those who accuse Djokovic of being “tone deaf” need to get their own hearing tested. And to admit that they are simply prejudiced against those they mislabel anti-vaxxers, without remotely knowing why.

Emily Hill again: “Whether ordinary Australians want medical exemptions because they have had COVID or have had previous adverse reactions to vaccines, or religious exemptions because of God, or political exemptions on the grounds of reading 1984, in a free country they should be free to get them.

“Whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, many people worldwide who couldn’t care less about tennis will be muttering ‘come on my son!’ while biting their fingernails and hoping Djokovic makes it through to the next round for freedom.”


What Novak’s case shows is the idiocy of the government and those who blindly follow, with kool-aid duly swallowed and COVID cult rules fully adhered to, in placing faith in vaccines as a silver political bullet and a way back to freedom.

It is governments and unelected public health tsars who took our freedoms away, and who don’t allow ordinary Australians to get an exemption to the clot shot.

It is not up to “anti-vaxxers” to let these same witless and evil governments off the hook.

The d’joke is on us, and if the political clubfoots in Canberra think this will win them re-election, they might want to think again.

Some of us aren’t quite so dumb as we have been endlessly represented.PC

Paul Collits

21 thoughts on “Australian’s shamed by anti-Djokovic antics

  1. So it is okay for Caitlyn Jenner and others to come into Australia (no questions asked ) and for AFL & NRL players to jet all over , and the politicians coming and going at will ( not having to be vaccinated ) but Novak is a threat ??? More like he played them for the clowns that they are and his presence is proof of the Scam Demic still being peddled by the UN,NWO,WEF lackeys who have crippled us all and made a killing by killing us all as well. The great reset has exposed the joke on us all.

  2. Shame on Alex Hawke for bringing such an embarrassment on all Australians and the rule of law. While COVID kills the unvaccinated over 50 at 3 times the rate of the unvaccinated, for those under 50 the vaccine is just as deadly as COVID. It’s understandable an elite athlete like Novak would not want this experimental vax when it is less risky to get COVID, as has been shown by his good health after having it. Having COVID also provides better immunity than the vax, so Novak is better protected from transmitting it. I have 20 double vaxed friends who have all caught COVID and many have become very ill, so being vaxed neither provides full protection or a guarantee against illness.

  3. Attention anti-vaccination advocates, right now the vast majority of Australians have been fully vaccinated and understand why a booster is necessary as new strains impact here and overseas.

    The tiny minority unvaccinated, and I respect their right to make that choice, are becoming more desperate to justify their decision, and maybe because they really do worry about the impact of the virus but are unwilling to admit it?

    So the outcry over the legal detention and quarantining of Djokovic is pathetic, regardless of the reasons he expected to be waved through Melbourne Airport he was non-compliant and had the worn visa class too. But all the other international players entered without problem, fully vaccinated.

    1. So getting two jabs does not work and you think a booster will make you all safe and sound ??? The vaccinated are getting ill whilst us unvaccinated are still living retaking unaffected and you dont see a problem here ??? The flu rebranded and used as political blackmail over people like you.

  4. Will him not being vaccinated and then stopped from playing in tournaments in France, UK and USA according to breaking news today shame those countries too?

    Face the truth, Djokovic was probably misled by Tennis Australia and Victoria Health, COVID requirements extend from international airport entry requirements enforced by Federal Immigration and Border Force and then if permitted to proceed State Health decides on quarantine detention or other arrangement.

    As other countries are now pointing out a certificate of vaccination is required by many and an increasing number of countries, Australia was one of the earliest to close International borders when COVID-19 was detected and a pandemic declared globally.

    1. Exactly. Mr Collits seems to live in a hermetically sealed universe free from facts, be it regarding vaccination or the Djoker business. The US has already changed its rules to align with those of Australia, with Britain and France also re-assessing their responsibilities. In short, it seems that Djokovich will shortly be shut out of three of the leading Grand Slam tournaments.

  5. Not one word about the 1000 illegal migrants lined up outside the Courts hanging on to a Djokovic reprieve, or the Boela family waiting in WA.
    Wake up to yourself Collits.

    1. Or the many other international tennis players here who passed through Immigration and complied with conditions of entry into Australia.

  6. This is a comment for persons of Serbian extraction. Fake PM of Serbia Ana Bnabic gave Clot Morrison the Green light to deport hero Nole. Read her public comments; it’s obvious!
    Down with fake globalist tool politicians everywhere in the planet.

  7. Thanks Paul for taking on this complicated issue. I think the Victorian Govt and Federal Govt don’t know what each is doing so Novak is caught in between or was it Tennis Australia who told Novak he was ok to come to Australia without consulting the other two? Whatever or whoever is to blame I agree that it is a distraction as Novak tested negative for covid so why shouldn’t he or other people be allowed into Australia. If he tested positive then he would have to isolate. I think it is a distraction because they have started to vaccinate 5-11 yr old children last Monday 10th Jan. It only took about 9 months since vaxes started in Australia before they are now vaccinating our children who are our future. Babies to 5yr olds will probably be next. There are going to be some angry fathers and mothers if things start happening to our kids.

  8. Clot Morrison and Alex Hawke have destroyed the L/NP and Australia for all time. RIP
    This isn’t Morrison’s TAMPA moment. It’s he who has encouraged premiers to tamper with people’s bodily autonomy and civil rights.
    He’s tampered with our federation. It’s over. I hope Alex Hawke’s Greek mother is happy with his hopeless present to Australia’s Christian Orthodox population at the cost to sporting competitions for decades. Your all gone at the ballot boxes. LDP / ON / UAP / GAP = good options. Put L/NP, ALP and Greens LAST on every ballot paper. If these Nazis are kind enough to allow elections going forward?

    1. Rubbish, please stop UAP propaganda.

      Remember that Clive helped to get the Newman LNP Queensland Government elected and then asked for business favours and was told that they were willing to assist him but only through official government department processes. He turned against the Newman Government and campaigned against them, and extended this via PULP and now UAP.

      It reminds me of PM Keating’s comment, never stand between premiers and a bucket of money.

  9. The Liberal-Nationals are finished for all time. A dead, washed-out wasteland of failed political opportunists. RIP L/NP and arise alternative political parties.

    1. The flawed preferential voting system is effectively lotto for candidates, preferences trickling down after primary votes are counted and often resulting in a candidate who has lower primary votes winning.

      And therefore the unofficial two-party preferred system is supported, and often by voters who are not aware of the dangers who vote for minor party or independent candidates who can be masquerading as independent but backed and funded along with other “independent” candidates to target Liberal and National MPs, but never Labor.

      Minor parties have a track record of directing preferences to the advantage of Labor, the reason why PM Howard warned that a vote for the Greens is (too often) a vote for Labor. No minor party has ever formed a government in Australia, but they have assisted Gillard Labor to form a minority alliance Federal Government in 2010.

    Paul. I do want to thank you for all your efforts and brilliant journalism !! that is what all journalists should be doing.
    I have been thinking about something there is so much corruption and conflicts interest everywhere through the entire vaccination policy and huge amount of evidence is spread all over the internet and probably so much not shown anywhere as there is no place to show it.
    What if you started a page on politcom where everyone could send info on political science medical media FDA CDC TGA WHO WEF NIH. Etc etc and corruption and conflicts of interest.
    Over to you.

  11. Bloody criminals. !!!
    Black sheep Mesiti exposes the woke Rev. Costello’s “social justice by vaccination” crusade | Cairns News

    THE Rev. Tim Costello and his brother the former Treasurer Peter Costello, are up to their eyeballs in big pharma’s insane “global vaccination” drive. While one Costello beats the drum to “share the vaccines with our poor neighbours” the other keenly watches over the vaccine profits rolling on in.

    Rev. Tim Costello cunningly co-opted major church denominations into a vaccination crusade.
    The former Treasurer these days is making sure the Australian Future Fund ($149 billion in assets) is raking in tens of millions from its big pharma and “medical research” investments, while his woke Baptist brother Tim is making sure those shots are distributed far and wide with generous support from the Aussie taxpayers – all in the name of “regional social justice” and “vaccine equity” of course.

  12. HEALTH AND SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENT by Gideon J Jacobs December, 2021

    Conclusion: The company has complied to its obligation under the various Work Health and Safety Acts’ requirements and determined based on a risk assessment that it cannot require any employee to have a Covid-19 vaccination. It can also not discriminate against any employee based on their Covid-19 vaccination status. Any state or federal directive or mandate requiring to do so will be in contradiction to both the Queensland and Australian Work Health and Safety Acts of 2011 as well as the Australian Disability Discrimination Act 1992.”

  13. Thank you Craig Kelly MHR for apology to Serbia and Serbian fans on behalf of the UAP.

    1. I await the next mini-drama when first France denies Djokovic entry based on not being vaccinated followed by US (and New York State) and then UK (Wimbledon), as the latest news is reporting.

      I wonder if some Australians in the minority understand what patriotic Australian means?

      1. Apols, JW. The down tick should have been an up tick, times ten. Fat finger disease.

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