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Joe Rogan went off on CNN again this week over their famous Ivermectin smear campaign.

Joe Rogan: “I never thought that I would get sucked into something like that where people would be lying about me. But when you watch it on CNN, just flat-out lying. That’s a function of power, dude. But it’s wild. The dumbest lie.

B*tch, do you think I’m taking horse medicine? You don’t think I know really good doctors that are telling me what to take? How about the fact that I got better quick? That doesn’t freak you out at all? I got better real quick. You were so happy, I bet, when that shit kicked. What was it, 48 hours then you were done. Yeah. Three days later, after I was sick, I made that video, and I was fine. Three days after that, I did 10 rounds on the bag. Six days in, I did 10 rounds on the bag. I’m like, Let’s see how I feel. I worked out five days in. I felt pretty good. I said, All right, tomorrow, let’s get after it. I did 10 fucking rounds on the back. Full clip. No problems. No problems. No lack of energy. I felt 100% six days later. Yeah. 100%.

But I’m on top of my f*cking health all day long, all year round. I’m always in shape. I always take vitamins. I’m always eating well. I sleep good. I do a lot of things. You can’t say that everyone has to adhere to the rules of this thing when you’re lying about the results, you’re lying about the studies, you’re influencing all these talking heads to say these things that turn out to not even be remotely true. Not only that, there’s no studies behind it. They had to admit when they were speaking in front of whatever it was in the UK, that they tested these drugs for transmission. They just tested them to see if they created the antibodies. Then all that other stuff they said was bullshit.”

This is not the first time Joe Rogan went after CNN for smearing him and lying about Ivermectin.

Rogan threatened to sue CNN back in September 2021 after they, “kept making sh*t up,” and kept repeating that he was taking a horse dewormer for COVID 19.

The FDA finally admitted in March 2024 that people who took Ivermectin for COVID 19 recovered faster.

THEY LIED TO YOU: New Study Finds People Who Took Ivermectin for COVID Recovered Faster – As TGP Reported Over Two Years Ago!

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This comes years after the FDA ran a public campaign against the drug and tens of thousands died as a result.

Joe Rogan ERUPTS Over CNN’s Ivermectin Smear Campaign

“B*tch, do you think I’m taking horse medicine? … How about the fact that I got better quick? That doesn’t freak you out at all?”

Instead of asking Joe Rogan how he got better after contracting COVID-19, CNN decided to…

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