PM’s pandemic ‘non-inquiry’ a female farce

by PAUL COLLITS – ANTHONY Albanese promised a Royal Commission, or something very close to it, into COVID policy. 

Instead of a Royal Commission, however, we get this. An insider’s non-inquiry designed, deliberately and with some care, to achieve nothing. Not truth. Not justice. Not even understanding. It is a joke, though far from funny. 

Albanese’s three “experts” appointed to the panel are former NSW Health’s Robyn Kruk, Deakin University’s Prof Catherine Bennett, and health economist Dr Angela Jackson. All women. Of course.

The case for a Royal Commission was laid out in detail in the Senate by the estimable Malcolm Roberts a little while back.

But it will be “whole of government”! Of course, it will.


One way of examining the potential worth of an inquiry is to look at the terms of reference, and, in particular, the things not included. None of the meta questions figure. 

  • Were vaccines needed? Safe? Effective? Not asked. Instead, we are going to look at their “availability”.
  • Excess deaths? Not asked.
  • Were there vaccine mandates? Yes or no?
  • The seriousness of the plandemic? Not asked. What was the evidence considered in relation to non-pharmaceutical interventions (eg lockdowns)? Not asked.
  • Were masks needed? If so, for what purposes? Striking fear into people, despite the science of masks? Not even mentioned. 
  • Why did Australian governments overturn half a century of settled health science to enforce lockdowns? Next question please.
  • What was the role of nudge units in government decision-making? Not asked.
  • What was the role of the various human rights commissions – there are enough of them – in assessing the impact of COVID policies on human rights? Nope, not there.
  • Was the trillion dollars spent on addressing a minor virus worth it? Were there cost-benefit analyses done during the decision-making process? This inquiry won’t answer that.
  • What of the shoddy and self-serving approvals processes for the vaccines and the role of the Therapeutic Goods Administration? They didn’t even check Pfizer’s clinical trial data. Pass.
  • What was the role of the mainstream media, largely bought and paid for by the vaccine manufacturers of the drug cartel, in spreading supine COVID compliance? Not mentioned in the terms of reference. 
  • What was the role of universities in pushing policies that would only add to the bottom lines of some of their principal funders? Thoughts?
  • To what degree was “informed consent” a driving principle of Australian public health authorities during the plandemic? Nothing to see here.
  • And the role of the Australian Medical Association in forcing doctors to become paid marketers for Big Pharma? Oops, I forgot. Australia’s doctors are already paid marketers for Big Pharma. We didn’t need COVID to prove that.

The very rhetoric used by Albanese to announce the non-inquiry is telling. For example, by framing it as an investigation of “what worked” and “what didn’t”, he is narrowing down its reach to safe, technocratic proportions. The rational actor model in which almost no one now believes.

The COVID response was criminal and evil. It isn’t remotely about “what worked”.

Then there is the “future focus”. Of course!

We can’t get bogged down looking in the rear-view mirror. Then there are the bald-faced lies in the announcement: “The COVID-19 pandemic has been the most significant global crisis that we have faced in decades,” Albanese blurted.

Rubbish and he knows it’s rubbish. It was a fairly mild flu, a beat-up.

“Its impacts are still being felt throughout Australia,” Albanese continued.

Again, rubbish. What is still being felt is the recession we didn’t have to have, the hangover from the money printing, the inflation crisis, the crushing interest rate hikes, the debt levels, and the suspicion that, were there to be another scamdemic, then everything they did and we accepted would happen all over again.


When you say something you know to be untrue, we normally call that a “lie”. Then Albanese spoke up for ScoMo.

He praised former prime minister Scott Morrison, who led Australia through the first two years of the pandemic.

“I think Scott Morrison did the right thing by convening the National Cabinet,” he said.

“That was a good decision. I believe the (former) federal government got it right in making an early call on the pandemic.”

This beggars belief. It appears that, for Albo, no one made a single error, or worse, was engaged in any form of malfeasance. Which pandemic did he live through, one can only wonder. This is cloud cuckoo land.

Then we look at who is running the inquiry. If you get a Walter Sofranoff, a Rowena Orr or a Kenneth Hayne, you will have a real inquiry. Who do we have here?

The three “experts” appointed to the panel are former NSW Department of Health director-general Robyn Kruk, Deakin University’s chair in epidemiology Professor Catherine Bennett, and health economist Dr Angela Jackson.

All women. Of course. Jobs for the girls. Kruk is a retired public servant. An insider’s insider. Bennett, I have written about before. 

Again, no surprises. She is of the pro-vaxx establishment, and her university, like most of the others, is compromised by the receipt of dirty Big Pharma research grant money.

Putting Bennett on a COVID policy inquiry calls to mind Dracula and the blood bank.

Then there is the health economist. The last thing we need. This one is a former public servant. In other words, another insider.

She is a consultant (with Impact Economics, established in … 2022). She got her PhD in … 2021. A relative novice, then.

She is the national chair of something called the “Women in Economics Network”.  There you go.  Bringing gender identity to the dismal science.


Jackson is also part of the Wheeler Centre. The Wheeler Centre is Melbourne’s home for smart, passionate and entertaining public talks.


One of its claims is that: “When it comes to economic equality in Australia, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned what was already a gendered gap between women and men into a gaping chasm.

“Women have lost more jobs and working hours since March 2020 than men. The economic sectors primarily occupied by women are among the most poorly paid, the most casualised and the most vulnerable to the unique circumstances of the pandemic.

“Meanwhile, we’re more dependent than ever on women’s care-giving, both paid and unpaid.”

Anyone who thinks that the gendering of the virus was and is the big COVID story has rocks in her head. Yet this is the person chosen by the Australian Government to help lead its non-inquiry.

Oh, and Jackson is an ex-Labor staffer (to Lindsay Tanner) who actively supported Daniel Andrews’ hard lockdowns (as did another inquiry panelist, Bennett) at the time and even abused (on Twitter/X) unmasked parents in a playground.

An economist following the science of masking! But she has the right political pedigree and the right number of chromosomes.

With the terms of reference, the leaders chosen to lead the work, and the UniParty agreeing to go quietly, there is only one way this can go.


The COVID non-inquiry is a farce. It will be overseen by paid up members of the public health club. It will exclude any examination of the policy efforts of the States and territories.

So, no scrutiny of Daniel Andrews’ black shirt police, their rubber bullets, their head smashing of grannies, their arrest of pregnant mothers.

No examination of the unspellable Queensland Premier’s billion-dollar concentration camps for the unvaxxed. No questioning of what the madman from the Northern Territory did to remote Indigenous communities which baulked at getting the State injectable.

As noted above, Mr Albanese said the inquiry needed to be “forward focused”.  Why? Whither accountability? Absent an apology – from anyone – for the massive assault on our rights and freedoms during the non-pandemic.

The least we could have hoped for was an inquiry with teeth and a proper focus. We have neither.

Meanwhile, we have Penny Wong in New York, slithering with the globalists where she announced $100m for WHO to support global efforts to prevent and respond to any future pandemic.

That would be the unelected, globalist, maniacally pro-lockdown, pro-vaxx outfit run and funded by the Chinese Communist Party and Bill Gates.

The institution that is attempting to take over the running of pandemic responses in-country, including, of course, determining what is and what is not a pandemic.

As Patrick Clarke noted in 2022: “The WHO, the folks who covered up for China when Peking was insisting there was no evidence of human to human transmission of COVID, the folks who shut down any debate over any connection between a laboratory in Wuhan and COVID for more than a year, will be tasked with implementing the treaty and governments failing to take heed of its diktats would potentially face ruinous sanctions. 

“The WHO would be internationally established as the authority on what all nations will do regarding health care standards, responses to ‘pandemics’, and treatments of all diseases/illnesses in a dystopian one-size-fits-all approach to health and health care.”


The tinpot non-inquiry announced by Albanese will be fiddling while the WHO ensures that we are all burned. One hundred million. Given away to career criminals.

The Liberal Party, typically and disgustingly, is speaking with a forked tongue.

Its Shadow Health Minister, one Anne Ruston, doesn’t want a “witch hunt”.

That, seemingly, is her version of seeking the truth about COVID policy. This is despite the Coalition recently supporting a Senate motion for a Royal Commission engineered by the COVID Five – Babet, Canavan, Antic, Roberts and Rennick.

Royal Commission tend to be witch hunts. That is why we have them.

There can now only be forgiveness when sorrow is expressed for a crime.

Ruston’s focus on the risk of a witch-hunt speaks to the fact that she is and remains part of the virus cabal, despite the heroism of some of her colleagues. And even some of them were relatively late to the freedom party.

Ruston was described in 2021 as being a member of the Scott Morrison faction of the Liberal Party.

Enough said. This is more of a protection racket than a witch hunt.

In her case, protection for Scotty from AstraZeneca, who shut the country down, excluded citizens, imprisoned all of us, stood by as State governments did their worst, refused to punish those who closed internal borders, stood on platforms with the serial liars from public health, kept Greg Hunt in a job, and created the public policy abomination known as “national cabinet”.

Strangely, though, Ruston argued for an inquiry with greater powers. Greater powers, but not a Coalition witch hunt.

A little cognitive dissonance is on display here by the look of it. A protection racquet for the State premiers? A good line, to be sure. And true, but not the whole truth.

Peter Dutton played the Party politics card in relation to the exclusion of the States and Territories. Valid enough, of course.

But, he missed a massive opportunity, perhaps the opportunity, to apologise to Australia for the health crimes committed by his own (Morrison) government.


After all, it was Dutton’s very department that paid fact checkers in social media companies to shut down those who questioned his government’s vaccine and lockdown narratives.

The Albanese Government’s pathetic non-inquiry is a waste of taxpayer money, an insult to those maimed or worse by government health decisions, and, worst of all, further evidence – if any further evidence were needed – that, these days, governments can do literally anything they like and it will be waved through without a murmur.

COVID policy response is the exemplar par excellence of government overreach, and the latter is now simply never questioned. Not at elections, certainly. 

With this latest attempt at subterfuge and cover-up, talked up with bureaucratese and spin, we have simply one more case of “nothing to see here”.

When the “pandemic” was “raging”, we were fed wall-to-wall, twenty-four-hour obsession, panic and fearmongering. Now it is all treated as a bit of a yawn.

As Daniel Andrews blithely announced last year, “COVID exceptionalism is over”.

That is another question we could ask of the non-inquiry – was COVID exceptionalism warranted?  Another in the already referred-to long list that will not, I guarantee it, be answered.

It will be interesting to see if any mainstream journalist calls this “inquiry” into question. I expect nothing.

The word will have come down from on high. Straight bat reporting only, staying within the official narrative.

This is a box-ticking exercise that will only be of use to the extent that the public uses the slim opportunities provided through the submissions process to wheedle out of the inquiry at least a little truth.

I understand that truth-telling is quite fashionable at the moment.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Anthony Albanese. (courtesy ABC)

3 thoughts on “PM’s pandemic ‘non-inquiry’ a female farce

  1. Obviously the response to covid was dodgy. As soon as they banned ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine it was obvious there was something fishy going on. Why would any response ban these two reliable and safe drugs, and since when does a response dictate what a doctor can prescribe, with fear of delicensing if they disobeyed? Disregarding all the other dictates, banning of these drugs was a red flag.

  2. Nothing shy of a full an unhindered Royal Commission will suffice. Whitewash inquiry just another Albo fail. Time and resignations offer no discount of accountability.

    We will have a full Covid Royal Commission and we will not let up until one is delivered.

  3. One thing we need answers on: Who was responsible for the banning of Ivermectin? What was the process in arriving at the decision? What lobbyists were dealing with the ‘Health Dept’ officials immediately before the decision was taken?


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