Hunt should shut up – or confess

by PAUL COLLITS – AUSTRALIAN politicians are increasingly demanding that voters forget about pandemic lockdowns (and Islamic terror). 

The first and only rule of the post-pandemic political classes is to never, ever mention the failure of their COVID response. “Just shut up!” 

There’s now almost universal recognition that the “safe and effective” claims have been shown to be fraudulent. And deadly, as it happens.

The excellent Brendan O’Neill, editor of Spiked Online, has been in Australia recently.

I was taken by a comment in response to his Institute of Public Affairs talk: “I won’t ever forget an Australian politician saying ‘anyone who doesn’t get the jab should be seen as a domestic terrorist’. One politician actually said ‘for the unvaccinated, we’re coming for ya!’.” [see video below]


Despite the “shut up” rule, one of the evil Liberal COVID goons, Greg Hunt, has recently raised his head above the parapet.

Mr Hunt was Scott Morrison’s chief public health stooge during the plandemic.

Now he’s an honorary professor of the Parkville Asylum, aka Melbourne University.

Mr Hunt is also a former World Economic Forum employee. He has form. He is a globalist who rose through the ranks of the Liberal Party. And he unleashed his globalist vision on Australia in 2020. He should be in prison.

This week, Prof Hunt blamed former Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews for the COVID disaster.

Too easy. Andrews was a COVID thug. We all know this. Even the Chinese thought he had goe too far.

“Let’s blame Dan” is an easy cop out for buttock-clenching Liberals.

But, in truth, Andrews was enabled by the Morrison Government. They were the thugs, off stage.

They set the whole thing up. The international travel bans. The lockdowns. The failure to stop domestic border closures. The fulsome funding of camps for the dissidents. The lead agency on track and trace. The vaccine mandates.

It was the Liberal’s egregious National Cabinet which enabled the whole show – and the trillion-dollar debt that followed.


They gave out the corporate welfare. They decimated small business and oversaw the destruction of communities, of mental health and of social fabric.

Greg Hunt was at that table.

Sickeningly, Hunt opined that State and territory leaders had implemented their own rules during COVID outside of National Cabinet agreements.

In a submission to the government’s inquiry into pandemic response, he called for a new national code that would require premiers and chief ministers to publish the medical advice they are acting on when making public health mandates.

Give me a break. Unbelievably, Hunt is still batting for greater vaccine “education”, for heaven’s sake.

Perhaps Prof Hunt might update himself on the massive international peer reviewed literature on vaccine harms. In the same week that AstraZeneca has admitted to vaccine injuries and deaths.

AstraZeneca has admitted for the first time in court documents that its vaccine can cause a rare side effect, in an apparent about-turn that could pave the way for massive legal payouts.

The pharmaceutical giant is being sued in a UK class action over claims that its vaccine, developed with the University of Oxford, caused death and serious injury in dozens of cases.

Oops, Greg. Multi-millions to be paid out. Any responsibility there, mate?

This man is in need of deep therapy and a reality check.

The reason for the welcome drastic fall-off in faith for vaccines – now in single digit take-up – is an almost universal recognition that all of the claims on behalf of the “safe and effective” narrative have been shown to be fraudulent. And deadly, as it happens.


We are talking industrial scale manslaughter at best. And this clown persists.

The things Hunt failed to address, let alone mention – excess deaths, the criminal failure of health authorities to allow effective treatments and the deals done to ensure emergency authorisation for the vaccines – call for an investigation into Hunt’s own negligence and possible complicity in the scam.

What did Hunt know, and when did he know it? Hunt slithers, unquestioned, back into the COVID debate. And he is being protected.

Sadly, the Liberal Party media protectorate has come out in support of Hunt. More useful idiots.

Sky News’ Peta Credlin said: “Greg Hunt ‘right’ to demand transparency about future health advice.”

Oh dear. When the time has come for calling a spade a spade, we are still in the weeds, squirming and avoiding the big issues.

Endless Liberal Party protectionism is the problem, not the solution. These goons still see COVID as just another political issue, to be analysed in the same way.

Then there was the egregious Chris “I’m for the Voice” Kenny: “Chris Kenny praises Greg Hunt for calling out States and territories on COVID measures.”

Kenny and Credlin work for the Murdochs.

It wasn’t for no reason that I termed The Australian newspaper “The Daily Vaccinator” back in the day.

The only Sky News figure to have questioned the vaccine narrative was Alan Jones. He was sacked.

Murdoch was and is a vaccinator. His national organ was responsible for some of the most ill-informed and vitriolic anti-vaxx shaming that occurred. A newspaper that claimed, and still claims, to be a champion of freedom.


At least a few Liberals have a sense of the enormity of the crimes committed. Their names will be familiar – Canavan, Rennick, Antic. And, back in the day, Craig Kelly and George Christensen.

The Liberals got rid of them. The rest were, well, crap.

Some people have no shame. Hunt, especially.

Of course, the Sky News Liberal Party protectorate is only part of the Australian COVID establishment.

The memory hole brigade is broad and deep. There is a conspiracy of “look over there” far wider, across the elites. Avoid the core issues at all costs.

Albanese is a party to it. And all of his Labor dictator mates, who he’s protecting from real scrutiny.

Brett Sutton, Victorian of the Year, now at CSIRO? Jeanette Young, now Governor of Queensland? Police Commissioner Chris Dawson in Western Australia, yet another Governor?

All found safe-haven jobs.

The rest, like Brad “Health” Hazzard in NSW, are now off the stage. Retired. Gone. This is an establishment-wide cover-up.


The “inquiry” to which Hunt gave his pearls of wisdom is Anthony Albanese’s pathetic attempt at accountability, being conducted by his three COVID cover girls (Robyn Kruk, Catherine Bennett, Angela Jackson).

What else would you expect from political spivs, crooks and chancers?

Greg Hunt should be towed off to an island in the Pacific, and forced to contemplate his crimes. To reflect. To read.

The books we might provide?  Mattias Desmet, Naomi Wolf, Robert F Kennedy Jr, John Stapleton, Alex Berenson, CJ Hopkins, Scott Atlas, Robert Malone, Ed Dowd and Laura Dodsworth come to mind. A good start.

We could give him a mobile phone – assuming reasonable coverage, optimistically – so that, upon reading some or all of the above, he might call in, having prepared his confession.PC

Paul Collits

We’re coming for ya!

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10 thoughts on “Hunt should shut up – or confess

  1. Greg Hunt made the statement that this was the world’s biggest medical experiment. As such, it breaks pretty well all the articles of the Nuremberg code on medical experimentation. Even a single violation must ring the alarm bells. It also violates Section 51 xxiiiA of the Constitution, as voted by the People at referendum in December 1946 on forced medical and dental conscription. The Constitution is the overriding document that Federal MPs and Senators are sworn to.
    We must note that Greg Hunt was the former director of policy for the WEF. If Greg Hunt has borne ANY obedience, allegiance or adherence to the WEF, he has breached Section 44i of the Constitution. He should have been expelled from Parliament immediately. By continuing to sit in Federal Parliament if breaching the Constitution, one is committing and Act of Treason.

  2. Is anyone going to pay for the carnage they have caused? I think not. It seems that the biggest culprits have been elevated into esteemed positions for their utter bastardry but a huge stench of mistrust will linger for a very long time, especially in the medical field.
    Trust is like virginity, you only lose it once!

  3. I have slowly become anti-vax over the years and have a hard time believing that vaccination in general has a useful purpose. Supposedly to prevent some particular disease, but causing another worse one down the track. I’m leaning towards vaccination being another globalist bio-weapon. There seems to be opinions that cot deaths occur mostly after vaccination, and that childhood vaccination may be responsible for high levels of autism. Big pharma says they don’t know what causes autism “but it definitely isn’t vaccination” — sorry I just don’t believe that. I think those charged with our health and welfare are expert spin masters – and we know that.

  4. The experimental gene therapies touted as mRNA vaccines have been exposed undeniably as breaching the fundamental code of medicine, “DO NO HARM”. RFK’s great expose, The Real Anthony Fauci, shone a light on the evils of “Big Pharma,” (and corrupt health bureaucrats) and their relentless suppression of cheap and effective bioceutical treatments for Covid, as publicized on sites like the FLCCC. This has destroyed confidence in the public health system for anyone that went digging for (and found) the truth around this crime against humanity. The scary thing is that these mongrels are sure to do this again under the latest sinister WHO push for a global pandemic treaty. This pure evil has to be exposed and yet the media complex is ALL IN on the great lies about these poisons inflicted on people.

  5. I am glad that AZ has admitted to their error with their vaccine. The big Pharma mob in Pfizer, J&J and Moderna are hiding behind a 75 year moratorium in the US.

  6. Seems everyone has forgotten Klaus Schwab’s boast at the get go of having his WEF Young Globalist Leaders in every Cabinet around the world. That included Australia Inc.’s uni-party members and senior bureaucrats. ALL lockstep on Climate/Vaccine genocide under the fraudulent legislative shield of repeatedly ever-greened “States of Global Emergency”. ALL then shoulder to shoulder with PM Scott Morrison when he proclaimed his globalist-compliant, freedom-and-human-rights quashing National Cabinet.

    The deadly Astra-Zeneca gene therapy has now been pulled by the EU. Swathes of suddenly dead and incapacitated young populations worldwide have been mapped and confirmed actuarially by the world’s best independent brains in the wake of the coerced mRNA jabs, boosters — and now flu shots.

    It’s time for ALL long-known bad actors riding the globalists’ terminally corrupted WEF/UN-WHO/Corporate Stakeholder gravy train to be publicly named and held accountable. No amount of hired MSM fact checkers and inflencers can keep widely-known-and-lived truths at bay.

    Sleepers awake. The WHO clock is now seconds from midnight. Next week, May 22, the 77th World Health Assembly seeks to adopt its omnibus Climate-Pandemic-and-beyond “300+ International Health Regulations” with “10 months to consider reject in March 2025”. Already 1.1 million Australians have joined forces to hold the Australian government accountable and demand exiting the WHO to avert this ongoing genocidal nightmare .

  7. No mention of two things:
    1. The Barrington Declaration, which was ignored by governments and scientists around the world. That was their greatest sin. If you doubt that statement then read it and tell me why. Had their advice been followed I reckon the world would be a different place today.
    2. The work that Tony Abbott did in planning for a pandemic. This from the ABC April 20, 2020:
    Australia was a world leader in pandemic preparation in the 2000s, and that work culminated in two huge national training programs — Exercise Cumpston in 2006 and Exercise Sustain in 2008.
    The national health exercises were designed to help prepare the nation for a crippling global virus.Ends.
    No further exercises took place.
    Hunt and others may be fools; it is their arrogance in the face of knowledge and experience, which is indeed frightening.

  8. Had I the power, I would revoke Hunt’s Greg card.
    His speaking out at this particular time, when the AZ vaccine is being withdrawn all over the world, suggests some panic on his part. He’s getting his Not Guilty! in good and early. That shouldn’t be a surprise; he was one of the first, perhaps THE first, to scuttle out of the covid crapshow.


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