Climate activists getting away with Green murder

by IAN PLIMER – GREEN Left activists have successfully prevented the farming of golden rice, genetically modified rice with vitamin A precursor traits introduced from maize. 

There are 200,000 to 700,000 children who die prematurely each year because of vitamin A deficiency. 

Green groups claim that science supports their position on climate change but have a hostility to the science that saves lives.

One study in 2008 calculated that in India alone 1.4m person-years of healthy life had been lost for every year the crop has been delayed.

This rice was specifically designed to help 250m children, predominantly in Asia, who subsist on rice and suffer from vitamin A deficiency.


Every step to use genetically-modified (GM) golden rice to save the lives of poor malnourished children’s lives has been opposed by Greenpeace for years.

Why does Greenpeace knowingly kill people? Green groups claim that science supports their position on climate change but have a hostility to the science that saves lives. Green murder?

And now FLOP26 wants to reduce human methane emissions by 30 per cent. This is directed at the EU and US who generate methane from oil, gas and beef production and reduction of leakage of a saleable product in a booming market is a great incentive for the petroleum industry.

It is not a matter of life and death for petroleum-producing countries.

When it comes to methane emissions during food production, poor countries do not have petroleum industries that can reduce methane leakage. Their methane derives from food production.

The FLOP26 commitment to methane reduction has little effect on Europe, UK, US and many other countries. However, it is a direct attack on poor countries with large cattle herds such as India, Brazil and other South American countries.

Most protein in poor South American countries is from beef.

About 12 per cent of global methane emissions are from rice production which does not take place in the EU, UK and US.

Asia, the Indian subcontinent and Brazil are the top 10 rice producers.

The end result of the 30 per cent methane emission reduction commitment by moralising pontificating climate activists at FLOP26 is that they are knowingly advocating a reduction in food production in already impoverished countries with subsistence farming.

They offer no alternative. Is this because they don’t care? Is this green murder?PC

Ian Plimer

Professor Ian Plimer’s latest book Green Murder ( will be released by Connor Court Publishing late November 2021. Pre-publication orders are discounted and signed.

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Green activist Greta Thunberg. (courtesy Aljazeera)
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3 thoughts on “Climate activists getting away with Green murder

  1. Ian Plimer knows a thing or two about hard, facts-based science. Unlike our politicians who pay suck-hole scientists to produce the questionable computer modelling they require to push their personal – and profitable – pet climate projects. Meanwhile, the working middle class pays for their get-rich renewables scam.

  2. Another very good article in the Daily Telegraph written by Vikki Campion.

    It ends with:

    “Australia led a solid bloc of countries with Japan, Korea, India, Brazil, China and Indonesia to delete extreme pledges from the final communique (COP26), including a timeline on zero coal, signing up to a methane pledge and ceasing fossil fuels.”

    “Even net-zero by 2050 was removed in the end to be in favour of net-zero ‘by or around mid-century’.”

    “But in the end, Australia’s presence was slammed by the climate-Antoinettes, representatives from Hollywood, art galleries, climate renewable energy and environmental groups.”

  3. If their not killing poor people and unborn babies, the distasteful left are killing national economies across the western world. They truly are a death culture.

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